Is Support Pets Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Service.

Confused if Support Pets is real? Here’s the scoop! This article will let you in on the facts about Support Pets and if it measures up to what it says.

Quick facts: Is Support Pets Legit

  • ✅Emotional support animals are becoming more and more common, with 75% of households in the US owning at least one pet according to the American Pet Products Association.
  • ✅The US Department of Housing and Urban Development now allows tenants with emotional support animals to live in ‘no pet’ housing, including apartments and condos.
  • ✅Legally, emotional support animals must have a letter from a licensed mental health professional according to the American Psychiatric Association.
  • ✅Registered emotional support animals can travel for free in the cabin of an airplane according to the Department of Transportation.
  • ✅People with emotional support animals report significantly lower levels of stress and are more likely to get better mental health outcomes according to the American Psychiatric Association.

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Support Pets? Legit or not? That’s the question on everyone’s minds. This service provides pet owners an alternative to kennels or leaving their furry family members behind when traveling. With members all around the world, they aim to provide convenient and reliable ways for pet owners and their four-legged friends to enjoy their trips.

But is Support Pets really trustworthy? We’re here to uncover the truth and help you decide if it’s right for you. We’ll discuss how Support Pets works, their services, customer reviews, and even some possible drawbacks. So you can make an informed decision before signing up.

Let’s explore:

  • How Support Pets works.
  • Their services.
  • Customer reviews.
  • Possible drawbacks.

What is Support Pets?

Support Pets is an online service that helps pet owners find natural and holistic remedies which could potentially ease their pet’s physical and mental problems. It was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing safe alternatives to conventional pet medications.

The National Remedy System Certification (NRSC), is an important factor when it comes to certifying Support Pets’ products and making sure they are of the highest quality. The NRSC provides a seal of approval and endorsement, verifying the legitimacy of Support Pets’ products. This is why Support Pets stands out as one of the most trusted suppliers of natural remedies for pets.

The organization also advices all customers to

  • read labels carefully,
  • verify third-party claims, and
  • get educated about products before buying or administering them to their pets.

What services do they offer?

Support Pets is a pet food delivery service. Get your pet’s food delivered to your door! They offer a wide selection of premium pet food and related products. Natural nutrition, wellness, and holistic options are available. Plus, they have supplements, treats, and toys too.

Get free shipping on orders over $49 without any membership fees or subscriptions. Contact-free pickup and delivery options are tailored to meet customer preferences. Order online or call in with all major credit cards or PayPal.

Support Pets is devoted to quality customer service and convenience. They make every purchase stress-free.


Reviews play a big role in recognizing whether a service or item is real or not. Sources for reviews are various. These include online customer reviews, professional reviews (from magazines like Consumer Reports), and personal experience.

To see if Support Pets is valid, it is important to look at customers’ statements regarding their experience. Evaluations can shed light on how reliable, supportive, and responsive the company is when dealing with customer questions. Also, going through reviews can help find out any issues with the firm that are not easy to spot, like bad customer service or delayed answers.

Overview of customer reviews

Customer reviews are key to knowing if a service is legit. Every review of Support Pets is about how they helped with pet needs. Most praise the personalised service, good prices and fast delivery. Communication was easy and queries were often answered quickly by email or phone. Customers got advice on pet care, nutrition and exercise.

Overall, customers are pleased with Support Pets. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Many would suggest the service to others looking for pet care, especially complex solutions.

Pros and cons of Support Pets

Support Pets is an online pet store with worldly products. From food to toys, they have pet essentials and accessories! One great thing about Support Pets is their discounts for bulk purchases or subscription services.

  • Pros: discounts and subscriptions, 7 day customer service team, free shipping on orders over $50.
  • Cons: long delivery times, slow customer service response, poor quality items and not as described.


The legality of support pets has been confusing the community for years. Are they allowed in certain places? Laws and regulations decide their legitimacy.

Emotional-support animals (ESA) have recently been recognized as a real medical need in some states. People must show proof of their pet’s psychological benefits to be an official ESA.

Many states protect disabilities from discrimination in public places and businesses. Those with ESAs should not be refused entry.

Legality differs from state to state when it comes to ESAs and support pets. Research and documentation are necessary when considering such services.

Is Support Pets a legitimate service?

Support Pets offers an amazing service for people with mental health needs. They can help them get an emotional support animal for companionship. From choosing the pet to getting the required documents, Support Pets assists in the whole process.

Also, they provide information on other services like pet insurance and hotel lodging advice. They ensure that all laws and regulations are followed, and they’re compliant with FHA and ACAA. The company doesn’t sell or breed animals. Instead, they encourage customers to check out shelters when selecting a support animal.

Support Pets verifies the documents submitted through third-party verification services. And, all accreditations come with a satisfaction guarantee to give the customers assurance that they’ve chosen the right provider.

What laws and regulations apply to Support Pets?

Support Pets is a legitimate pet care service that follows all applicable laws and regulations. They also have their own standards for pet care that are constantly re-evaluated. And for responsible pet ownership, they offer advice on topics such as nutrition, exercise, activities, and more.

This service gives pet owners peace of mind that their pets are safe and taken care of. It also prevents unnecessary issues from arising.


Price Comparison-Is Support Pets Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Service.

Pricing for Support Pets depends on the type of travel and pet. For domestic flights, the cost of a pet in cabin is $125. To check a small cat or dog is $75. For international travel, the fees are higher: $200 for pet in-cabin and $150 for checked baggage.

Also, customers must pay an extra $20 to join their loyalty program. This gives discounts and services with Support Pets. Plus, discounts on airport items and ground transportation where it applies.

Support Pets will also ship pets in the US for an extra fee. This varies based on location, pet size and carrier. Dogs over 70lbs must be booked through customer service – FAA regulations demand special arrangements.

Overview of Support Pets pricing

People have long wondered how much Support Pets cost. StayCay Pet Care Services (a subset of Support Pets) prices depend on the type and size of pet. Cat travel starts at $29/night, small dogs at $32/night, medium-sized dogs at $36/night, and larger dogs at $40/night. For more than one pet, the rate increases up to four times.

Support Pets also have add-on pet care services, from dog walking to cat nail trimming. Prices depend on what’s asked for and how much. Consumers can create their own StayCay package to get only what they need, no extra fees.

What do customers get for their money?

Support Pets offer more than just an animal when customers purchase a support animal. They get a trained and certified service animal, meeting legal requirements. This includes an official cert card, registration cert and pet tag, plus any other documents needed by law. Customers also receive a guide on how to care for their animal and how to use it legally.

Plus, the company offers customer service via phone and email. Customers can trust their purchase is legitimate and safe with Support Pets.


If you don’t need intense care, there are other options. Consider personal assistance programs, therapy dogs, or companion animals.

  • Personal assistance programs offer help with daily tasks.
  • Therapy dogs are trained to help in therapeutic situations.
  • Companion animals provide companionship and basic obedience.

Evaluate all options, and ensure your choice is legit and provides quality care. Support Pets is great, but it’s not the only option.

Overview of alternatives to Support Pets

Womply is a great online business services company! It offers products, services, data storage, reviews, reputation management, marketing automation, and more. The insights into business performance and customer feedback Womply provides is invaluable. The range of loyalty programs too, such as discounts and other incentives, are great for keeping customers happy.

Compared to Support Pets, Womply offers way more comprehensive solutions for businesses.

Pros and cons of these alternatives

Researching Support Pets? Consider alternatives. Weigh pros and cons of each to decide which is best.

Pros of Report Card include:

  • user-friendly interface
  • unbiased ratings
  • detailed descriptions
  • reviews by expert testers
  • summaries of customer experiences.

Cons of Report Card:

  • limited to some countries
  • need internet connection
  • still has kinks to work out.


Support Pets is the real deal. Customers have given glowing reviews, testifying to their satisfaction with the company. They provide counseling and pet-sitting services. All staff members are certified professionals, dedicated to delivering quality service. Plus, Support Pets goes the extra mile with personalized attention, flexible scheduling, and discounts.

It’s clear that Support Pets is a legitimate organization.

Summary of the article

The 6pm pet service: an overview. This article investigates its workings, legitimacy, and reviews from customers.

  • 6pm is a delivery service which provides popular pet food brands to pets. Plus, free delivery, discounts, and rewards points.
  • Safety protocols to keep both pets and people safe.
  • Customer feedback on their experiences with 6pm.
  • Why many consider it a legitimate pet service provider: summarised.

Final thoughts on Support Pets

Support Pets is legit! It helps with companionship and soothing comfort through animals. They make sure pets and owners have a safe and loving bond. Plus, they provide services like spaying/neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, and adoption.

Customers can trust Support Pets to give quality care. They work with local vets to make sure pets are healthy and well-looked after. Their staff knows all about animal needs and are ready to answer any q’s about care or ownership. All in all, Support Pets is the perfect place for an emotional support animal or a companion pet.

FAQs about: Is Support Pets Legit

Q1: Are support pets legit?

A1: Yes, Support Pets is a legitimate service that provides emotional support animals and support animal certifications.

Q2: How do I know if I’m eligible for a support pet?

A2: To be eligible for a support pet, you must have a diagnosed mental health condition that substantially limits at least one major life activity. Your doctor can provide a letter of recommendation for your support pet.

Q3: What is the process for getting a support animal?

A3: The process for getting a support animal involves filling out an application, providing a letter of recommendation from your doctor, and then getting your animal certified. Once your animal is certified, you can start enjoying the benefits of having a support pet.