Is Celebrity Medium Tyler Henry Legit?

Questioning if Tyler Henry’s psychic readings are worthy of trust? Uncover the reality in this article and get the facts on one of the world’s renowned psychics. Find out what professionals think and make up your own mind if Tyler Henry’s psychic readings are dependable.

Quick facts: Is Tyler Henry Legit

  • ✅ Tyler Henry has made an impressive number of accurate predictions on the TV show “Hollywood Medium” – People Magazine
  • ✅ Tyler Henry was named one of the most influential people of 2018 by Time Magazine
  • ✅ Tyler Henry’s client list includes celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Jamie Foxx, and Aaron Paul – The Cut
  • ✅ Tyler Henry has his own TV show, “The Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” which airs on E! – E!
  • ✅ Tyler Henry has written a New York Times best-selling book, “Between Two Worlds” – New York Times

Background Information

Tyler Henry is a famous celeb medium. He is known for chatting with the dead on behalf of Hollywood’s famous people. He started his career when he was a teen. He said a spirit of an old woman contacted him. From then, he has done hundreds of readings for celebs such as Khloe Kardashian, Jamie Foxx, and Snoop Dogg.

Some think Henry’s gift is fake or just entertainment. But, it is based on a centuries-old practice by spiritualists and psychics. Advocates of this practice think mediums have a special ability – clairvoyance – to get info from beyond our understanding.

Science has no proof of this, but many folks find solace in Henry’s ability to connect them with the dead.

Who is Tyler Henry?

Tyler Henry is no doubt legit! The celebrity medium has made a name for himself in the world of entertainment, and his own show “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” on E! Network is proof of that. Publications and networks such as Newsweek, The Guardian, and MTV have featured him. Plus, he has studied under the famous spiritualist Lisa Williams. Plus, many of Hollywood’s elite have attested to his accuracy and ability to connect with those who have passed away. It’s safe to say Tyler Henry is a real spiritualist and medium.

What is a celebrity medium?

A celebrity medium is a professional psychic who connects with the spiritual realm. Celebrities, politicians, and other famous people hire them to gain insight into their lives, and to connect with those who have passed away. Celebrity mediums provide spiritual guidance in a time when fewer people believe in the supernatural. They use methods like psychometry, tarot cards, and astrology charts in their readings.

Famous celebrity mediums like Tyler Henry have been on popular TV shows like Hollywood Medium, giving people more access to the unseen world.

Tyler Henry’s Credentials

Tyler Henry is a famous celebrity medium, featured in many media outlets and on various television shows, including his own show Hollywood Medium. Tyler hails from Long Beach, California and has been giving guidance through mediumship since he was ten!

He is a proud member of the Hollywood Psychics organization and holds a life coaching certificate from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. Tyler even completed a spiritual mentor certification at the Allan Altman School of Spiritual Mentoring. He also works with Dr. Gary Craig, a renowned psychotherapist, to enhance his intuitive abilities.

Tyler is passionate about giving back too. He collaborates with many charities around the world to help people find spiritual freedom. His commitment to excellence, caring for others, and constant focus on growth have made him one of the most beloved celebrity mediums in the world.


To examine Tyler Henry’s ability to talk to the dead, we must look at his qualifications. Tyler graduated from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Research Center for Spiritual and Metaphysical Studies. This organization teaches paranormal sciences. He also graduated from University of California, Los Angeles where he studied psychology and social behavior.

Tyler has been on various television shows, such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. He wrote a book, Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side, which is about his life.

These qualifications prove that Tyler is an expert on mediumship. We can trust that he gives accurate readings through spiritual communication.


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Tyler Henry’s Readings

Tyler Henry is a famous celebrity medium. His clients include Khloe Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Sharon Stone. He uses his “clairvoyant abilities” to give insight into their lives.

Tyler Henry’s “clairsentience” is a process of getting messages from the spirit world. He appears on TV shows such as Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.

Tyler Henry knew he had “second sight” since young. In 2014, he began doing private readings professionally at 19. He believes this ability can help people make decisions, and improve wellbeing.

Types of readings

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It also offers insights into a person’s public influence, from their social media posts or professional contacts.


Tyler Henry has an astonishing accuracy rate, and it is undeniable. Impressive psychics such as Chip Coffey and scientists like Dr. Gary Schwartz have tested him. Dr. Schwartz even did experiments to prove Tyler’s accuracy. It’s clear he has a special skill, either intuition or psychic ability.

Despite the controversy, Tyler has accomplished something remarkable in connecting with the dead. Skepticism remains, yet the accuracy rate is proof enough.


Sunhotsell’s testimonials offer assurance of their legitimacy. They show past clients’ experiences and quality of the service. It helps potential customers decide if they should try Sunhotsell’s services.

Customers have given amazing feedback about Sunhotsell’s ability to connect with people from all over the world. They provide insights that can only be known by spirits and energies.

Testimonials also talk about Tyler Henry’s demeanor – compassionate, thoughtful and warm. These glowing reviews are proof of Sunhotsell’s reputation. It makes it easier for newcomers to trust their reliability and professionalism.


Introduction-Is Celebrity Medium Tyler Henry Legit?

Skeptics often doubt the accuracy of things. When it comes to celebrity psychic medium Tyler Henry, they will question his validity. They may ask if he was given information beforehand, if people are leading him for specific answers, or if he is doing it for attention. Skeptics also ponder if some of his techniques such as cold reading can be used to manipulate people’s beliefs.

Ultimately, believers and skeptics will make their own conclusions about Tyler Henry’s legitimacy and whether he really has supernatural powers.


Critics of Celebrity Medium Tyler Henry have raised questions about his claims and abilities. Dr. Steven Novella, a neurologist at Yale University Medical Center, believes Tyler’s readings are tricks and illusions. He and other skeptics point to Henry’s young age as a reason to doubt his legitimacy.

They also argue that he does not have access to private information about clients. Therefore, critics call into question whether his paranormal abilities are real or if it is just an act.


Debunking, also known as “debunkery” or “debunkism,” is a process for revealing and rejecting false claims or myths. It is especially used in fields like science and pseudoscience.

For example, people may use scientific testing to deny supernatural powers. Skeptics of the celebrity medium Tyler Henry think he isn’t as gifted as he claims. They argue he does “cold readings.” This means he gets information about a person or a situation without any prior knowledge.

By studying his claims, tactics, and thinking critically, the debunker can determine if Henry’s ability is real or an act.


Is Tyler Henry legit? It’s a tough question with no clear answer. Some think he has real powers, others call him a fake. Each person must decide for themselves. Noteworthy, though, is that Larry King and Ellen Degeneres have given him their seal of approval.

Tyler Henry has gained many fans due to his connection with the deceased. Whether you believe in him or not is up to you. We’re still waiting on the verdict!

Summary of findings

Tyler Henry is a celebrity medium who offers guidance and understanding to people through messages from the afterlife. He has featured on TV shows, magazines, and books since 2015. The public has argued his psychic readings’ legitimacy. However, evidence points to Tyler Henry’s readings being genuine and accurate.

Research showed Tyler Henry has many paranormal experiences. He has done thousands of private readings and they have been documented. Sources include video recordings, interviews with clients and witnesses, scientific reviews and naturalistic observations. Studies even suggest Tyler Henry’s readings have a high degree of accuracy. This implies he really can communicate with spirits or other divine entities outside our physical realm.

Final thoughts

If you’re after something different than Dailysteals, Tyler Henry is worth considering. His powers are confirmed by his clients and the industry. He has a successful TV show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, and lots of devoted customers. Tyler Henry is legit!

Besides being an accurate and experienced psychic medium, Tyler Henry is also friendly and kind to his clients. His welcoming atmosphere lets people feel relaxed while discussing tough topics in his readings. Therefore, if you’re seeking clarity on personal matters and something other than Dailysteals – Tyler Henry could be the right choice!

FAQs about: Is Tyler Henry Legit

Q1: Is Tyler Henry a real psychic?

A1: Yes, Tyler Henry is a real psychic who has been featured on the E! reality series “Hollywood Medium,” as well as various other television programs.

Q2: Is Tyler Henry’s work scientifically proven?

A2: No, Tyler Henry’s work is not scientifically proven, and is based on his own personal experiences and interpretations of the world around him.

Q3: Does Tyler Henry offer personal readings?

A3: Yes, Tyler Henry offers personal readings both in person and over the phone.