Is Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Thinking of putting money in Get the truth with our fair review. Ready to uncover if this is genuine or not? Today, learn all the must-know facts.

Quick facts: Is Public.Com Legit

  • ✅ is a legitimate investing app with over 500,000 users, according to the company (Source:
  • ✅ The app has the highest rating on the App Store with a 4.9 out of 5 stars (Source: Apple App Store)
  • ✅ has been featured in major news outlets such as CNBC, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal (Source:
  • ✅ The company has raised $129 million in venture capital funding (Source: PitchBook)
  • ✅ is the first publicly traded company with a zero commission fee structure (Source:

Overview of is a US-based online brokerage platform that’s been gaining traction. It wants to make investing more accessible to millennials and help them become financially literate. Investing on Public is free, plus they reward you with points when you refer friends or open an account. Public has educational resources too, like articles, webinars, and podcasts – all available for free on their website.

Public is 100% legit. They’re registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Customer funds are held in SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) accounts for extra protection. And when you place orders through Public, they’re routed through FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)–approved large broker-dealers.

What is is an online investing platform, specially designed for everyday investors. They offer commission-free trading on thousands of stocks & ETFs, as well as options trades for experienced investors. Plus, there’s a social trading platform, powered by public chatrooms! Here, you can learn from other investors and share tips & stories about your favorite investments in real time. also provides educational content & videos – perfect for new investors! With competitive pricing and investor-first features, this platform has become more popular recently. But is it legit? In this review, we’ll uncover the truth about this broker and decide if it’s a trustworthy choice for your investment portfolio.

What services does offer? is an investing app. It lets users buy stocks, ETFs, funds and fractional shares (starting at just $5). It has tools to help you invest wisely. These include watch-lists, quotes, news, research and a learning center with tutorials and videos. It also has a unique “social investing” feature. This lets you follow other investors or even copy their trades. You can see their activity and performance too.

Pros and Cons has a Pros and Cons section. It shows the good and bad of using this platform for investing.

The good: no-fee trading, a user-friendly interface, educational videos and webinars. Plus, it has a social side, like circles with like-minded people.

The bad: no mutual funds or other investments. And, there might be fees with certain transactions.

In summary, it looks legit, but still consider the pros and cons before signing up.

Pros of using is a stock trading app popular with both new and experienced investors. It offers no commissions and users can buy fractional shares and access real-time market data. Low account minimums make it ideal for those starting out. They offer a Cash Management account too, allowing users to earn interest on uninvested funds.

The fractional share feature enables portfolio diversification without breaking the budget. Plus, the app’s sleek design adds convenience and accessibility. All these features make Public an ideal choice for hopeful investors who want to start building their portfolios with ease.

Cons of using does have some cons. Shipping items can take 12-15 biz days, which is longer than other online retailers. Plus, customers must pay for return shipping. Furthermore, if you’re not happy with your purchase, there’s no guarantee of a refund or exchange. It all depends on the customer service team. All refunds/exchanges must be initiated within 30 days of the original purchase date. Shopping at can be inconvenient and frustrating if something doesn’t work out.

User Reviews

User reviews are a great way to see if is legit. Comments usually include customer service, features, and if it can help you reach your financial goals.

It is important to look at positive and negative reviews for the full picture. Most users post honest takes on their experience with Also, check the date of the review and read more than one source to get an accurate idea.

User reviews are helpful if you’re thinking of using for investing. Read the reviews before taking the plunge!

Positive reviews is a legit platform. It offers many investment opportunities. Reviews from customers praise the app. They like its user-friendly interface and low costs. They also appreciate its exceptional customer service.

The platform follows SEC regulations. This ensures secure investments and transactions. Furthermore, offers account protection policies. They add another layer of security. This includes personal PIN numbers and two-factor authentication.

Thanks to its commitment to transparency and excellent customer service, investors and professionals love!

Negative reviews

Negative reviews of are easy to find online. Reasons given for negative experiences include unhelpful customer service, slow issue resolution and account suspensions. Fees and trades are seen as pricey when compared to other services. Issues when trying to withdraw money from the site are also reported. Support from is seen as inadequate. Additionally, some have voiced their concerns about the lack of features such as stop-loss orders and dollar cost averaging.

These complaints raise the question of whether is a legitimate platform or if it should be avoided. Only time will tell.

Is Legit?

Benefits-Is Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Is legit? Yes! It’s a real financial services firm. People have given it lots of good reviews. Plus, it’s had many security tests so it meets all the rules for keeping customer assets. There’s also lots of info and help to support customers making smart investments. Plus, you can get in touch with customer service through live chat or on the phone.

In short, lets you manage your money safely and well.

Regulatory status of’s regulatory status has confused many investors and traders. It is, however, officially sanctioned by the Hong Kong Security Regulatory Commission (SFC). This means investments on the site are secure and regulated. And profits traders make are also protected.

Plus, the website also meets global anti-money laundering regulations like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). To add extra security, Public has implemented a two-factor authentication system.

All in all, it can be said that Public is a legitimate trading platform for investing in Chinese stocks like Alibaba.

Security measures taken by takes security seriously. They review every step of the process to identify and reduce risks. Authentication, input validation and storing customer data in encrypted databases are done securely. IPFS decentralized storage solutions are also used. They have FIDO certification and use Two-Factor Authentication when logging into the account. Customers can also choose a third-party provider (like Google Authenticator) for maximum protection. Public is regulated by FinCEN in the US and follows best practices for AML/KYC processes.

Conclusion is legit. It offers safe & secure investing. You don’t have to pay hefty fees or commissions. Plus, there’s beginner-friendly advice. You get access to a network of investors discussing their investments. You can buy real stocks, not just mutual funds, which can be confusing to newbies. Plus, has plenty of educational resources so you can start investing with low risk & cost.

Final verdict on is a legit, reliable pick for investing. Free trades, no minimum balance to open an account. It also has educational resources and a unique social component, great for new investors.

Simple pricing structure, no commission or account fees. No per-trade costs or minimum balance, no unexpected costs. All in all, is one of the best investing platformsgreat service and great price!

FAQs about: Is Public.Com Legit

Q1: Is legit?

A1: Yes, is a legitimate investing platform that offers commission-free trading and fractional shares.

Q2: Does have fees?

A2: No, does not charge any commission or trading fees.

Q3: What type of investments does offer?

A3: offers a variety of investments including stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency, and fractional shares.