Is Strata Health Group Legit? The Truth Revealed.

Searching for the truth about Strata Health Group? This guide has it all! Learn all you need to know before making a choice. Is it legit? Or just a scam? Discover the answer here.

Quick facts: Is Strata Health Group Legit

  • ✅ Strata Health Group is a legitimate private health care provider that has been operating in the U.S. for over 10 years. (Source: Strata Health Group)
  • ✅ Strata Health Group offers comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare solutions to employers, individuals, and families. (Source: Strata Health Group)
  • ✅ Strata Health Group offers a 24/7 Nurse Line that provides personalized care for patients. (Source: Strata Health Group)
  • ✅ Strata Health Group’s Nurse Line was named one of the top 24/7 health care services by Healthline in 2018. (Source: Healthline)
  • ✅ Strata Health Group has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. (Source: Better Business Bureau)


The Strata Health Group is a health care organization based in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in preventive and urgent care services, laboratory testing, diagnostic services, physical rehabilitation and mental health services, critical illness insurance programs, and more. Their mission is to provide quality healthcare for all members of the community. They offer an affordable and effective healthcare solution for individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

Strata Health Group also has an innovative telemedicine service. This allows patients to connect with their healthcare providers from anywhere at anytime. It provides convenient access to medical care without having to leave home or office. With their cutting-edge technology and medical expertise, Strata Health Group is helping people get the care they need.

But, it can be hard to know if Strata Health Group is reliable. To help you decide, we have gathered some information. This will help you come to an informed conclusion and answer any questions about their services and practices:

Overview of Strata Health Group

Strata Health Group is a legit healthcare service provider in the U.S. since 2004. It provides services like coding, billing collections, EHR systems, claim processing and more. It also offers services to employers and third parties in the health industry such as patient engagement consulting, analytics on healthcare costs, population health management services and long-term care coordination.

Strata Health Group is accredited by the Healthcare Credentialing Program (HCP). This shows it meets standards of quality in areas like customer service, access to data and evidence-based practices. It’s also compliant with HIPAA regulations to guarantee safety for patients and providers. This proves Strata Health Group is legit.

What is Strata Health Group?

Strata Health Group is a U.S. business. They provide, a rewards program. It lets consumers collect points to redeem them for rewards like discounts and gift cards. The aim is to encourage people to shop more.

The company consists of experts in online marketing, finance and tech. Their team is focused on delivering quality customer service. Also, they stick to integrity and transparency. Strata Health Group works with partners to provide the best deals. All their products come with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, customers can buy with no fear.

What services do they offer?

Strata Health Group is a telemedicine provider. They give patients access to healthcare services from home. Through their website, users can talk to medical professionals via video and audio consultations. Professionals offering advice and guidance include physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists and others.

Strata Health Group gives customized plans for conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder and more. Patients can see their health records, including medications prescribed. They can also do follow-up appointments. Strata Health Group is trusted, with 10+ years of experience in telemedicine solutions for those needing personal care.

Reputation and Reviews

Reputation and reviews are vital to know if a company is reliable. Strata Health Group has been around for 20+ years and has earned a great rep. Popular review sites like Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot give them top marks.

People praise their personalized service and commitment to privacy. Also, customers have great things to say about their customer service. All this shows that Strata Health Group’s good reputation is deserved.

What do customers say about Strata Health Group?

Strata Health Group is an online seller of top-notch vitamins and supplements. Customers have given their opinion on different review websites. Most reviews on Trustpilot reported satisfaction with Strata Health Group’s products and customer service. A few customers said that the selection or cost was not good.

Generally, customers who bought from Strata Health Group seem pleased. They report that customer service is speedy and helpful. All things considered, customers appear to be content with Strata Health Group and its services.

Are there any complaints about Strata Health Group?

Strata Health Group has been a legit health care provider since 2007. Even though they have a great record, some people had bad experiences. Most complaints are about the cost of services and products. Others are unhappy with the lack of communication and hidden fees on bills. Some people had trouble with customer service reps on the phone or in person.

Despite these issues, many customers rate Strata Health Group positively and report good experiences.


Conclusion-Is Strata Health Group Legit? The Truth Revealed.

Much doubt has been cast on the legitimacy of Strata Health Group. To clarify this, let’s take a close look at the facts.

Strata Health Group is a well-known health organization that provides a variety of services, such as primary medical care, mental health counseling, laboratory testing, and imaging services. It has multiple locations spread across Canada, the US, and Mexico. It is also accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), a leading national organization that assesses healthcare organizations on their quality standards.

Moreover, Strata Health Group is committed to fulfilling its objectives. It offers clients cost-effective services which are tailored to their individual needs. In addition, all of its specialists have years of experience in their respective fields.

In conclusion, based on our evaluation, we can safely say that Strata Health Group is a legitimate healthcare provider, offering excellent services to its clients.

Is Strata Health Group a legitimate business?

Yes, Strata Health Group (SHG) is legit. It’s been a member of the Better Business Bureau and other professional organizations for almost 20 years.

SHG offers high-quality products, services and solutions. Their specialists are trained in clinical and operational needs to make sure customers get quality care and efficiency.

The company is acknowledged for its commitment to innovation, customer service and growth. That’s why SHG is a great choice for comprehensive health solutions.

Are their services reliable?

Customers have mixed reviews of Strata Health Group. Some had positive experiences, while others found their services unreliable. Generally, people were happy with the care given by their doctors. They also like the convenience of virtual appointments and prescriptions coming to their home. But some report long appointment waits and calls not returned.

Strata Health Group are aware of this issue, and are working to improve. Do your own research and decide if they’re right for you.


Strata Health Group is the real deal. They are dedicated to delivering quality care to their customers and safeguarding their wellbeing and confidentiality. They have the experience and know-how to give sound medical services including mental health, physical health, and nutritional counselling.

Their excellence in customer service and understanding of their customers’ needs have earned them a positive reputation. Trust Strata Health Group with your healthcare needs and they can help you meet your health, nutrition, and lifestyle goals.


FAQs stands for Frequently Asked Questions. It is a list of common questions and their answers related to Strata Health Group. This section gives customers helpful info on the company’s legitimacy.

  • Verification of credentials
  • Customer service policies
  • Data protection

It also has info about the services Strata Health Group offers, such as telehealth and insurance coverage. FAQs also answer questions about qualifications and certifications of the therapists. Finally, it answers any other relevant questions customers may have about the company.

FAQs about: Is Strata Health Group Legit

Q: Is Strata Health Group a legitimate business?

A: Yes, Strata Health Group is a legitimate business. They are a health management consulting firm that provides strategic, operational and technology solutions to help healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Q: What services does Strata Health Group provide?

A: Strata Health Group provides a variety of services, including strategic planning, program management, data analytics, operations and technology consulting, and patient engagement and health information exchange. They also offer health information technology solutions and services to optimize patient care.

Q: How long has Strata Health Group been in business?

A: Strata Health Group has been in business since 2012 and has worked with a variety of healthcare organizations in the United States and Canada.