Is Scholly Legit? Investigating the Popular Scholarship Platform

Worried ’bout college? Scholly could be the sol’n! Legit? We checked out this popular scholarship platform to give ya facts ’bout scholarships online.

Quick facts: Is Scholly Legit

  • ✅ Scholly has helped over 800,000 users pay for college with over $150 million in scholarships awarded. (Scholly)
  • ✅ Scholly is the winner of an Edison Award in the category of “Service & Social Impact” and a four-time Webby Award Winner. (Edison Awards, Webby Awards)
  • ✅ Over 90% of Scholly users report feeling more confident about the college process after using Scholly. (Scholly)
  • ✅ Scholly has been featured in over 200 media outlets, such as Forbes, The New York Times, and CBS. (Forbes, New York Times, CBS)
  • ✅ Scholly has raised over $10 million in venture capital from investors such as Ashton Kutcher, Mark Cuban, and Jared Leto. (TechCrunch)
  • Overview of Scholly

    Scholly is a renowned online platform that assists students in finding scholarships that suit their unique characteristics, skills, and backgrounds. Christopher Gray created the platform while in college to help financially-challenged students. Currently, it can search over 300,000 scholarships from universities, government programs, and nonprofits.

    Also, Scholly offers resources such as articles to increase chances of being awarded a scholarship and how to manage student debt. Plus, users have access to advice and coaching from experts who know the scholarship industry.

    Scholly’s mission is to make scholarships more accessible and easier to apply for, so all students have a chance at earning money for college tuition.

    What is Scholly?

    Christopher Gray, a college student from Philadelphia, created Scholly—a popular scholarship platform and search engine. It makes finding and applying for scholarships easier, faster and more effective.

    Christopher wanted to build an online tool that would let students find all the funding resources available to them with ease. Scholly has hundreds of thousands of scholarships worth billions of dollars—all in one place. The website also optimizes users’ search results based on their academic histories.

    This means users don’t need to sift through generic lists of scholarship opportunities that aren’t relevant to them. Scholly also provides resources for essay writing and tips on how to increase their chances of approval.

    What services does Scholly offer?

    Scholly is a renowned scholarship platform that makes it simple for students to search and apply for scholarships. The Scholly app has access to over 7 million scholarships worth $50 billion that can be filtered based on the student’s location and profile.

    Its matching engine helps find scholarships from various sources, based on a student’s individual qualifications like GPA, leadership experience, interests, ethnicity and more. Also, Scholly offers personalized advice with its professional consultation services. This includes one-on-one coaching with experienced Scholarships Advisors who have helped more than 100 thousand students fund their college tuition.

    Lastly, users can check out resources such as articles with advice and strategies on how to apply for each scholarship.

    Benefits of Scholly

    Scholly is a famous scholarship platform that aids learners in locating, applying for, and winning scholarships. With Scholly, users can look through its database containing over 7 million scholarships – including private, local, state-level, and federal scholarships – that total to more than $50 billion in accessible funds.

    To help students take full advantage of their scholarship experience, Scholly also offers personalized guidance and assistance. This involves aiding students to craft an award-winning application profile plus giving tips and advice for essays. The platform also acts as a mentor by providing resources on how to manage money while studying and how to tackle debt after graduating. Furthermore, Scholly gives advice on applying to grad school and getting internships or fellowships.

    Scholly’s user-friendly platform allows students to simply search for scholarships that match their profile. It also classifies each scholarship with an “easy score” so that users can rapidly identify which ones are the best for them based on the amount of competition that they face for each award. With all these features combined, Scholly truly provides a great resource for students looking to pay for their education through scholarships.

    Easy to use platform

    Scholly is an online scholarship application platform that makes it simpler and faster to find and apply for scholarships. It does this by doing the work for you and giving you personalized recommendations based on your profile so you don’t miss out.

    An algorithm searches hundreds of thousands of public, private and institutional resources for available scholarships.

    It’s easy to use, only needing minimal information from you to start your search. Plus, Scholly’s services cost less than other platforms with similar assistance, making it a great value. It can save you lots of time in the long run!

    Variety of scholarships

    Scholly has many scholarships! From military or their families, to people with special needs. First-generation college students, performers, athletes, and creative artists are all welcome! Engineering, accounting, and journalism majors have specific scholarships available.

    Each scholarship page on the Scholly website has information like when it ends and the value. Read all info thoroughly before applying so you can meet eligibility criteria and understand how your info will be used. Many of the scholarships come from third-party foundation organizations, not Scholly.

    Personalized scholarship recommendations

    Scholly provides personalized scholarship recs based on a user’s demographic and fin. profile. They give a list of matched scholarships to their interests, academic background, and background in the form of “Scholly matches“. This feature is very helpful in finding scholarships relevant to them. The search functions are also user-friendly.

    The algorithm Scholly uses to generate recs is constantly updated. For instance, it recognizes unique circumstances such as military families or first-generation college students. This ensures students get the most accurate recs possible, which may be essential for college tuition. Plus, Scholly’s customer service team is always available to help users with apps or extra guidance.

    Drawbacks of Scholly

    Scholly, a digital platform for scholarships and admissions, has had mixed reviews since its launch. People have found success with the platform; however, there are some downsides.

    • The search engine is limited. It only provides scholarships listed on participating websites, so it can’t guarantee all scholarships or even the most competitive ones. Plus, most of the scholarships are small or for niche fields.
    • You must pay for access to the premium features. This fee is higher than other online resources for finding and applying for scholarships. You can get a one-time discount when you sign up, but it only applies once.
    • There have been reports of technical issues when using Scholly’s search engine. This can affect user experience and waste time if an issue is occurring.

    Limited scholarship database

    Scholly is a well-known platform that helps people find and apply for scholarships. However, its database of available scholarships is limited; sometimes, only 5-10% get displayed in search results. Meaning, many users miss out on potential scholarship opportunities. To make matters worse, the top-ranked scholarships in Scholly’s featured list are often outdated, no longer active, or not suitable for users.

    But there’s good news! Scholly now offers United Address Update—an exclusive feature for premium members. With this function, members can sync their profile with a database of 1 million scholarships from over 4,000 sources. So, users get the most up-to-date and relevant results when searching for scholarships on the platform.

    Monthly subscription fees

    Scholly has two subscription fees. The basic plan is around $3/month and offers personalized scholarship matching, unlimited profile creation, and guidance from a team of student success coaches. The premium plan is $15/month, and provides extra benefits such as a personal essay review, direct financial aid help, and college selection advice.

    For the benefits, Scholly’s monthly fees are low. It’s a great, affordable option for students who need help with college applications and financing. Even without paying for a plan, users still have free resources – making Scholly accessible to those with limited finances.

    Reviews of Scholly

    Products and Services-Is Scholly Legit? Investigating the Popular Scholarship Platform

    Scholly is a famous platform that helps users find scholarships, grants, and awards that are customized for them. Christopher Gray, an entrepreneur and Wharton grad, founded Scholly. He was annoyed with the limited resources available to students searching for financial aid. With Scholly, users can search and apply for funds and keep track of their progress on the app.

    A search on the internet will show that reviews of Scholly are mostly positive. People like the platform’s ease of use, detailed scholarship listings, and personal approach to finding money. The customer service team is also praised for providing fast and effective answers to questions. Although there are negative reviews, the majority of feedback about Scholly is good. In general, those who used Scholly said it was a helpful resource in getting money for college.

    Positive reviews

    Volinti Security’s investigation into Scholly revealed glowing reviews from clients and experts.

    Former scholarship recipients praised Scholly for saving them hours in their search for grants and scholarships.

    Professionals responsible for evaluating scholarship websites deemed Scholly to be reputable and highly recommended it to students.

    The application process is secure with 256-bit encryption that protects data from interception.

    The team of curators eliminates fraudulent offers, so students are only exposed to legitimate opportunities matching their profiles.

    Volinti Security’s research concludes that Scholly is a legitimate platform worth considering for students seeking tuition assistance.

    Negative reviews

    Online, you can find negative reviews of Scholly. Many users say they have customer service issues and their scholarship matches are not very accurate. One unhappy customer said their customer service didn’t reply to emails. Others mentioned there were delays in receiving scholarship results. Some even claim the scholarships don’t match their interests or qualifications. People have called Scholly a scam due to these issues.

    Before investing time or money into it, it’s important to do more research on the company.


    Scholly is definitely legit! It has heaps of scholarships from respected sources. Plus, it gives users the help and motivation to ace their applications.

    The personalized dashboard makes it super easy to keep track of all the scholarships you’re applying for. In addition, the customer service team is always ready to help if any questions come up.

    In conclusion, Scholly is an outstanding option if you’re searching for a trustworthy platform to help apply for college scholarships.

    Is Scholly Legit?

    Scholly is a renowned online scholarship platform. It’s recommended for students looking to get the most out of their scholarship possibilities!

    The platform is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface and step-by-step instructions. It also has a thorough library of resources to help students make informed decisions about their scholarships and get set up for success.

    Scholly has been highly praised by customers, averaging 4.5 stars across 40k+ reviews on Trustpilot. It’s one of the top and dependable scholarship search platforms! Plus, it has been given awards by Forbes and CNET, confirming its reputation as a dependable organization in higher education.

    Final thoughts

    Scholly is a well-known student-scholarship platform. It has helped thousands of students and organizations to award over $70 million in scholarships! It’s clear that Scholly is a legitimate platform for students seeking and applying for scholarships. With its easy-to-use search and sort system, users save time and energy when looking for the perfect scholarship.

    Moreover, Scholly’s customer service team is knowledgeable and responsive. They are always ready to answer questions about the platform and help resolve problems quickly. Their social media channels are also great sources of info. They give users tips to be successful during the application process.

    In conclusion, Scholly is a useful tool for students to reach their educational goals faster.

    FAQs about: Is Scholly Legit

    Q: Is Scholly legit?

    A: Yes, Scholly is a legitimate scholarship search and matching platform that has helped thousands of students find and win scholarships.

    Q: How does Scholly work?

    A: Scholly works by using machine learning technology to connect students with relevant scholarships, and providing them with resources to make the application process easier.

    Q: Is Scholly free?

    A: Yes, Scholly is free to use. You can start by creating a profile and searching for scholarships.