Is Student Beans Legit? Find Out Now.

Wondering if Student Beans is a legit student discount provider? Get all the info to decide. This guide helps you make the informed informed decision that you need.

Quick facts: Is Student Beans Legit

  • ✅ Student Beans has a Trustpilot score of 9.4/10, with over 14,000 reviews – Trustpilot
  • ✅ Student Beans is the UK’s largest student discount network, with over 8.5 million student members – Student Beans
  • ✅ Student Beans is trusted by over 1,500 brands worldwide – Student Beans
  • ✅ Student Beans has been helping students save money since 2009 – Student Beans
  • ✅ Student Beans has saved students over £1 billion – Student Beans


Wondering if Student Beans is legit? We can help! We’ll review the company, its services and if it’s reliable for students. We’ll give you an overview of their offerings, customer support and more. Our goal? To make sure you have all the facts to make an informed decision on signing up with Student Beans.

What is Student Beans?

Student Beans is an online platform for students to get exclusive discounts. It was founded in 2009 and has over 6 million users worldwide. Save money on clothing, books, tech, lifestyle products and more. Plus, get access to student-only events, competitions, giveaways and experiences.

Student Beans provides discounts in lots of categories. And it’s free to join! Many stores accept Student Beans discount codes. It’s a top student discount platform, so your money is protected.

Benefits of Student Beans

Student Beans is a website created for college and university students. It offers over 20,000 discounts worldwide. These are from popular merchants such as Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Spotify and ASOS.

Students can easily make an account with Student Beans. This allows them to take advantage of the discounts. There’s also a spending tracker. This helps students stay within budget and save money. It can help with things like food, clothing, transportation and entertainment.

Plus, registering with Student Beans gives access to extra perks. These include free shipping and priority access to events.

Discounts on Shopping

Discounts on shopping can be great! Student Beans offers amazing discounts and rewards for all college students and faculty. These include clothes, food, electronics, travel, entertainment – the list goes on! Plus, the app has mobile coupons which you can scan at checkout.

But beware – online shopping can be risky. Make sure to only use verified retailers. Protect Your Credit Card Info by changing passwords and not sharing them with other people. Finally, always read the fine print before buying anything – so you know the return policy and any other conditions.

Freebies and Rewards

Student Beans is an online money-saving membership program for students. It provides discounts on popular stores and services. Plus, members get exclusive rewards and freebies.

Registering is the first step. Then, they can download the app. This gives access to discounts on food, clothing, entertainment, travel, tech and more. The app also lets users update their profiles. To stay in the loop.

Student Beans members can also take part in contests and sweepstakes. Where they can win prizes like gift cards or vouchers. Student Beans helps young people save money and enjoy their favorite things.


Cashback is a key part of Student Beans’ online shopping platform. With it, students get cash back when they shop online or in-store. Usually it’s between 2-10%. It can then be used on future purchases or taken out as money. The amount of cashback differs with the retailer and the amount spent.

Student Beans also offers exclusive discounts, promotions and offers – all just for members. Cashback is a great way for students to save money and budget.

Is Student Beans Legit?

Customer Reviews-Is Student Beans Legit? Find Out Now.

Student Beans is legit. It offers exclusive discounts and special offers to students. It started in 2009 and now has 35 million members and 40,000 brands! It connects students with their favorite brands, so student life is easier and more affordable. Students can access rewards through the app or website.

It also provides price comparison tools, cashback shopping, career advice, student loan repayment support, travel discounts and more. It’s highly secure and has an A+ rating from the BBB. All transactions are processed safely. Student Beans meets high regulations for protecting user data privacy.

Reviews and Testimonials

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Security Measures

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Researching Student Beans revealed it’s a real student discount program. It has discounts on many products/services. And it’s free to join and simple to use.

Students wanting to save money can benefit from Student Beans. It has discounts on groceries, clothes, tech, and travel. So you can get what you want without going broke!

FAQs about: Is Student Beans Legit

Q1: Is Student Beans Legit?

A1: Yes, Student Beans is a legitimate student discount service with over 400,000 verified members worldwide. It is a safe and secure way to get discounts on everyday items.

Q2: How do I use Student Beans?

A2: To use Student Beans, simply register with your student ID and then search for discounts and deals at over 500 stores. You can then use your Student Beans account to get the discounts.

Q3: What type of discounts does Student Beans offer?

A3: Student Beans offers discounts on a wide range of products and services, including food, clothing, electronics, travel, and entertainment.