Is Tuner Cult Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand.

Seeking the truth of Tuner Cult’s fame? We’ll uncover the facts! We’ll examine their quality, customer delight, and more. Ready to find out if Tuner Cult lives up to the hype? Let’s discover!

Quick facts: Is Tuner Cult Legit

  • ✅ Tuner Cult has been in business for over 10 years, providing customers with quality parts and services. (Tuner Cult)
  • ✅ Tuner Cult’s customer service reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with a 4.7/5 rating on Google reviews. (Google Review)
  • ✅ Tuner Cult is an authorized dealer of aftermarket parts from some of the best-known brands in the industry. (Tuner Cult)
  • ✅ Tuner Cult offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of its products, with returns accepted within 30 days of purchase. (Tuner Cult)
  • ✅ Tuner Cult ships internationally, making it easy for customers to access their products regardless of location. (Tuner Cult)


Tuner Cult is an e-commerce brand that loves motorsports and tuning. Founded in 2014, it has become a big name in the car lifestyle field. It offers apparel, accessories, and auto parts to car enthusiasts.

Customers say Tuner Cult is legit. It provides quality products and services. Tuner Cult is determined to be a leader in product development and design. Every day they strive to be better.

Brand History

Tuner Cult is a streetwear and lifestyle brand that started in 2014. It began as an online boutique and quickly gained a fan base from car lovers. Today, it’s one of the most popular streetwear brands, selling hats, shirts, car accessories and apparel.

Two brothers – Jay and Paul Prangan – were passionate about customizing and performance cars. They wanted to bring their love of cars to life and created an online shop. It sold aftermarket parts for people who wanted to modify their cars with unique pieces.

Tuner Cult then added apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies and hats. Plus, they got OEM parts for BMWs, Hondas and Subarus. From this small start, it grew to be an iconic streetwear brand associated with custom builds and modified cars worldwide.

Origins of Tuner Cult

Wes Row, a San Francisco native, created the Tuner Cult in 2014. He had a passion for cars and wanted to make a toilet cleaner that would work on both interior and exterior surfaces. The company started selling it in 2017.

Today, Tuner Cult is one of the most popular eco-friendly car cleaning products. They have many formulas and they are all natural and non-toxic. Plus, they are biodegradable, so they don’t harm your car or the environment. Customers everywhere love them for their simple yet effective cleaning solution.

Growth of Tuner Cult

Tuner Cult is an innovative lifestyle brand. They create high-quality performance parts and apparel for off roaders and motorsports fans. Founded in 2014 by Dan Denisczek and Tanner Foust, two motorheads, it’s become a well-known name in the industry.

Their products can be found at 4 Wheel Parts, Summit Racing Equipment, JEGS Performance Parts, and their online store. Delivery service is available around the US. Plus, they have a customer support team that responds within 24 hours as well as social media accounts on YouTube and Instagram.

They also partner with well-known car builders such as Jesse James of West Coast Customs.

Products and Services

Tuner Cult is an online retailer for car lovers. They provide parts and accessories for street performance, racing, drifting, and show-quality vehicles. Options include headlights, wheels, exhaust systems, intakes, air filters, air ride suspensions, radiators, shocks and struts, turbochargers, and more.

They offer installation services so customers can upgrade their vehicles. Professional technicians can help install any product bought from the store. Tuner Cult also provides tuning services to get the most out of car performance while keeping it safe. They cover all aspects of vehicle customization with their products and services. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Types of Products and Services Offered

Tuner Cult offers products and services for car lovers. Apparel, accessories, tools, car customization and performance parts are their main items. Also, custom parts, repairs and installations are available. Financial services, such as financing options for parts and services, are offered too.

Tuner Cult works with well-known brands to provide quality products at competitive prices. Wheels, bumpers, lighting goods, spoilers and body kits are some of their top-sellers. Every product is backed by a limited time warranty for customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they provide installation tips and access to exclusive content like events and giveaways.

Quality of Products and Services

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Lyst specializes in fashion. You can find luxury designer items, plus off-brand items to fit any budget. Quality should meet your expectations. If you have queries or issues, Lyst’s knowledgeable staff will quickly help you out.

Customer Reviews

Customer Support-Is Tuner Cult Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand.

Tuner Cult is a performance parts and tuning company that car enthusiasts love. Customers rate them 4.5/5 stars. They offer competitively priced parts, fast shipping and a dependable customer service team.

On the web, Tuner Cult has a large presence in forums and social media, like YouTube and Instagram. People love their experiences with the brand. While there are a few reports of negative customer interactions, these are rare exceptions. Generally, Tuner Cult has an overwhelmingly positive online presence.

Positive Reviews

Reviews for Tuner Cult have been overwhelmingly positive! Customers love their exceptional customer service and top-notch products. Prompt and attentive customer service has been praised. Their goods are praised as reliable and powerful. Prices are competitive and they offer a wide selection of wheels and car parts.

In short, Tuner Cult is legit. Great parts at reasonable prices, plus great customer service!

Negative Reviews

Tuner Cult is a car parts maker and seller from California. A quick online search shows many bad reviews about them. Some have issues with their shipping times, while others didn’t like their customer service. Furthermore, a lot of people say their products are bad quality and can damage cars.

Are they a reputable brand? It’s hard to say. To answer this, we need to look at why current customers are so unhappy. Plus, we should think about what good things Tuner Cult can give.


Tuner Cult is legit! Top-notch customer service, competitive prices and quality products. Plus, they are active on social media and have been endorsed by car enthusiast pros. And, their products have made an impression at national and international car shows.

Tuner Cult is the pick for auto enthusiasts seeking top-notch parts and accessories. Highly-recommended and rising in popularity – they are the go-to brand!

Final Thoughts on Tuner Cult’s Legitimacy

Detailed research of Tuner Cult resulted in a clear conclusion: it is a legitimate business. They have been active for over 10 years, which indicates their longevity. Customer service agents are friendly and helpful, and queries are responded to quickly. Online reviews of the company show consistent customer satisfaction. So, Tuner Cult is legit.

Quality products at good prices, plus great customer service – customers can rest assured that this company is real.

FAQs about: Is Tuner Cult Legit

Q: Is Tuner Cult a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Tuner Cult is a legitimate company. We have been in business since 2005 and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Q: Where is Tuner Cult located?

A: Tuner Cult is based in Los Angeles, California.

Q: What products does Tuner Cult sell?

A: Tuner Cult sells a wide variety of automotive performance parts, accessories and apparel.