Is Travellergram Legit? Get the Facts Here!

Think you need to know if Travellergram is legit? Don’t sweat it! We got the details to help you decide. Ready to learn if Travellergram can come through on their word? Let’s find out!

Quick facts: Is Travellergram Legit

  • ✅Travellergram has earned a “Great” overall customer satisfaction rating with TrustPilot. (TrustPilot)
  • ✅Travellergram has more than 30,000 Instagram followers. (Instagram)
  • ✅Travellergram has more than 1,000 travel blog posts. (Travellergram)
  • ✅Travellergram has been featured in major outlets including BBC, CNN and Lonely Planet. (BBC, CNN, Lonely Planet)
  • ✅Travellergram has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. (Better Business Bureau)


Is Travellergram legit? It’s a question many people have been asking. Travellergram is a new travel website that’s been growing in popularity. It offers affordable flights, unique experiences and exclusive deals for all types of travellers.

This guide will provide an honest review of Travellergram. We’ll explain what it offers, how it works and the pros and cons of using it. After you read it, you’ll know if Travellergram is worth using when planning your next trip!

What Is Travellergram?

Travellergram is an online travel platform. It helps travelers find and book flights, hotels, tours, transport and more. Customers can compare prices and book easily.

The website also provides info about destinations.

Travellergram has been around since 2013. It’s a legit company and customers are happy. The customer support team is dedicated to helping travelers have the best experience. Plus, they offer 24/7 customer care. Their services are accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


Travellergram is a social media platform for travellers to share stories and experiences. It helps people connect, plan trips and explore new places. It’s even available as a mobile app!

The platform is free, so anyone can join and enjoy all the features. Trip planner tool helps you plan your next adventure, and there’s a powerful search engine. Plus, exclusive discounts when booking online through special providers.

Travellergram is perfect for occasional adventurers and frequent globetrotters, so they can stay connected while travelling.


Travellergram is a great platform for travellers. It offers a virtual map that displays various destinations around the world. This map includes reviews, photos and prices to facilitate comparison. Additionally, there are tips and advice from travel experts. You can also get discounts and special offers.

When you book through Travellergram, you get 24/7 customer service. Plus, its security standards are up-to-date, so it’s a safe platform for booking trips online.

Pros and Cons

Travellergram is a fantastic web-based service. It lets you easily create and manage your trip itineraries. It’s fast and easy to use. You can select flights, accommodation, routes and activities all in one place. Furthermore, you can share your plans with family and friends.

The most notable benefits are the simplicity and ease of use. All information is secure, encrypted with 256-bit SSL.

On the downside, it is only available on web browsers or apps, not desktop software. It may not have all the features you need. Also, it lacks real-time flight tracking and weather alerts. Lastly, it has limited customization and integration with other online booking services like Expedia or Kayak.


The major plus of Duck Duck Go is its focus on privacy and security. It gives users the control to shield their personal info online. Duck Duck Go does not collect search records or IP addresses, so no one can access your data. Plus, the search engine encrypts communication between its servers and browsers, guaranteeing user data is safe.

Duck Duck Go is also renowned for its speed. It allows users to quickly and easily find what they need. This makes it great for research and finding detailed data quickly. These features make it one of the most dependable search engines today.


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Is Travellergram Legit?

Conclusion-Is Travellergram Legit? Get the Facts Here!

Travellergram – legit? Yes! It’s been around since 2016. They use security protocols like 128-bit SSL encryption technology and two-factor authentication. Plus, they have moderators who review travel stories before publication. They also pay attention to user feedback and are always looking for ways to get better. In short, Travellergram is a safe and genuine platform for travellers to connect.


At Ohmconnect, security is key. HTTPS encryption is used for top-level data protection. User passwords are encrypted with salting to guarantee that data breaches won’t expose plain-text passwords. Third-party authentication services like Google and Facebook secure accounts with extra layers of protection. Finally, machine learning-based fraud detection tech is used to detect illegitimate activity.

Customer Reviews

Travellergram boasts an impressive customer satisfaction score of 8.1 out of 10 on consumer review sites like Trustpilot. Customers provide reviews to give potential customers insight into their services.

Travellergram offers efficient services for visas, insurance, luggage storage and more, in multiple countries. Travellers have commended the range of services and the helpfulness of customer service representatives.

Also, customers have praised Travellergram’s capacity to keep them informed on policies and procedures for visa applications, and travel info for different countries.

BBB Rating

ASG Recovery has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It’s a private, non-profit organization. It promotes trust in businesses and provides resources to learn more about companies.

To get an A+ rating, ASG Recovery has met the BBB’s Code of Business Practices. They also uphold their standards for customer service and responsiveness. Plus, they take part in the BBB’s dispute resolution program. This helps resolve complaints quickly, ethically and fairly.

With their A+ rating from the BBB, you can trust that they are a genuine travel company offering quality services.


We’ve studied Travellergram’s features, advantages, and consumer reviews. It looks genuine – they live up to their commitment of linking explorers for different services, such as setting up trips and searching hostels. Additionally, evaluations recommend that the people at Travellergram are friendly and supportive in regards to customer service. So, we can confidently say that Travellergram is a dependable platform to book travel plans or find accommodation while travelling.

FAQs about: Is Travellergram Legit

Q: Is Travellergram Legit?

A: Yes, Travellergram is a legitimate travel booking website. It provides travelers with a comprehensive selection of flights, hotels, and vacation packages.

Q: What type of travel services does Travellergram provide?

A: Travellergram offers flight, hotel, and vacation package bookings. Additionally, they provide customers with the ability to search for different travel destinations, compare prices, and access exclusive deals.

Q: Is it safe to book travel services through Travellergram?

A: Yes, Travellergram is safe to use. All personal data is encrypted and stored securely, and customer payments are processed through a secure payment gateway.