Is User Interviews Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Platform

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Quick facts: Is User Interviews Legit

  • ✅ User interviews can provide insight into how customers feel about a product or service – Source: UserTesting
  • ✅ User interviews can help identify customer pain points and needs – Source: Interaction Design Foundation
  • ✅ 65% of organizations conduct user interviews to understand user behavior – Source: Walker Sands
  • ✅ About 70% of organizations are increasing their user interview budget – Source: UserTesting
  • ✅ User interviews can help uncover hidden insights – Source: User Interviews
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    User Interviews is a platform that helps businesses do market research. It makes it easy to find and contact the right people. Plus, it has surveys, focus groups and UX testing.

    Is User Interviews legit? We’ll uncover the truth here. We’ll talk about cost, customer support, data security and more. So you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

    Overview of User Interviews

    User Interviews is an online platform to let anyone conduct market research. It began in 2016 and helps organizations and individuals get insights from real people worldwide. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Europe and Asia.

    User Interviews offers many services for users, such as:

    • Survey design and management
    • Video conference help
    • Moderation services (phone or video interviews)
    • Transcription services

    The platform is simple to use even for non-researchers. Plus, it has a wide range of survey tools like Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, Semantic Differential scales, open-ended questions and more.


    User Interviews is a great platform for both researchers and interviewees. It’s free to use, fast to set up and has a wide range of respondents. Plus, there are pre-screening tools to quickly find the right people.

    For interviewees, User Interviews offers competitive compensation – usually in cash or Amazon gift cards. Signing up is easy and free. There are lots of interviews available across multiple industries and countries – no matter who you are or where you live.

    User Interviews also puts user feedback first – rating interviews based on user satisfaction ratings. That way, everyone knows what to expect when participating in an interview.

    Quality of respondents

    When researching User Interviews, it’s vital to look at their respondents’ quality. Paxful is one of their respondent networks, providing access to over 125,000 verified users in 100 countries. Their screening process and technology make sure the interviews are answered by suitable participants with relatable experiences. They offer interviews with participants from a wide range of backgrounds from different countries and cultures.

    Variety of respondents

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    Easy to use platform

    User Interviews is an awesome platform! It helps companies find potential customers. These customers give feedback in exchange for things like gift cards, virtual currency and more. You can easily find the right people for your company, based on their interests, demographics and other attributes.

    Sign up, set up a survey or questionnaire and use the tools to find participants. When you have enough participants, read their responses or view real-time charts summarizing key data points. User Interviews has features that remind you to get the most out of the customer interviews.


    User Interviews is an online survey and user interview platform for market research. Pros are there but there are also some cons to think of.

    • You must pay fees, $59 to $200 or more, depending on survey length and respondents.
    • User Interviews doesn’t guarantee results; only feedback will be collected and shared with potential customers.
    • Fraud is possible with an online system; scammers could try to steal data.
    • There’s no legal protection; participants assume all risks without a lawyer.

    Consider these cons before signing up for User Interviews. Is this platform right for your business goals?


    User Interviews is a low-cost platform. It gives companies access to many research participants. These participants get paid for their time. So, businesses can get quality insights easily. They can choose the participant profile they want. Also, they can set a budget for each survey.

    Businesses using User Interviews get survey-building tools and analytics dashboards. This helps them create surveys quickly and measure survey results efficiently. User Interviews also focuses on participant compensation, cost efficiency, and survey tools. It offers an accessible and easy solution for companies. They can get consumer insights in an ethical way.

    Limited targeting options

    User Interviews is a legit platform for conducting user interviews. Though, it has some restrictions when it comes to targeting participants. You can target them by their age, gender and country of residence. But, you cannot do geo-targeting or narrow down search by profession or job.

    If you need users from a certain city, industry or job – User Interviews might not be your best choice. Plus, the platform does not give demographic data about potential participants. So, it is hard to narrow down search even more.

    Overall, User Interviews is great for quickly recruiting people for user interviews – but its targeting options are somewhat limited for more specific research.

    User Reviews

    Reputation and Reviews-Is User Interviews Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Platform

    User Reviews offer the truth about any platform or product. They give honest and unbiased feedback from users who have seen it up close. Companies often rely on reviews to check their product quality and find areas to improve.

    With User Interviews, users can leave their honest review about the website and its services. This helps other users choose if they want to use the platform or not. Knowing what you can expect is key. Reviews provide a great insight by giving a truthful account of their experience with User Interviews:

    • Did they find the website easy to use?
    • Did they receive helpful customer service?
    • Did they find the product they were looking for?
    • Would they recommend the platform to others?

    Positive reviews

    Most reviews for are positive. People like the range of user interviews, quick payments and helpfulness for those who need it. Many reviews mention the good customer service, with helpful and fast replies to questions. This shows Wanteena’s dedication to customers and the quality of their service.

    Negative reviews

    User Interviews get both good and bad reviews. Some people find the signup process hard, customer service unhelpful, and surveys limited. This may turn off potential users who feel like they’re putting in too much effort for little reward. Others have had their accounts terminated with no compensation, which isn’t great.

    But, lots of people have a great experience. They cite helpful customer service and good payouts. So they’d recommend the platform.


    User Interviews is a reliable source for user research projects. It has been used by many big companies since 2016, such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Slack. It may take some time to find the right participants, but the process is simple and efficient.

    The platform is very flexible. You can customize requirements and budgets. Compared to other options, like agencies or recruiters, using User Interviews is cheaper and faster. If you are looking for dependable participants without spending too much, User Interviews is the best choice.

    Is User Interviews Legit?

    User Interviews is legit! It’s an online platform that connects businesses with people who give feedback. It collects personal data and fees to match participants with companies. Since 2018, it’s gained a lot of traction.

    You can trust User Interviews to keep your info secure. Get paid for your services, and help make the world better. It’s an excellent way to make extra money.

    FAQs about: Is User Interviews Legit


    Q: What is a user interview?

    A: A user interview is a type of qualitative research that involves speaking directly with users to better understand their needs and experiences with a product, service, or experience.

    Q: How do user interviews work?

    A: User interviews are structured conversations between the research team and the participants. The interviews are conducted in a semi-structured format, meaning that the researcher will have a set of questions that they will ask each participant, but they are also open to asking follow-up questions or going off on tangents as needed.

    Q: Are user interviews legit?

    A: Absolutely! User interviews are an important part of the UX design process and can provide invaluable insights into how users are interacting with a product or service.