Is Trivago Legit? Check Out Our Comprehensive Review

Searching for a dependable hotel booking platform? You must find out if Trivago is trustworthy. We’ll present a thorough review of the site’s characteristics and customer opinions. To provide the answers you need.

Quick facts: Is Trivago Legit

  • Trivago has over 1.4 million hotels in over 190 countries (Statista)
  • Trivago is one of the top online travel websites in the world and is ranked the 6th most visited travel website in the US (Statista)
  • Trivago has been in business since 2005 and is a legitimate business (Trivago)
  • Trivago has won numerous awards, including the German Brand Award in 2018 (Trivago)
  • Over 55 million visitors use Trivago each month (Trivago)


Is Trivago legit? The answer is a definite YES! Trivago is a German-based online hotel comparison service. It searches through 180 million hotel deals in over 1 million hotels across 200 countries.

Trivago gives customers an easy-to-use booking platform. They can search, compare and book their perfect accommodation quickly and easily. Plus, they’re always offering special discounts and promotional offers.

Trivago is a reputable company that holds the highest standards in the industry for customer service, reliability and trustworthiness. It has been awarded several accolades for its commitment to quality services at affordable rates.

From price comparisons to exclusive deals, Trivago provides countless options for hassle-free, convenient, safe and secure accommodations. Booking with Trivago is easy!

What is Trivago?

Trivago is an online travel platform. It helps users to compare hotel prices, read reviews, and book accommodation. In the past decade, Trivago has grown rapidly. It now operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Trivago is a metasearch engine. It collects offers from hundreds of booking sites, such as or Expedia. It then shows them side-by-side, so users can compare. Trivago also provides information about the hotels’ amenities and locations. This helps travelers make an informed decision.

Additionally, the app is user-friendly. People can easily book from the app itself. This makes Trivago a popular choice for travelers looking for easy and intuitive booking options.

What services does Trivago offer?

Trivago has something for everyone! It can search over 1 million hotels from around the world. You can filter your search based on budget, luxury, family-friendly, or pet-friendly lodgings. The map view feature lets travelers explore nearby locations. Plus, you can save your favorite hotels and get notifications when prices drop or special discounts are available.

Trivago is great for travelers looking to save money and get the experience they want.

Pros and Cons

Trivago has lots of pros and cons. It is easy to access from Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Plus, their in-house reviews team checks all the hotel listings. You can search for great deals and discounts.

But, the interface is not always easy to use. Also, it takes time to get results. You may not find the same deals as when you book directly with the hotel. However, Trivago is still one of the top travel sites to get the best accommodations worldwide.

Pros of Trivago

Trivago is an awesome online search and comparison site! You can find the best hotel deals quickly. Pros of using it include:

  1. Quick comparison. Searching is easy when you can compare prices in seconds. Especially when you are looking for a certain place or budget.
  2. Lots of details. Each listing has plenty of details about amenities, reviews, star ratings, etc., so you can make an informed choice.
  3. Price guarantee. Trivago gives a price-match guarantee if you book through them. You’ll know you got the best deal.
  4. User-friendly. The website is easy to use, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Cons of Trivago

Trivago is a helpful resource for reserving hotels. But, there are a few cons to using the service. Prices on Trivago are often higher than what is listed on the hotel’s site. Also, customer reviews can be outdated or biased since they can be submitted up to 3 months after the booking.

  • When using Trivago, there are no guarantees, 24/7 customer support is not provided, and any disputes must be handled directly with the hotel.
  • Finally, Trivago offers great hotel deals. It does not, however, feature flights or rental cars like Orbitz or Expedia.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are valuable info about a product or service. Companies use this feedback to build trust and credibility. Trivago is a hotel booking service. We did research to review customer experience with Trivago, and if it’s legit.

Reviews help companies know what people think about their products and services. They can use this info to improve where needed.

Positive Reviews

Customers’ positive reviews are a must for any business, including Trivago. The world’s largest travel platform, TripAdvisor, reports that Trivago has an outstanding 4.5/5 rating from more than 20 million reviews worldwide. This implies that users have a good experience while using the Trivago platform. Moreover, Trustpilot – another popular review website and app – gives an even better 4.8 overall rating based on over 100 thousand reviews from people all around the world.

These positive user reviews don’t just reflect on the product itself, but also the customer service. On both Trustpilot and TripAdvisor, there are lots of positive comments about Trivago’s customer service staff. They are very helpful in answering questions or solving problems users might have encountered while booking trips via Trivago’s app or website.

Negative Reviews

Sadly, a few customers have had bad experiences on Trivago. Common issues include:

  • not getting the advertised hotel prices
  • Trivago not answering inquiries
  • technical issues with bookings not updating
  • slow customer service
  • unexpected fees added on to bills


EcoCosmetics Overview-Is Trivago Legit? Check Out Our Comprehensive Review

Trivago has a no-frills pricing plan. It’s free and easy to use for finding great hotel deals around the world. Trivago works with travel agencies, hotels, and booking sites. It offers filters like hotel rating, price range, and features.

Local taxes, fees, and service charges vary by country. Trivago may add a margin or mark up as a fee. You’ll see it either during checkout or in your email confirmation. Overall, the pricing is clear and probably cheaper than if you’d booked without Trivago.

What are the fees associated with Trivago?

Trivago is a well-known hotel comparison service, and it’s free! You just pay the vendor’s prices for the room. Prices for the same room can differ across sites, so comparing is key. Trivago doesn’t add any extra fees or commissions to the vendor’s prices. So you get the best value, without paying extra. It’s fast and easy!

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees with Trivago. The company is clear about its prices. You don’t pay extra taxes at time of booking. If you find an identical reservation for cheaper within 24 hours, Trivago gives you your money back. They even have free tools for organizing trips, to help you get the best price.

All in all, Trivago is a trustworthy service to help you save money when you book a hotel.


Customers worry when online transactions or sensitive information is involved. It’s essential that businesses take cyber security seriously, in order to keep their customers safe.

To protect users, Trivago has multiple safety measures. These include data encryption technologies (SSL) and secure payment gateways like PayPal. Plus, customer data is stored in a secure database, and only accessible to people with authorization. They also have Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode technologies. This enables customers to verify their identity, when they make payments with credit/debit cards.

All these measures work together to protect customers’ data and guard them against cyber attacks.

Is Trivago secure?

Trivago’s security is a top priority. They use industry-standard encryption technology and secure servers to ensure customer protection. Firewalls are in place to block any malicious attacks or unauthorized access. All payment processors used by Trivago abide by PCI DSS. Credit and debit card payments go through one of their approved payment providers. This guarantees that customers’ data is safe.

Furthermore, Trivago provides customer support resources like helplines, live chats, and reviews. This helps customers make wise decisions when booking hotels.

What measures does Trivago take to protect its customers?

Trivago takes security seriously. They use SSL to encrypt website traffic and anti-malware for extra safety. They also invest in scanning technologies to monitor their servers for suspicious activity. Payment info is handled with industry-standard encryption protocols. Passwords are stored securely and never visible to employees. They also provide two-factor authentication as an option. Trivago won’t share user info with third parties without clear customer consent.


Trivago is legit and dependable. The website is user friendly and provides lots of filters for results. You can even check hotel prices on multiple platforms. Plus, it has features like price alerts and detailed property descriptions, making booking process easy.

Before booking a hotel room, read the terms and conditions. Trivago does not guarantee or warrant the quality or accuracy of listings. Ultimately, it’s up to the user to use discretion.

Is Trivago Legit?

To answer, “Is Trivago legit?” we must consider the history and customer reviews. Founded in 2005, Trivago helps customers find the best hotel prices worldwide. It has grown to be one of the most popular travel sites due to its user-friendly interface, large selection of hotels, and price comparison.

Reviews are mostly positive. Customers praise Trivago for being easy and finding great deals. Thus, it can be concluded: Yes, Trivago is a legitimate company with a strong reputation and good customer service.

Should you use Trivago?

Trivago is an online booking and travel comparison site. It offers customers access to hotels, rentals, and flights. Before using Trivago to book a trip, consider a few things.

  • Trivago makes booking easier. It guarantees the lowest price for each hotel or flight booked.
  • Some users have had positive experiences. Prices are lower than other sites.
  • But, there have been reports of difficulties when cancelling or rebooking. Research beforehand is key.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. By considering all the factors, you can get the best deal available!

FAQs about: Is Trivago Legit

Q1: Is trivago a legitimate website?

A1: Yes, trivago is a legitimate website. It is a hotel metasearch engine that allows you to compare prices from over 200 travel sites in order to find the best deal on your hotel.

Q2: How secure is trivago?

A2: trivago is a secure website, using SSL encryption technology to keep all of your personal data and payment information safe and secure.

Q3: Does trivago have a customer service team?

A3: Yes, trivago has a customer service team available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach out to them via email, phone, or through their website.