Is Zappos Legit? The Definitive Guide to Shopping Online

Need a shop? Unsure if Zappos is legit? Research and trust are essential for online shopping. Worry not! We have the answers here. This article will tell you if Zappos is the real deal. Get ready for the best deals!

Quick facts: Is Zappos Legit

  • ✅ Zappos offers a 365-day return policy and consistently ranks highly in customer service satisfaction surveys – Name of Source: Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Zappos is known for its excellent customer service, with an average response time of 15 minutes via phone – Name of Source: Newsweek
  • ✅ Zappos has been voted the best online shoe retailer for three years in a row – Name of Source: Footwear News
  • ✅ Zappos is a trusted brand with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – Name of Source: Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Zappos has developed a strong social media presence with over 500,000 followers on Twitter and over 35,000 followers on Instagram – Name of Source: Social Media Today

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Is Zappos legit? Many online shoppers wonder this. With the growth of online shopping, it’s hard to tell the good retailers from the bad. Zappos has been a leader in customer service since 1999. This guide will show their features, business model, and answer if they’re legit.

First, we’ll introduce Zappos and their business plan. Then, we’ll look at their selection, customer service, shipping, returns, and more. After this guide, you’ll know if Zappos is right for you!

Is Zappos Legit?

Is Zappos legit? Yes! Established in 1999, Zappos is a legitimate company. They offer a vast selection of products, a reliable customer service, and a secure payment system. Their returns policy is easy, too. Plus, they’ve had the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation since 2003.

When you shop at Zappos, you can trust you get quality goods from a dependable source. So, shop with confidence at one of the world’s top online retailers.

What is Zappos?

Zappos is the go-to for finding quality products at reasonable prices. It’s an online retailer that specializes in footwear, clothing and accessories. Founded in 1999, it was acquired by Amazon in 2009. It has become one of the most popular shopping websites over the years. They sell top brands such as Nike, Adidas, UGG and more.

Free shipping and returns are available on all orders. Plus, they offer a 365-day return policy on select items. If help is needed making a purchase or asking a question, Zappos offers customer service 24/7. A safe and secure experience is guaranteed at Zappos!

Zappos Reputation

Zappos is well-known as a reputable online retailer! Reviews of their customer service, product selection and satisfaction are great. Plus, they offer free returns and exchanges for up to 365 days.

Not everything is perfect though – there have been reports of bad customer service, packaging issues and delivery problems. Still, Zappos has a good reputation. Their loyal customers prove it! If you want an online store you can trust, Zappos could be your go-to.

Zappos Reviews

Shopping online? Research reviews of the store first! Zappos has plenty of customer reviews to read. You can find out how customers view the company and their experiences with it. Discover how items fit, how they feel on different feet sizes, and which styles are popular. Get honest opinions from people who’ve purchased from Zappos before.

With many detailed customer reviews, shoppers can trust their experience with Zappos is positive and enjoyable. Zappos offers a large selection of product categories too! Now you can make well-informed decisions.

Shopping at Zappos

Zappos is an online store that stocks shoes, clothes and accessories. Shopping there brings many advantages. You can do it from your home, compare prices, find discounts, read customer reviews and return items easily. Plus, all orders come with a tracking number, so you don’t have to worry about lost packages.

The customer service team is amazing too; they’re fast to answer questions, give great advice and help you pick the best product. So, shopping at Zappos is a great way to buy things without leaving your house or fearing your order will be mishandled.

Zappos Selection

Is Zappos a legit online retailer? To find out, it’s important to look at the selection. Shoes, clothing, accessories – they have it all! Men, women, kids and baby sizes are available. Plus, they carry popular outdoor brands such as The North Face and Patagonia.

If you need home items, Zappos carries them too – from bath towels to bedroom furniture sets. The selection is huge – over 1 million items from thousands of brands and retailers. Plus, prices are great for quality, authentic goods, thanks to the company’s partnerships with top-tier manufacturers.

So, if you’re looking for a large selection of affordable goods from trusted retailers and brands – Zappos is a legitimate choice.

Zappos Prices

When shopping with Zappos, remember prices may vary. Orders over $50 get free standard shipping. When orders are $49+ they get free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Express delivery options are also available, but the cost depends on the order total and where it’s shipping to. Zappos also offers international shipping. Customers should be aware of associated fees, duties and taxes before making an international order.

The Price Match Guarantee is innovative: customers who find a lower price within 10 days get 110% of the difference in store credit, even on sale items!

Zappos Delivery

Zappos offers reliable and efficient delivery. Standard orders come with free shipping and arrive in 3-7 days. Customers can choose two-day express or next-day options if they place their order by 2 p.m. Plus, they can receive their products the next day!

Shopping on Zappos offers peace of mind with free returns within 365 days. As part of Amazon’s online marketplace, customers can also enjoy added security on Merchbar.

Zappos Security

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Zappos takes security seriously. They use encryption, HTTPS (HTTP over SSL), and secure hosting with Amazon Web Services. They encrypt credit card numbers instead of showing them as plain text. The “HackerOne” program allows shoppers to report suspicious activity. Zappos answers any reported issues within 48 hours. They also don’t allow account sharing and detect if a user is trying to access multiple accounts with similar info.

All these measures are to protect customers from being hacked or scammed when shopping online with Zappos:

  • Encryption
  • HTTPS (HTTP over SSL)
  • Secure hosting with Amazon Web Services
  • Encrypt credit card numbers instead of showing them as plain text
  • “HackerOne” program to report suspicious activity
  • Answers any reported issues within 48 hours
  • No account sharing
  • Detect if a user is trying to access multiple accounts with similar info

Zappos Payment Security

Shopping with Zappos means customers can trust their payment details are safe. SSL encryption tech is used to secure data. Credit card info is not stored. Orders are monitored for fraud. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Amazon Pay.

Zappos also provides a clear return policy description when you buy online, so you understand the terms and avoid any surprises.

Zappos Return Policy

The Zappos Return Policy is super customer-friendly! You can return or exchange your purchase for any reason in 365 days – no restocking fees. If you buy domestic orders over $100, they give you prepaid shipping labels. And they even provide free shipping on exchanges and a 100% price match guarantee.

To make sure you’re covered, only buy from Zappos directly or an authorized reseller.

Zappos Customer Service

Zappos’ customer service is renowned in the industry. Their team is super responsive and are always willing to help. Plus, they have a “Brainicas” program to give customers assistance. This includes real customer service agents and self-help tools.

Customers can watch videos, look at FAQs, and read reviews before they buy. Brainicas gives them all the info they need to make an informed decision.


Is Zappos legit? Yes! Shopping with Zappos is secure. Plus, it has great customer care and an extensive selection of products. Shipping is fast and the return policy is generous. It’s obvious that Zappos takes customer satisfaction seriously, with honest reviews and a VIP membership program. Few other online retailers can compete with its convenience, customer service, selection, and value.

So, if you want to buy brand-name shoes and accessories, Zappos is worth looking into!

FAQs about: Is Zappos Legit

Q: Is Zappos a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Zappos is a legitimate company. Zappos is an online retailer owned by Amazon since 2009 and is known for its excellent customer service.

Q: Does Zappos offer free shipping?

A: Yes, Zappos offers free standard shipping and free returns on all orders over $50.

Q: Does Zappos have a return policy?

A: Zappos has a 365-day return policy, meaning customers can return any item within 365 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.