Is When We Were Young Festival Legit?

Curious if When We Were Young Festival is real? No need to fret! This article can provide you with all the facts. Ready to learn the truth about When We Were Young Festival? Let’s get started!

Quick facts: Is When We Were Young Festival Legit


Do you question the legitimacy of the When We Were Young Festival? This article will give you an intro to the fest and help you decide if it’s right for you.

The festival has been around since 2010 and is held in San Diego, California. It’s organized by the same promoters who are behind other US events. It features performances from popular artists and art installations, as well as interactive experiences.

The fest has grown in popularity each year! Here are some of the features that make it great:

  • Performances from popular artists
  • Art installations
  • Interactive experiences

Background Information

Establishing an event or festival’s legitimacy requires background information. This should include:

  • The organizing team and their experience
  • The money behind it
  • Sponsors
  • Check the official website for terms and conditions, contact information, and references
  • Look into what others are saying about the organizers: how long they’ve been around and events they’ve run before
  • Check out reviews or ratings from people who have attended the event

Overview of the Festival

When We Were Young Festival is an annual event that takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was created by a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to give the city’s young creatives a space to display their work. Now, it has grown to include over 300 acts from Canada and abroad.

Local media loves the festival, featuring it in both traditional and digital outlets. When We Were Young Festival is committed to boosting local talent. It has live performances from local artists, DJ sets from new DJs, art installations from new visual artists, talks on current youth culture topics, film screenings from young filmmakers, and more culturally focused events.

History of the Festival

Kixify is a legendary music festival that’s been running for over 15 years. It began in 2004 when sisters Kelly and Shawn wanted to give back to their community and provide a platform for fresh artists. It now happens every year in multiple cities across the USA.

At Kixify, you can enjoy live music, art installations, food trucks, and activities for all. People love it for its commitment to local talent, plus they get the chance to see big names like John Legend, J Cole and Chance The Rapper. DJs and producers also flock to Kixify due to its awesome VIP experience.

Despite its popularity, there are some drawbacks to Kixify:

  • Long lines at the entrance.
  • Huge crowds during peak times.
  • Expensive food prices when it’s busy.

Festival Reviews

Festival reviews are a great way to learn more about an event. When We Were Young Festival has had many years of great reviews! They talk about the entertainment, food, drinks, and other amenities. Reviews come in many forms. People post blogs and social media updates, and festivals often have surveys onsite. Sources like online review sites, magazines, radio, TV, and more all provide reviews.

When We Were Young Festival has always gotten positive reviews. People love its amazing lineup of artists and its atmosphere that is both fun and safe. For people who want to attend a festival in 2021 or later, reviews can be really helpful when researching and picking a festival.

Online Reviews

Discogs reviews are a great way to get feedback on a Festival. This online platform is known for its reliability. People must provide detailed accounts for their reviews to get accepted. This stops malicious behaviour and encourages honest reviews.

However, moderating and approving reviews takes time. So, updated information may not be available until after the event has finished. This makes it hard for those looking for info at late stages prior to the event.

Personal Reviews

When We Were Young Festival is an annual event in the UK. It’s become one of the most popular music festivals around! It’s known for hosting amazing musical talent and creating a fun, safe atmosphere.

But is the festival ‘legit‘? Yes! It’s accredited by authorities such as Visit England, and endorsed by major artists like Olly Murs and Arctic Monkeys. So there’s no doubt that When We Were Young Festival is a legitimate event, with industry backing and external accreditation. It’s definitely safe to attend!

Security and Safety

What is Sezzle?-Is When We Were Young Festival Legit?

Safety and security are a priority at When We Were Young Festival. Our security team consists of licenced, professional individuals with expertise in crowd management and public safety. Security personnel are stationed around the festival grounds and venue to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. Medical staff are on standby throughout the event to provide medical attention when necessary. Police officers patrol the area to keep the peace and maintain order.

With these measures in place, we guarantee a safe and secure environment for everyone to enjoy at When We Were Young Festival.

Security Measures Taken

Fragrancenet guarantees a secure shopping experience for customers. They use 128-bit SSL technology and VeriSign Security when customers enter personal data. Also, all customer data is stored on secure servers. Payments are processed through PayPal or Shopify’s payment gateway, so there’s no need to store private banking info. Customers can also pick from various payment methods at checkout.

In rare cases of unauthorized charges, customers can dispute the transaction through PayPal’s Resolution Center or Shopify’s dispute process.

Safety Protocols

Safety is a must at When We Were Young Festival. Zero-tolerance for inappropriate or dangerous behaviour. 24-hour security patrols stages and campgrounds. Wristband scanning to monitor entry. Everyone must present valid ID to enter the campgrounds. Safe drinking stations and a responsible drinking awareness campaign. Masks mandatory indoors – both stages and campsites.

These strict safety protocols make When We Were Young the safest festival around!


The When We Were Young Festival has been a go-to for music fans all over the globe. It’s lineup is always top-notch with big name artists. The festival atmosphere is electric with people of all ages and backgrounds.

The organizers of WWWYF put safety first. They provide security and medical staff onsite. This makes WWWYF a legitimate, safe event which music fans can enjoy their favourite artists in person.

Summary of Findings

This article presents a review of When We Were Young Festival’s legitimacy. We look at the background, like origin, purpose and past events. Then, we analyze customer and industry professional feedback.

The key is, the festival seems legit but there could be customer service or event management issues. Though, it appears that it’s been a fun experience for attendees. Yet, there are risks to consider.

Thus, it’s wise to investigate the festival before going.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, When We Were Young Festival is a certified music fest with lots of popular, seasoned music acts from across the globe. It’s skillfully assembled and has a good rep. Plus, it puts on incredible shows annually.

This festival also offers advantages like discounted tickets, meal deals, artist insights, and unique merchandise. If you’re searching for a wild night partying to your favorite songs or just curious to try new music styles, When We Were Young Festival is worth checking out.

FAQs about: Is When We Were Young Festival Legit


Q: Is When We Were Young Festival Legit?

A: Yes, When We Were Young Festival is a legitimate music festival. It has been held in California for the past five years and has featured some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Q:What types of bands perform at the When We Were Young Festival?

A: The When We Were Young Festival showcases a variety of musical genres, from indie rock and folk to electronic, hip-hop, and more. There are usually over 50 bands performing on multiple stages.

Q: What is the cost to attend the When We Were Young Festival?

A: The When We Were Young Festival has different ticket prices depending on the type of ticket you purchase. Single-day tickets are typically around $50 and weekend passes are around $150.