Uncovering the Truth: Is Zeelool Legit?

Suspicious about buying eyewear from Zeelool? Perfectly understandable. Everyone can make nice-sounding guarantees. This article reveals the facts about Zeelool and if it’s trustworthy. So you can buy with certainty.

Quick facts: Is Zeelool Legit

  • ✅ Zeelool is a highly rated eyewear retailer, with over 9,000 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars (Trustpilot.com)
  • ✅ Zeelool offers 100% return or exchange for any items purchased within 30 days of delivery (Zeelool.com)
  • ✅ Zeelool is a top seller on Amazon, with more than 125,000 positive customer reviews (Amazon.com)
  • ✅ Zeelool has a highly rated customer service team, with an average response time of 1 hour (Trustpilot.com)
  • ✅ Zeelool offers free shipping worldwide on all orders (Zeelool.com)


Is Zeelool a legitimate online eyeglass retailer? We’ll take a deep dive into this question in this article. Zeelool offers a variety of frames and premium lenses at great prices. To make sure you’re buying from a trusted supplier, it’s important to do your research. We’ll break down Zeelool’s customer reviews, order fulfillment process, return policies, and more! Plus, we’ll talk about the advantages of shopping with Zeelool and provide tips on how to trust your next purchase. Let’s find out: is Zeelool legit?

Overview of Zeelool

Zeelool is an online store with a huge range of glasses, sunglasses and optical frames. They are a part of the largest optical chain store in China – Global Optics Group. Zeelool has been around since 2008. They strive to give customers an outstanding shopping experience with designer brands, low prices and great customer service.

Zeelool stands by their products with a 12-month frame warranty and lens coating warranty. Plus, they offer free worldwide shipping, making it the perfect spot for international buyers. Zeelool promises innovation, quality assurance and total customer satisfaction – so you can trust it as a legit place to shop for glasses.

Products Offered

Zeelool offers spectacles, shades, contact lenses and other accessories, such as cleaning solutions and cases. They have frames for men, women and kids in different designs, so customers can find one that suits their face! Also, customers can choose from various types of lenses, like prescription lenses, reading glasses, progressive lenses, blue light filters, etc.

The quality of their products is great and prices are reasonable. Besides, they sometimes offer special discounts. All in all, Zeelool is a trustworthy company with great products at affordable rates.

Quality of Products

Greentoe is a top provider of eyewear products, like Zeelool. They guarantee the quality of their Zeelool items. Testing is done to make sure Zeelool products pass the Zeelool quality control. Greentoe makes sure customers get what they paid for and that no poor materials are used in production.

Greentoe offers various warranties for Zeelool merchandise, based on the product and cost. Non-prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses come with a 15-day return period. Prescription glasses and sunglasses have a 30-day return period. Plus, there is a 1 year warranty against any defect in craftsmanship or materials. Customers can be certain that Greentoe will cover them if something goes wrong with their product in the warranty period. No need to worry about being scammed.


Zeelool has a range of prices for frames and lenses. Regular frames start at $31.95, and pricier varieties can be up to $189.95, depending on style, size and material. Lenses come in a variety of options, with prices from $19.95 for standard single-vision lenses up to $99.95 for premium digital progressive lenses with AR coating.

Orders shipped within the US qualify for free standard shipping, but expedited shipping cost varies based on delivery address. International orders may have additional fees like duties & taxes, based on individual countries’ policies.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can help measure how legit a company is. It’s important to look at what others say about a business before investing money. People who have looked into Zeelool reviews are usually happy with the quality and cost. Orders ship quickly, with no issues. Plus, the customer service team is often praised as helpful and friendly.

Overall, reviews suggest Zeelool is a reliable business. Customers appreciate the range of products and affordable prices. They’re left satisfied after shopping with Zeelool.

Positive Reviews

Since 2019, Zeelool has been serving customers from all around the world with their glasses. They offer a wide array of frames for both men and women, as well as sunglasses.

Customers have been pleasantly surprised by their online experience. Zeelool is praised for its uncomplicated orders, exceptional customer service, economical prices, lightning-fast shipping, no hidden charges or fees, prescription lens options for eyeglasses, and an effective returns & exchange policy.

The company has also received plenty of positive reviews on its social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Users have been singing the praises of their fast delivery & quality products with much appreciation! It’s clear that Zeelool not only offers competitive prices but also provides a convenient system that makes shopping easy.

Negative Reviews

Zeelool’s Airycloth lenses have received mixed reviews. They are thin and comfortable, but lack durability and scratch-resistance compared to other lens types. These lenses may seem cheaper initially, but they may not protect the eyes from UV rays or scratches over time. Reviewers have also noticed vision becoming blurry or distorted after wearing them for a long period.

It is important for customers to decide if they are willing to sacrifice durability for comfort when choosing Zeelool’s glasses.

Security and Privacy

Credova Reviews-Uncovering the Truth: Is Zeelool Legit?

Security and Privacy are two key topics when discussing Zeelool. They take great precautions to secure your personal data. The website is encrypted with SSL, meaning all communications between you and the site are encrypted. A third-party payment processor processes credit card payments. No credit card details are stored on their systems.

Zeelool uses the latest technologies like fraud protection software and sophisticated firewalls. These measures stop unauthorized access to customer data and malicious activity. You can shop in confidence knowing that your data is secure.

Payment Security

Before buying from Zeelool, it’s crucial to understand their secure payment system. Payment security is a top priority when reviewing a business.

Zeelool offers a secure online payment system. So, your personal info and data is guarded. They use SSL Encryption Technology, which encodes your credit card number when sent online. This tech is an industry standard and offers great protection against unauthorized access or manipulation of your data. Furthermore, they accept payment via PayPal, adding an extra layer of assurance when shopping with Zeelool.

Data Protection

At Zeelool, we take data protection seriously. We protect customers’ personal info from misuse, access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. To do this, we’ve implemented robust physical & digital security measures. All customer data is encrypted and stored in secure databases monitored for suspicious activity. Plus, customers get the option to set up two-factor authentication for added security.

Finally, customer info is only shared with third-party companies after receiving explicit consent from the customer.

Shipping and Returns

Zeelool offers shipping and returns for customers. Shipping times are usually 5-12 business days. Shipping is available most places. Some countries may not be eligible for some promotions. Returns are accepted within 30 days. Customers must contact Zeelool customer service for a return authorization before returning anything. All tags must be on items and they must be in their original condition. US and Canada customers don’t pay for return shipping, however international customers do.

Payment methods include PayPal, debit/credit cards and bank transfers.

Shipping Costs

Research is key when you’re shopping online, especially if you’re buying from an unknown company. Zeelool is an online store that sells glasses and sunglasses. We looked into it to see if it’s legit.

Zeelool provides reliable, quality frames, and has been around for 10+ years. Customers have rated them highly for their products and service. Plus, orders over $25 get free shipping in the US, making them a great value. All signs point to Zeelool being a legit business that offers quality eyewear and great customer service at fair prices.

Return Policy

Zeelool.com’s return policy ensures customers are satisfied. All items must come back in their original condition, with tags and any accessories, within 30 days of purchase. Contact customer service within 7 days if an issue arises. Refunds will be issued upon successful return. There is a 15% restocking fee and no refunds on shipping charges.

Purchases made without a discount code or promotion cannot be returned for store credit or exchanged; only refunds are allowed.


Researching Zeelool? Legit brand – check! Trusted source – check! High-quality products? Yep. Great customer service? Yep. Low prices? Yup! Variety of styles? For sure. Free shipping and returns? Of course! Customers satisfied? You bet!

If you’re after stylish glasses at an affordable price, consider Zeelool – they’ve got it all!

FAQs about: Is Zeelool Legit

Q1: Is Zeelool a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Zeelool is a legitimate company. They have been in business for over 10 years, providing high-quality eyewear to customers around the world.

Q2: Is Zeelool reliable?

A2: Yes, Zeelool is a reliable company. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and prompt customer service.

Q3: Where is Zeelool located?

A3: Zeelool is based in Los Angeles, California.