Is TicketSmarter Legit? We Investigate the Facts.

Wondering about TicketSmarter? We’ve got the scoop! This article will tell you what you need to know. So you can make a choice with confidence when it’s time to book tickets.

Uncovering the truth about TicketSmarter – here are the facts!

Quick facts: Is Ticketsmarter Legit

  • ✅ Ticketsmarter is a legitimate ticket reseller, backed by the NBA and NFL teams – Source: TicketSmarter
  • ✅ Ticketsmarter has sold over 24 million tickets since its founding in 2009 – Source: TicketSmarter
  • ✅ Ticketsmarter is one of the most reliable and secure ticket resellers on the market – Source: TrustPilot
  • ✅ Ticketsmarter has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – Source: BBB
  • ✅ Ticketsmarter is the official ticket resale partner of the NFL, NBA, and NHL – Source: TicketSmarter


TicketSmarter is an online ticket marketplace for fans and live events. It connects buyers and sellers, with customer service and secure transactions. Since 2018, it has become one of the biggest secondary marketplaces in the US.

Is TicketSmarter safe to use? We investigate its background. The company was founded by industry pros with over 20 years experience. They have a “FanProtect” commitment and use 256-bit TLS encryption technology for transactions. We also look at third-party reviews from real customers.

What is TicketSmarter?

TicketSmarter is a ticketing platform that helps you buy tickets quickly and safely. It promises an easy way to search and buy tickets at the best prices. It has access to tickets from official suppliers and season ticket holders, so it can offer a wide selection of tickets at good prices.

TicketSmarter also provides customers with a money-back guarantee and fraud prevention. This makes buying tickets online safe and simpler than buying from traditional vendors or scalpers, making it a great option for those looking for good deals on event tickets.

What services does it offer?

TicketSmarter is a ticket broker that provides customers a secure and easy way to buy tickets to events in the US. The online platform enables customers to search for events and purchase tickets instantly. When customers buy tickets, electronic tickets are sent to their phones or computers.

TicketSmarter’s customer service is accessible 24/7 to answer questions and help with ticket orders. Plus, they offer FanShield Guarantee and Alibi services. These services ensure customers get full refunds if they don’t get their tickets or the event is cancelled within 30 days of purchasing.


The trustworthiness of TicketSmarter is a major inquiry for customers and fans searching for event tickets. To answer this, it is essential to assess the company’s history, practices, and customer response.

TicketSmarter has been in business since 2008, with connections to reliable organizations like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL,, SeatGeek, and more. Their Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are on their website, so customers can be aware of the rules they must follow. Furthermore, reviews on third-party sites such as Trustpilot show how happy customers are with TicketSmarter.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback, it is evident that TicketSmarter is a legitimate company that is well-liked by its customers.

Is TicketSmarter a legitimate business?

TicketSmarter is a legit online ticket reseller. It has partnered with Newegg and its legitimacy is unquestionable due to being part of the “LiveNation family”. This family includes Ticketmaster and other brands owned by Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.

To make sure transactions are secure when buying tickets through TicketSmarter, they follow all necessary industry standards. Encryption and fraud prevention are some of the measures they take. Customers can also use PayPal to purchase tickets without having to provide credit card info directly to TicketSmarter. These precautions give customers peace of mind when using TicketSmart’s services.

Does it have a good reputation?

TicketSmarter is a top-notch ticket resale and exchange platform. Since 2004, they’ve been giving customers access to tickets for sports, concerts, theatre shows and more. With over one million tickets available, TicketSmarter has become one of the most reliable ticket resellers.

We always want customers to be happy with their purchases and get their tickets as soon as possible. So we review TicketSmarter’s policies like:

  • how long it takes for customers to receive their tickets
  • what the shipping costs are
  • if there are specials

We also look at reviews from customers who have used TicketSmarter before. After doing our research, we can say that TicketSmarter is legit and provides an amazing customer experience for tickets and shipping.


TicketSmarter is devoted to safeguarding customers’ privacy and security. To ensure customer information remains secure, they utilise a range of encryption technologies and tools. Their website also has an encrypted SSL certificate for further protection. In addition, TicketSmarter follows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to safeguard customer’s personal credit and debit card info.

TicketSmarter routinely carries out third-party security audits to examine their site for any potential vulnerabilities. All these measures enable TicketSmarter to offer the highest levels of security and keep customer data safe.

Is TicketSmarter secure?

TicketSmarter is a legit online ticketing platform. Customers can browse, purchase or sell tickets safely. 256-bit SSL connection encrypts their personal and financial information.

Advanced fraud detection systems detect suspicious activities and take action. Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code offer secure payment methods. TicketSmarter also never stores your full credit card number. They guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and security.

What measures are in place to protect customers?

TicketSmarter is serious about the security of their customers. They have a secure payment system handled by leading processors. Plus, they use 256 bit Secure Socket Layer encryption tech to protect customer data. They also have a $1 million liability insurance policy for all events bought on their website.

All orders are refundable if someone can’t attend an event due to unforeseen events or cancellations. They also have a BBB A+ rating, which shows customers that TicketSmarter is legit and trustworthy.


Contacts Cart Reviews-Is TicketSmarter Legit? We Investigate the Facts.

Wondering about TicketSmarter prices? They don’t provide exact face value. Instead, they add a service charge, ranging from 8-15%. This fee covers processing, issuing, and making your ticket available online. Prices might be higher than other providers, but you get a legit ticket and the convenience of online buying.

Also, many events have extra discounts like early bird specials or fee waivers in select packages. So, even though there may be a slight cost increase, you get a reliable ticket with extra discounts.

How does TicketSmarter’s pricing compare to other ticketing services?

TicketSmarter is competitively priced compared to other services. It charges the face value plus a non-refundable service fee. This fee depends on the ticket and varies by event, location, and ticket type. You can expect to pay from 5% to 15% of the total ticket cost when ordering from TicketSmarter. Sometimes, fees may be higher. Fees also depend if you buy tickets, resale tickets or season passes.

TicketSmarter charges convenience fees per order transaction and for delivery via mail or mobile transfer. These are typical fees for ticketing services, making TicketSmarter’s pricing similar to most in the industry.

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees from TicketSmarter! Taxes and fees are included in the price. Depending on the event, some venues or promoters may add extra processing fees. This will be shown before checkout.

TicketSmarter also offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If an event is cancelled, you can get a full refund (including taxes and fees). The website also has details on their secure payments system, which shields your sensitive data when you buy through the platform.

Customer Service

Customer service is of utmost importance to us at TicketSmarter! We give many options to make sure you have a great experience. For instance, our 24/7 customer support chat has a live person to help you whenever you need it. Plus, you can pick email or text message delivery for quicker tickets. Additionally, payment security defends you and your info from fraud.

Finally, we guarantee the best possible customer service for our customers.

How does TicketSmarter’s customer service compare to other ticketing services?

TicketSmarter has awesome customer service. You can reach them by phone, Monday-Friday, 8am-9pm EST. Or use their online chat. Or check out the online knowledge center, with questions & topics. Plus, TicketSmarter guarantees all orders are right. If not, they’ll fix it or refund your money.

Compared to other ticketing services, TicketSmarter’s customer service is top-notch.

Does it offer any money-back guarantees?

TicketSmarter offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the event takes place. Plus, they provide a no questions asked refund policy if the event is canceled. TicketSmarter covers return shipping, so customers don’t need to worry about the bill. They also have a resale guarantee which allows customers to resell their tickets if they cannot attend.

All of these policies make sure that customers feel secure when buying tickets. Knowing their money is safe even if something unexpected happens.

FAQs about: Is Ticketsmarter Legit

Q: Is TicketSmarter a legitimate ticket seller?

A: Yes, TicketSmarter is a legitimate ticket seller. The company has been in business since 2018 and is a verified resale marketplace for tickets to sports, concerts, and theater events.

Q: Does TicketSmarter guarantee the tickets I purchase?

A: Yes, TicketSmarter guarantees that the tickets you purchase are valid and authentic. If there is an issue with your tickets, they will work with you to resolve the issue or offer a refund.

Q: Is TicketSmarter safe to use?

A: Yes, TicketSmarter is a safe and secure ticket marketplace. They use secure encryption technology to protect your personal information, and all tickets are purchased directly from the ticketing source.