Is Redbubble Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Online

Thinking of buying from Redbubble? You’re not the only one! So many unique art pieces and clothes to choose from. But, is it a trustworthy online platform? Uncover the facts about Redbubble. Then you can decide if it’s worth your money and time.

Quick facts: Is Redbubble Legit

  • ✅ Redbubble has been providing customers with unique, print-on-demand products since 2006. (Redbubble Website)
  • ✅ Redbubble has more than 35 million products available for sale. (Statista)
  • ✅ Redbubble has more than 600,000 independent artists selling their products on the platform. (Redbubble Website)
  • ✅ Redbubble is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and holds an A+ rating. (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ Redbubble has had over 12 million orders shipped since its launch. (Redbubble Website)

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Overview of Redbubble

Redbubble is an online store for customized products. Upload your artwork, designs and photos to get them printed on t-shirts, stickers, mugs, phone cases, notebooks and more!

Founded in 2006 by Matthew Field and Martin Hosking, Redbubble is based in Melbourne’s Docklands, Australia. Plus, it’s listed on the Australia Securities Exchange (ASX).

Redbubble is always adding new items. It gives customers access to its products in over 200 countries. Plus, it offers quality products at fair prices. And, its return policies and customer service are top-notch, making it one of the most reliable online stores.

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is an online marketplace that has been trusted by millions of customers since its inception in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. They now have offices around the globe.

The site offers products with designs from independent artists worldwide. Customers can pick from laptop and phone cases, t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, home décor, and wall art.

Redbubble assures buyers satisfaction with a 30 day guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can receive a full refund or return it for free. All orders come with tracking numbers so customers can keep track of their purchases. Redbubble also provides secure payment options such as Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

How does Redbubble work?

Redbubble provides a special market for artists and designers to offer their artwork on a range of products. They use a “print-on-demand” method – only printing items when an order is placed. When customers buy from Redbubble, the money goes straight to the artist or designer who made the product. They then get a percentage of the sale.

Redbubble also ensures sellers are paid promptly and securely. They use Stripe, an online payment service provider, to process payments. This system keeps buyers secure from fraudulent activities and sellers get paid on time.

To make sure everyone has a good shopping experience on their platform, Redbubble offers customer support services via:

  • live chat
  • an online forum
  • guidelines/policies on refunds and returns.

Legitimacy of Redbubble

Is Redbubble legit? Yes! Redbubble has been around since 2006. It has a great reputation and is super reliable. Trustpilot gives it a 4.4 score out of 5 from over 100K reviews. That makes it one of the best-rated online retailers. Plus, the products sold through Redbubble are made with top-notch materials. Customers get their orders quickly too. Even if there are cheaper options, Redbubble is legit. It offers great quality, customer service and value for money.

Redbubble’s credibility

Is Redbubble legit? Yes! Redbubble is an Australian based print-on-demand service that allows independent artists and designers to easily create and sell their artwork.

They have strict safety policies, and a dedicated customer support team. Plus, payments are certified secure by payment providers and protected by a refund policy. Customers can get a full refund if they’re not satisfied.

Redbubble is an established brand with a great reputation for customer satisfaction and credibility. It’s a great option for those looking for quality products and excellent support.

Customer reviews and ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are an amazing way to decide if a website is real or not. Redbubble is no exception. On Trustpilot, Redbubble has a 4-star rating with over 200 customer reviews. Most customers had great experiences with the company. They praised its selection, pricing, quality, and customer service. Many customers said shipping times were rapid, particularly as the site is based in Australia but ships items to other countries.

Even when there were issues with orders, many customers said Redbubble solved them quickly and kindly. Overall, customers have good experiences with Redbubble. This is evident from their reviews on Trustpilot and other review sites. This company provides quality products at reasonable prices, and ships orders rapidly worldwide.

Shipping and delivery times

Shipping and delivery times are a key part of the Redbubble experience. Customers get to pick from a range of shipping options and delivery times – whatever suits them best! Pawrade offers two main choices: Standard Shipping (5-7 business days) and Priority Shipping (2-4 business days). Cost depends on location – US orders cost around $3-10 USD.

Furthermore, Pawrade has a flat-rate shipping option available for orders over $25 USD. Delivery times are 5-7 business days.

Lastly, customers in Europe can make use of the ePacket option. Costs are based on weight and typically take 7-14 days. Tracking is available for all orders, plus extra tracking services too – for an extra fee.

Pros and Cons of Using Redbubble

Is Redbubble legit? It’s an online marketplace for artists and photographers.

  • Pros: Easy to get your work out there. Good customer service. Automated process.
  • Cons: Low royalty payouts. Strict artwork rules. Shipping and quality control issues. Reaches over 350 million users in 100 countries.


Redbubble is an online marketplace for independent artists. They offer a wide range of apparel and non-apparel items. Customers can customize products with colors and patterns. Plus, art prints, phone cases, wall art, and stickers. Free worldwide shipping and sample orders before buying.

Redbubble is dedicated to ethical practices too. Such as using sustainable fabrics and student discounts. Fantastic customer service to answer questions or help with issues. All in all, they have earned a great reputation. Quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.


Redbubble’s cons include high markups compared to other retailers. Prices rise with size, color and quantity. Each item costs more when bought in lower quantities, making it harder to save money.

Redbubble has a currency exchange rate which can cause trouble for customers. Outside the US, shoppers may not understand the prices due to different currencies. Most items on the site are taxed at different rates based on shipping and delivery locations.

Alternatives to Redbubble

Customer Service-Is Redbubble Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Online

Searching for an alternative to Redbubble? There are several options!

  • Society6 provides customers with the ability to customize items with their own designs, plus browse and purchase items made by artists and designers. Plus, discounts on popular products and personalized stores.
  • Etsy is a fantastic option too. Here, you can shop for unique, individually made items from around the world. Save customizations, search items by category or keyword, and follow sellers.
  • Cafepress gives users the ability to find merchandise created using their own artwork or design. As well as holiday-themed products such as mugs, t-shirts, and apparel.
  • Threadless allows customization of various apparel with artist-created designs.

In the end, each of these services let customers purchase unique items from independent artists, in an easy-to-use online marketplace.


Etsy – a store for handmade and vintage items. A great choice for people looking for something special. Etsy keeps more profit for sellers as it doesn’t use a middleman. Plus, many sellers on Etsy have good reviews and followers.

Redbubble may be cheaper than others, but quality can’t always be seen in the price. The choice between Redbubble and Etsy should depend on your needs and preferences.


Teespring is an online store that focuses on designing, printing, and selling customized apparel. The print quality and selection of products are great. Hats, phone cases, and mugs can be customized too. Plus, their customer service team is ready to help with any order-related questions. Each product comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

But prices might be higher than Redbubble or Society6. Even so, Teespring is still a good option for those looking for something unique.


Spreadshirt is an online store that’s lesser known. It works like Redbubble and has a print-on-demand model. But, Spreadshirt only focuses on apparel. Redbubble offers apparel, but also gifts and accessories.

The biggest benefit of Spreadshirt is that the products last longer. They use direct-to-garment printing and higher quality materials. So, your designs will look better and last longer. Furthermore, Spreadshirt has lower pricing for larger orders. That’s great for businesses that need to buy in bulk.

The downside of Spreadshirt is that their platform isn’t as user friendly as Redbubble’s. Also, they don’t offer as much customization. If you’re looking for something unique, it can be hard to find on this platform:

  • Their platform isn’t as user friendly as Redbubble’s
  • They don’t offer as much customization
  • It can be hard to find something unique


Redbubble is a genuine online shop. It has a plethora of handmade items from independent artists globally. It is user-friendly, dependable and supported by customer-friendly policies. Further, you can find one-of-a-kind designs here.

In conclusion, Redbubble is the perfect place for those looking for amazing artwork or products to express themselves.


Are you after custom products like phone cases, mugs, stickers, apparel and fashion accessories? Redbubble is a great option. It has a wide range of items from individuals and businesses. Thus, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces! Plus, the interface is user-friendly and there are helpful customer service reps. Lastly, it has secure payment methods and simple return policies. Therefore, you can shop worry-free.

FAQs about: Is Redbubble Legit

Q: Is Redbubble a legitimate business?

A: Yes, Redbubble is a legitimate business. They are an online marketplace that allows independent artists to create, print, and sell their own artwork.

Q: Is Redbubble a safe website?

A: Yes, Redbubble is a safe website. All payments are securely processed through a third-party provider and all products come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Q: Does Redbubble produce high-quality products?

A: Yes, Redbubble produces high-quality products. They use the latest printing technology to ensure the highest quality of prints and products.