Is ThredUp Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Online Shopping

Shopping at ThredUp? You’re not the only one! Online shopping’s growing popularity means it’s important to know the facts about ThredUp before buying. We’ll dig into the truth in this article.

Quick facts: Is Thredup Legit

  • ✅ ThredUp was founded in 2009 and has since grown to become the world’s largest online thrift store with over 35 million items in its inventory. (ThredUp)
  • ✅ ThredUp has facilitated over 12 million transactions since its founding. (ThredUp)
  • ✅ ThredUp has over 10 million members in its loyalty program. (ThredUp)
  • ✅ ThredUp has saved over 500 million pounds of clothing from landfills since its founding. (ThredUp)
  • ✅ ThredUp’s processed thrift items are checked for authenticity, quality, and safety before being listed for sale. (ThredUp)


The Web is packed with online stores. It’s hard to identify which ones are safe and reliable to purchase from. ThredUp is one such site. It provides pre-owned clothing and accessories. ThredUp is one of the biggest secondhand fashion marketplaces on the web with 35 million items on offer.

This article will provide an overview of ThredUp. We’ll cover

  • prices,
  • customer reviews,
  • returns policy,
  • delivery times and more.

So you can decide if ThredUp is a good fit for you. With this info, you can make an informed decision on whether or not ThredUp is a legit shopping site for you.

Overview of ThredUp

ThredUp is an online clothing shopping website. It offers second-hand items at discounted prices. Sizes range from petite to plus. There’s a generous 30-day return policy and prices are often 90% off the original retail price. Shopping is made easy with helpful categories, search filters and a customer support team.

Safety and security is taken seriously with 24/7 fraud monitoring, secured payment processing and secure checkout. Customers can trust ThredUp for its legitimacy.

Reputation and Reviews

The rep of ThredUp is a good sign of its trustworthiness. Reviews are a great way to assess an online shop. ThredUp has partnerships with Gap, Old Navy, and J.Crew. On Trustpilot they have 4.5/5 stars reviews, showing they have happy customers. ThredUp is certified by WebTrust for online security and privacy.

All these points make ThredUp one of the most reputable online shopping sites.

Overview of ThredUp’s reputation

ThredUp is a legit online shop, established in 2009. It sells pre-worn clothes at discounted prices. It’s very popular! People often ask if it’s real.

Customers and critics both think highly of ThredUp. People like their selection of clothing and their return process. Transactions are reliable, and prices are competitive.

Some customers have had issues with customer service and slow shipping times. But overall, ThredUp has earned a good reputation over the years.

Reviews from real customers

Real customer reviews are key when learning about ThredUp. You want to make sure your money is going to a trustworthy seller. ThredUp has reviews on their website and around the web. You can read these reviews to decide if ThredUp is right for you.

Customer reviews are revealing. They provide insight into shopping with ThredUp, like how easy it is to find deals and how fast deliveries are.


Pricing is a key question shoppers have when looking at ThredUp. High-quality secondhand clothing is typically 70% off the original retail price – what a bargain! Designer items usually range from $5 to $100, with exceptions. Plus, you can use coupon codes for further savings. If an item doesn’t fit, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund – no questions asked!

Plus, ThredUp offers free shipping for orders over $79, plus discounts & offers for loyal members. Shopping at ThredUp is cost-effective & convenient!

Overview of ThredUp’s pricing structure

ThredUp is an online thrift store with a twist. Prices are discounted – without compromising quality or settling for second-hand items. They have three tiers of pricing: Value, Premium and New Arrivals.

  • Value offers cheapest prices, up to 90% off.
  • Premium is quality certified apparel and accessories for up to 70%.
  • New Arrivals has the latest pieces at competitively low prices, up to 45% off new retail value.

With hundreds of thousands of items in stock daily, ThredUp is sure to please!

Comparison with other online shopping sites

ThredUp is an online shopping site that specializes in pre-owned clothes. It offers a range of brand names, designer labels, and current styles at discounted prices. They provide a variety of sizes, which makes it easier for customers of all body types to find clothes tailored specifically to them. ThredUp also offers items that cater to niche markets like vintage or plus sizes.

The downside to ThredUp is that some customers may be skeptical due to buying used garments. Shipping may take longer than other online stores because the items require extra time for cleaning and inspection.

Quality of Products

Conclusion-Is ThredUp Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Online Shopping

ThredUp is a popular online shopping website that stocks clothing and accessories for both men and women. What makes them stand out is their quality control process. They inspect every item to meet their standards. So, customers know their purchase will be top-notch.

ThredUp has an “Excellent Plus” rating for near perfect items. This makes it simpler to find higher-quality products. With their strict quality control process and “Excellent Plus” rating system, shoppers can trust ThredUp for quality clothing and accessories at great prices.

Overview of the quality of products on ThredUp

ThredUp is an online shopping site offering clothes and accessories at discounted prices. It states it has both used and new items. Many customers recognize it for its quality, convenience, and low prices. However, some customers have questions about the legitimacy of ThredUp’s goods and services.

We looked into it and conducted an analysis of the product offerings and customer feedback.

Our research showed that ThredUp provides good quality products for a fraction of the price in retail stores. Also, their customer service team is very helpful in responding to customers’ concerns and questions. People praised the selection of clothing and its ease of use. But, when it comes to third-party reviews from reliable sources, ThredUp does not have many; so potential customers may want to look for more reviews before buying from ThredUp.

Comparison with other online shopping sites

Wondering if ThredUp is legit? Comparing it to other online shopping sites can be helpful. Amazon and eBay, for instance, offer shoppers used items at discounted prices. But, it’s harder to find designer pieces on these websites than on ThredUp.

Unlike retail stores, online shoppers can’t physically inspect items before buying them. So, they should research ThredUp’s pricing and exchange policies. This will give them a better understanding of the company’s commitment to quality and customer service.

Shipping and Returns

At ThredUp, customer satisfaction is their #1 goal! Orders are shipped quickly with USPS, FedEx, and UPS to your address. Returns are free for US customers. You have 30 days from receiving your order to decide if you want to keep it or return it.

If you’re returning, just follow the instructions on the label. The item must be in original condition and have all tags attached for a full refund/exchange. If the item was discounted more than 10%, it’s a final sale and can’t be returned or exchanged.

Overview of ThredUp’s shipping and return policies

ThredUp gives you a great selection of clothing for men, women and children. Plus, accessories, home decor and shoes. Shipping fees depend on the item cost in your cart. There’s a flat rate of $5.99 for orders over $79. Returns are accepted within 30 days. The item must be unused, in its original condition. When you return an item, you have to pay the shipping cost. You can get either a full refund or store credit.

If you have questions about returns or exchanges, chat with customer service or email ThredUp offers reasonable shipping and a good return policy. So it’s a legit choice for online shopping.

Comparison with other online shopping sites

FinanceBuzz is an online platform for comparing services. You can shop online and get the best deals. Its price comparison feature makes it easy to compare prices from different sites.

The reviews give insight into every product from different retailers. Plus, there’s a rewards program. Refer friends and get bonus points. You can read reviews from other customers on ecommerce sites like ThredUp. Lowering risk when you make purchases.


ThredUp is legit. Prices are lower than retail and there are great savings to be had. Yet, some reviews complain about item condition and customer service. These are in the minority.

The biggest draw to ThredUp is its commitment to sustainability and keeping clothes out of landfills. Conscious shoppers who want to save money and help the environment, should shop here.

Summary of findings

Our research and investigation have revealed that ThredUp is legit. Founded in 2009, the company operates stores in the US, plus an online store. ThredUp boasts high-quality pre-owned clothing to reduce customers’ carbon footprints. Returns are allowed within 30 days, and payment options include PayPal, credit cards, and Apple Pay. Plus, orders over $79 get free shipping. Deals are available through email and social media accounts.

In conclusion, ThredUp is a trustworthy online shopping platform for quality pre-owned clothing at a great price.

FAQs about: Is Thredup Legit

Q1: Is ThredUp legit?
A1: Yes, ThredUp is a legitimate company that offers quality used clothing and accessories.

Q2: How reliable is ThredUp?
A2: ThredUp is a very reliable company and they offer a 30-day return policy.

Q3: Is ThredUp an environmentally friendly company?
A3: Yes, ThredUp is an environmentally friendly company that reduces waste, conserves energy, and uses recycled packaging.