Is Surprise Kate Spade Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Thinkin’ of buyin’ a Kate Spade bag? Not sure if it’s the real deal? Uncover the truth! Invest in somethin’ you can trust. You deserve only the authentic designer item. A hundred percent legit!

Quick facts: Is Surprise Kate Spade Legit

  • ✅ Kate Spade Surprise has grown from a small team of five to a team of over 200 employees since its launch in 2018. (Kate Spade)
  • ✅ The brand sells up to 1.5 million units of discounted Kate Spade products each month. (Kate Spade)
  • ✅ Kate Spade Surprise offers up to 70% off on products from the main Kate Spade line. (Kate Spade)
  • ✅ According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, Kate Spade Surprise is one of the most popular flash sale sites. (National Retail Federation)
  • ✅ Kate Spade Surprise has been featured in popular publications such as Vogue, InStyle, Elle and Marie Claire. (Vogue, InStyle, Elle, Marie Claire)

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Surprise Kate Spade is an online retailer of jewelry, handbags and accessories. People are wondering if it is legit, as reports claim it could be a scam. This article examines the potential risks of shopping at Surprise Kate Spade. We will look at customer experiences and uncover the truth about its legitimacy. The aim is to give readers info to help them decide if they should shop there or go elsewhere.

Overview of the company

Govets is an online store that sells designer products, such as handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. These items come from famous brands like Kate Spade, and are either authentic or replicas. Because of the discounted prices, customers often wonder if they’re buying legit products.

To ensure safety, Govets has a secure checkout system, customer service and return policy. Plus, they use third party verifiers to guarantee the authenticity of all items. They also collaborate with reliable suppliers and have quality control procedures in place. To give more assurance, they offer warranties on some products.

The controversy surrounding Surprise Kate Spade

Surprise Kate Spade is an online store notorious for selling designer accessories at slashed prices. They say their items are authentic and have a huge number of positive customer reviews. But, a lot of people are not convinced.

Investigations have revealed that the products sent out are either fake or of low quality. Further, authorities have revealed many fraudulent activities like fake reviews, affiliate marketing, and discounts through stolen credit cards. All this has caused a massive controversy over the store’s authenticity.

The Legitimacy of Surprise Kate Spade

Is Surprise Kate Spade legit? Many people ask. It is! It sells authentic and replica handbags, wallets, glasses and more from the designer. All items come with an authenticity promise. Plus, free shipping over $75 and expedited delivery options. Customers get generous return policies and can pay with PayPal, Klarna and more. Plus, customer service reps are ready to answer questions.

In conclusion, Surprise Kate Spade is a legitimate online retailer with great policies and customer service.

Overview of the company’s customer reviews

Surprise Kate Spade is an online clothing store offering fashion items from the designer, Kate Spade. It’s important to check the company’s reputation before buying. To do this, you can search for Surprise Kate Spade on websites like Trustpilot and Yelp.

Customers are generally positive about Surprise Kate Spade. On Trustpilot, they have 4 out of 5 stars across more than 3,200 reviews. People comment on how quickly their orders were processed and shipped, and the quality of the products they receive.

The only area of criticism is price. Some shoppers feel certain items are overpriced compared to similar retailers.

Analysis of the company’s website

To check the legitimacy of Surprise Kate Spade, analyze their website. Consider the design and layout. Is it professionally done? Check for typos and broken links. Is the navigation easy? Does it load fast?

Next, look into their policies and customer service. Do they offer returns and exchanges? Are there security measures to protect personal data? What payment methods do they accept? See if there are reviews from customers.

Lastly, research the company behind Surprise Kate Spade. How long have they been in business? Are they linked to any well-known brands or companies? Knowing the background can help decide if they are legitimate.

Analysis of the company’s social media presence

Researching if a company is real? Check their social media! Gilt, a surprise-based shopping site selling branded goods, has a strong online presence. On Instagram, they have almost 30K followers and post offers, sales and more. They also have twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts with many followers too.

Gilt is not only active but also engaged. They keep customers hooked with giveaways, contests, discounts. Plus, over 1,000 reviews give Gilt 4/5 stars on Trustpilot. This customer feedback helps prove their legitimacy to current and potential customers.

The Risks of Shopping with Surprise Kate Spade

Surprise Kate Spade is a website offering discounted Kate Spade products. But, be warned! When shopping online, especially from an unfamiliar source, there are risks.

  • Fraudsters could get your personal data and financial details.
  • You might receive counterfeit goods.
  • Shipping fees and terms can vary greatly.

Read customer reviews before shopping. Make sure you know what you’re buying from Surprise Kate Spade. Is it worth the cost?

Strange websites can be risky. Be informed and aware when going into this venture!

Potential for counterfeit products

Be wary of the Surprise Kate Spade website! It offers no info on where their products originate, nor does it guarantee authenticity. In fact, multiple customers have reported receiving fake or low-quality versions of Kate Spade products after buying from the site. So, take extra caution when purchasing here – you’re taking a risk!

Poor customer service

Surprise Kate Spade has a major con – unreliable customer service. People have whined about long wait times, zero response in some cases, and unqualified customer staff who don’t provide helpful advice or even give wrong information. It can sometimes take weeks for orders to come and their return policy is extremely restricted. This has made customers really angry and caused them to think the company is not trustworthy or real.

Lack of return policy

No return policy? This is a red flag for Surprise Kate Spade. A genuine retailer would post their return policy on their site. But Surprise Kate Spade does not. This means customers take a risk when buying from them. There’s no money back guarantee if an item is damaged or shipping goes wrong. And customers can’t file complaints or get refunds if they’re not satisfied.

Alternatives to Shopping with Surprise Kate Spade

What is Dresslily?-Is Surprise Kate Spade Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Surprise Kate Spade is an option for those looking for discounted designer clothing. But, is it legit? To stay safe, there are alternatives.

  • Verified retailers and authorized sellers are trustworthy.
  • Research any company before buying.
  • Secondhand stores and thrift stores offer pre-owned fashion items.
  • Plus, some designer brands have their own outlet stores with discounts on overstocked items.
  • Get designer items at lower prices than usual!

Overview of other online retailers

Research the reputation of different online retailers. Check customer reviews to make sure they are reliable. Compare prices to other retailers. Look at the selection of items available. Some may be specialized. Check customer service options like free shipping, returns and refunds. This will help decide if Surprise Kate Spade is right for customers who want quality products at good prices.

Comparison of product selection and pricing

HEMPWORX is an online store with a huge selection of top-notch hemp items. From dietary supplements to skincare, pet health to wellness – choose from capsules, tinctures, edibles, topicals, softgels, skincare products, and pet treats. Plus, they stock popular brands too! HEMPWORX strives to provide customers with quality products at a great price.

Pricing is competitive and they offer discounts on bulk orders or with coupon codes. Shipping is free when orders meet a certain level and most orders arrive within 1-2 days. All their products comply with state and federal laws, including the Farm Bill 2018, which legalized hemp and CBD oil across the U.S.

Comparison of customer service and return policies

4ocean and Kate Spade are two companies that should be compared when considering their legitimacy. 4ocean has 24/7 customer service and live chat support. They provide a 365-day satisfaction guarantee policy, allowing customers to return unused products for a full refund. Kate Spade offers an impressive return policy of up to 30 days.

4ocean offers more customer satisfaction than Kate Spade, as they have a longer period for returns.


To finish off, Surprise Kate Spade is an authentic online store. It has a huge selection of top-notch products with great prices. Clients love the customer service and speedy shipping. People are satisfied with the quality and cost. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so customers can trust it.

The company also offers a 30-day return policy for unused items in their original condition and packaging. For shoppers searching for genuine Kate Spade handbags in various styles, colors, and sizes at discounted prices, Surprise Kate Spade is the best option.

Summary of findings

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Recommendations for shoppers

Shoppers who are looking to buy a Kate Spade item should remember a few tips. First, know what a legitimate product looks like. Second, only buy from authorized retailers, either online or in-person. Third, check the price of the item and compare it to market value. Finally, look for signs that the item could be counterfeit. These include thin material or logos or stitching that is off-kilter.

Following these guidelines when buying a Kate Spade product ensures that the purchase is authentic and of high quality.

FAQs about: Is Surprise Kate Spade Legit

Q1: Is Surprise Kate Spade a legitimate business?

A1: Yes, Surprise Kate Spade is a legitimate business offering Kate Spade handbags and accessories at discounted prices.

Q2: Are the products from Surprise Kate Spade authentic?

A2: Yes, all products from Surprise Kate Spade are 100% genuine and authentic.

Q3: Is it safe to buy from Surprise Kate Spade?

A3: Yes, it is safe to buy from Surprise Kate Spade. We have a secure checkout system and all transactions are encrypted to ensure your safety.