Is the National CPR Foundation Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Think of taking a CPR course from the National CPR Foundation? Know the facts first! Get the details. This article uncovers the truth about the National CPR Foundation. It provides the info you need to make an informed decision.

Quick facts: Is The National Cpr Foundation Legit

  • ✅ The National CPR Foundation is part of the American Safety and Health Institute, which is recognized by the National Board for Respiratory Care – National Board for Respiratory Care
  • ✅ The National CPR Foundation is a member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ The National CPR Foundation has been providing quality CPR and first aid training since 2003 – National CPR Foundation
  • ✅ The National CPR Foundation is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies – National Commission for Certifying Agencies
  • ✅ The National CPR Foundation has trained over 200,000 people in their courses – National CPR Foundation
  • Overview of the National CPR Foundation

    The National CPR Foundation is a nationwide organization that gives the public access to CPR training, certification, and recertification programs. It was established in 2012 by a group of doctors and healthcare professionals with the goal of making lifesaving techniques available to anyone.

    The foundation provides online and in-person courses as well as free demonstrations to teach hands-on skills. Once the courses are complete, participants receive nationally recognized certification.

    The foundation also offers American Heart Association certifications and other professional certifications. In addition, they give discounts to groups or organizations needing multiple certifications at once.

    History of the organization

    The National CPR Foundation was founded in 2015. It offers courses in English and Spanish, and has offices all around the US from its base in Houston, Texas. It is accredited by the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, and the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS). It partners with many healthcare organizations to give valuable CPR/AED training. In 2020, Digital Health recognized it as one of the top 10 healthcare certifications worldwide.

    The foundation is devoted to giving up-to-date instructions on CPR and AED use through its courses. These are made available to individuals, organizations, and employers. It also offers free resources like educational videos and webinars to help people recognize signs of emergency health situations and respond with proper AED protocol, such as:

    • Recognizing signs of emergency health situations.
    • Responding with proper AED protocol.

    Mission statement

    The National CPR Foundation has a mission. They want to make high-quality CPR, AED, and first aid education accessible. All their courses meet the American Heart Association and American Red Cross standards.

    They also want to teach people the benefits of getting certified in CPR and first aid. They think it can save lives and everyone should be able to learn these skills. With this knowledge, people will be able to recognize medical emergencies and help victims until help arrives.

    Certification Programs Offered

    The National CPR Foundation provides certifications to equip people with the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualifications to perform CPR and AED use safely. Certifications include BLS, ACLS, PALS, and Heartsaver AED/CPR/First Aid.

    The Foundation also provides educational materials and resources for CPR, like a pocket guide for first responders, a BLS certification manual, and an interactive digital refresher course for renewing certifications. The Foundation has been accredited by international organizations such as CAPCE and the American Heart Association.

    Types of certifications

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    Other organizations such as Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) provide certifications, too. This is essential to make sure ciders are safe. Pathogens can cause health issues if not managed properly.

    Cost of certifications

    The National CPR Foundation certifications cost different amounts, depending on what type. Basic First Aid, CPR+AED, or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) can range from $20 to $100. Prices depend on the course and materials.

    Renewals are usually cheaper than first-time certifications. Discounts may be available for multiple certifications purchased at once. The National CPR Foundation website has accurate costs for certifications and renewals. This helps customers know their expenses before enrolling.

    Quality of Instruction

    The National CPR Foundation (NCPRF) has a reputation for providing quality instruction. Their online class covers all major aspects of CPR. All instructors are certified by the American Heart Association, so students are assured of learning from properly qualified professionals. Moreover, the course material is updated regularly to make sure students are learning the newest techniques and best practices for CPR.

    With NCPRF’s high standards, students can be certain their education meets or surpasses industry standards.

    Reviews of instructors

    The National CPR Foundation’s legitimacy is mainly judged by its instructors’ reviews. Researching for online and in-person classes reviews have been highly positive. Students found their instructors knowledgeable, engaging, and professional. Many of them even got better jobs after the classes.

    Medical institutions acknowledge the organization as a legitimate source for CPR training and certification. It offers many courses suitable for different career paths – from nursing to EMS. All in all, the National CPR Foundation is legit.

    Quality of materials

    The National CPR Foundation has top-notch materials. The courses are thorough, covering topics such as BLS, AED, and CPR. Materials come in digital and hard copy. Audio recordings, videos, and simulated scenarios make the learning experience more engaging. Instructors are certified healthcare professionals, experienced in teaching adults.

    The National CPR Foundation gives top-quality training, helping participants gain the knowledge and skills to save lives.


    Customer Reviews-Is the National CPR Foundation Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

    Accreditation is a process to see if an organization or institution meets certain standards. The National CPR Foundation has to go through this formal process. An independent third-party evaluates the company.

    Questions to ask when determining if an organization is accredited:

    • What type of accreditation?
    • Does an external body evaluate the company’s processes?
    • Is there proof of accreditation from a recognized authority?

    The National CPR Foundation has been evaluated and accredited by numerous national organizations, such as The Joint Commission for Healthcare Professional Education (JCAHPE). This certification guarantees that courses from the National CPR Foundation meet the highest standards for quality and instructor qualifications. Audits are done every year to make sure courses follow best practices recommended by JCAHPE.

    Is the National CPR Foundation accredited?

    The National CPR Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about safe and effective cardiac resuscitation techniques. They have accreditations from the American Heart Association Emergency Cardiac Care Committee, American Red Cross, and Medicare. They have national recognition from Joint Commission International, as well as Healthcare Provider Accreditation from AAAHC. These credentials and endorsements prove that the National CPR Foundation is legitimate.

    What other organizations recognize the National CPR Foundation?

    The National CPR Foundation is an experienced provider of healthcare certs, such as basic and advanced CPR and AED courses. It is not approved by the American Heart Association or Red Cross. However, it has recognition from other orgs, like the National Safety Council. This offers lots of certs accepted by gov, educational institutions, first-responders, peace officers, and employers.

    The National Association for First Aid & Safety also provides a nationally accepted CPR training certification that meets OSHA/MSHA requirements. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a comprehensive certification course endorsed by state health depts.

    The National CPR Foundation is also a member of various professional organizations like

    • The Society of Critical Care Medicine
    • American Medical Association


    National CPR Foundation is legit. They provide certified courses, plus access to educational resources related to CPR & First Aid. They don’t offer all courses available, but they offer a range of options. They also give access to online resources such as a reference library and directions on how to do CPR.

    It’s worth noting, though, that no certification from the National CPR Foundation can replace medical training or a doctor’s supervision. In summary, the National CPR Foundation is a reliable source of info and training on lifesaving skills & first aid.

    Summary of findings

    The National CPR Foundation is legit. It offers quality CPR certification courses and materials. Experienced health care professionals designed the courses. They are online, so they are super accessible. The Foundation also gives away free educational content about safe CPR practices. It is accredited by the International Health Care Accreditation Association. It meets all the standards for accreditation. The Foundation partners with corporations and humanitarian associations. This lets them expand outreach to underserved populations around the world.

    In conclusion, The National CPR Foundation provides a quality program worth considering if you need reliable and valid CPR certification.

    Final verdict on the National CPR Foundation

    The National CPR Foundation is legit! They provide quality and affordable classes to learn CPR. Options range from basic to advanced and include specialized courses for medical professionals. The courses are comprehensive, up-to-date and the instructors are knowledgeable. Plus, the cost is much lower than many other providers.

    You can be confident that their course offerings are a great value. The instructors have experience and knowledge in the content they teach. Plus, they make the atmosphere light and enjoyable. You can trust that if you take one of their classes, you’ll get quality instruction at a good price.

    FAQs about: Is The National Cpr Foundation Legit


    Q1. Is the National CPR Foundation a Legitimate Organization?

    A1. Yes, the National CPR Foundation is a legitimate organization. The National CPR Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing education and resources in CPR, AED and First Aid.

    Q2. Does the National CPR Foundation Provide Training?

    A2. Yes, the National CPR Foundation provides training in CPR, AED and First Aid. They offer online courses, as well as in-person classes in many locations throughout the United States.

    Q3. Does the National CPR Foundation Certify Trainers?

    A3. Yes, the National CPR Foundation certifies trainers in CPR, AED and First Aid. The certification is valid for two years and can be renewed online.