Is Revature Legit? Get the Facts Before You Decide

Thinking of a career with Revature? Get the facts and decide if it’s the right choice for you. You deserve to know what Revature offers. Here’s what to expect and how to do well:

Quick facts: Is Revature Legit

  • ✅ Revature is one of the country’s fastest growing technology companies, according to Inc. Magazine (Inc. Magazine).
  • ✅ Revature is ranked the 3rd Best Workplace in the United States by (
  • ✅ Over 85% of Revature’s graduates receive job offers within 90 days of graduation (Tech Republic).
  • ✅ Revature is one of the leading providers of technology talent for Fortune 500 companies (Revature).
  • ✅ Revature has placed more than 66,000 professionals into technology jobs in the past decade (Revature).


Is Revature legit? Let’s take a look!

Revature is a tech workforce solutions and training provider. They work with Fortune 500 businesses to get the best tech professionals. Their services include apprenticeships, consulting and job placement.

Their mission is to help employers and employees succeed in the ever-changing tech industry. Revature is agile in their partnerships with employers and reliable in their support for employees.

What is Revature?

Revature is a tech talent development firm. They offer free training and placement services for those seeking to enter the tech industry. Courses include programming, web design, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and data science. They match their students to job opportunities that fit their skills.

Plus, Revature provides mentorships and job search coaching for successful transition into their new roles. Revature is devoted to creating a more diverse tech workforce by aiding those without tech-industry experience in beginning successful tech careers.

What services does Revature offer?

Revature is a tech services organization that provides pro services & resources. These include software delivery, full-stack engineering, mobile app dev, e-learning platforms & courses. Plus data science, project management & more.

Revature helps companies of all sizes grow their tech capabilities by providing the right resources. Their team of highly trained pros are dedicated to helping companies reach their tech goals quickly. They provide dev, design, automation & testing tools to accelerate business outcomes. They offer education options for those wanting to learn from experienced industry pros. Plus, consulting services to evaluate progress & assess problems.

Company History

Revature is an IT staffing and tech services company founded in 2012. Its goal? To give job seekers and employers the perfect recruitment experience. Plus, dependable results. It also offers guidance and job chances so its students can become long-term career developers.

Most of Revature’s customers are Fortune 500 companies. It staffs hundreds of development projects each year and has placed thousands of professionals in various industries, from government offices to tech startups. Revature also partners with top universities such as Stanford, Yale, and Princeton for software engineering internships, specifically for its student body.

When was Revature founded?

Revature was established in 2007 in Reston, Virginia. Their mission was to bridge the gap between fresh college graduates and employers seeking tech talent in the ever-changing technology industry. They provide direct hire services and also offer technology training certificates and courses – both online and in-person. This helps students fill skill gaps and gain qualifications quickly.

Revature has grown significantly since its founding. They employ over 250 people and partner with hundreds of clients nationwide. It is a greatly esteemed company, having been named CIO Magazine’s Top 100 Technology Companies every year since 2017. This success exhibits Revature’s dedication to providing high-quality services and connecting employers with talented and tech-passionate candidates.

Who are the founders?

Mark Tolonen and Ryan Beckstead are the founders of Revature – a tech-recruiting firm located in Reston, Virginia. They founded it in 2006 and it has become one of the leading IT service providers in the U.S.. It has over 300 employees and $100 million in annual revenue.

Revature specializes in training people for high-demand IT roles. It gives job seekers direct access to jobs from big companies. Their professional development programs include:

  • Project-based learning
  • Mentorship
  • Simulation labs
  • Case studies
  • General instruction

What is the company’s mission?

Revature is a technology talent development company. It provides services and solutions for employers and job seekers. They want to help business world with quality training and development services. This way, companies can hire tech-savvy, skilled employees. Job seekers can also gain skills needed for success in the tech industry.

Revature values diversity and inclusivity. They offer equal opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, gender identity, expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin or ancestry. Additionally, they partner with diverse groups to help smaller businesses diversify their talent pipelines.


Revature is a venerated online academy. It provides online courses to those seeking professional skills for college, job interviews, and the workplace. It has a positive reputation for its quality education, instructor-led live lectures and workshops, content library, and customer service.

They offer a variety of educational resources such as one-on-one career advice from experienced mentors and network opportunities with industry veterans. Their courses are comprehensive and applicable to real-world scenarios.

Course topics include:

  • resumes and cover letters
  • coding tutorials (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP)
  • software engineering fundamentals
  • project management tools (including Agile)
  • interview preparation courses (including networking tips)
  • design tools (Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator)

Revature also presents professional certifications in business analysis and cloud computing. Moreover, they provide job placement assistance services to connect students with employers in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, Mexico and more.

What do customers say about Revature?

Most customer reviews of Revature are upbeat. Folks praise the customer service, training, career resources, and placement program. Though, not all have had a good experience. One customer mentioned a confusing recruitment process and an unresponsive recruiter. Another commented that the job placement support was not as promised.

It’s important to consider all opinions when deciding to use Revature’s services. Talk to students or alumni of Revature and research further before making a decision.

What do industry experts say about Revature?

Industry pros say Revature is a great source for IT recruiting, training, and outsourcing services. They specialize in hiring new grads and entry-level staff and give them top-notch tech training. Google, Microsoft, and Oracle are a few of the major firms they’ve worked with to hire premier talent. Former interns at the company have gone on to have successful tech careers after their time with Revature.

Kidscasting, a one-of-a-kind platform by Revature, allows employers to quickly find qualified applicants aged 18-25. This method lets companies fill openings faster than traditional methods. It also lets young professionals gain valuable experience in their field. Plus, Kidscasting eliminates the need for lengthy recruitment. It’s a great choice for employers seeking an efficient way to find new talent fast.


Is Legit?-Is Revature Legit? Get the Facts Before You Decide

Revature is a tech talent development company. They’ve helped 10,000+ job seekers learn the skills for the tech industry.

They offer an online Self-Paced Learning Program and an on-site Bootcamp. Both have expert instructors to guide learners.

Plus, they provide career guidance, technical and soft skill training, interview prep and more. Their programs give students the tools they need to find a job.

The Self-Paced Learning Program is flexible. Learners can log in any time. The Bootcamp is more structured, with hands-on support from instructors. Plus, it includes sessions that cover resume building, networking, and talking to employers confidently. All this will help them succeed after completing the program.

What are the benefits of working with Revature?

Revature gives you a great chance to get your tech career started. Most Revature employees get access to great rewards and benefits, like free training to get industry certifications, job openings at high-paying partners, and comprehensive healthcare packages.

Besides these, Revature staff also get mentorship from experienced pros, the chance to work with teams from Amazon and Microsoft, and access to recruiters who’ll help find the perfect job.

Revature helps people get better professionally too. Everyone gets regular reviews to show growth and recognize successes. They’re also encouraged to get extra certifications for better job prospects.

What type of training and support does Revature provide?

Revature looks after its employees in many ways. They offer a boot camp-style program with over 140 hours of instruction from top tutors. As well as this, there are assignments, projects, career coaching and technical assessments.

  • 24/7 technical help is available, along with a huge library of CAI resources.
  • Plus, users can connect with peers from all over the globe.

All these tools help new recruits to stay ahead in the professional world.


Revature has a great name in the tech industry. They offer online and in-person courses. Plus, there’re training events and job offers. Many former employees say good things about the company. It’s clear that Revature is real and offers legit services.

If you want to get into tech or find a new job opportunity, Revature is a great pick. Do your research, to make sure the program fits your needs and career plans. But, know that it’s an excellent option, with plenty of successful stories.

Is Revature legit?

Revature is an online store for video games, accessories, and other gaming products. It opened in 2017, and offers competitive prices and speedy delivery. Gamers who want the newest titles or latest accessories go to Revature.

But customers are unsure if Revature is safe to use. To help with this, we put together the facts. We’ll talk about customer service, payment security, shipping policies, and more. So you can decide if Revature is good for your gaming needs.

What are the pros and cons of working with Revature?

The pros of working with Revature are great: flexible hours, work remotely, access to training and resources, and increased job security. With Revature, potential employees get personalized support and only legit businesses.

However, there are a few cons. Control over projects is lost. Long-term contracts may not be profitable. No guarantee of steady employment. Revature takes a percentage as a service fee. Lastly, no face-to-face interaction or direct contact; making it hard to build relationships and a portfolio without having contacts in the industry.

FAQs about: Is Revature Legit

Q: Is Revature a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Revature is a legitimate technology talent accelerator that bridges the gap between businesses and talent. They have been in business for over 10 years and have a long track record of success.

Q: What kind of services does Revature provide?

A: Revature provides a variety of services, including software engineering and development, cloud computing, digital transformation, and more. They also offer career coaching, job placement services, and other resources to help individuals reach their goals.

Q: Is Revature accredited?

A: Yes, Revature is accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).