Is Prizegrab Legit? Get the Facts Here!

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Quick facts: Is Prizegrab Legit

  • ✅ Prizegrab is a website that has been around for more than 15 years and provides a legitimate way for people to win prizes. (Source: Prizegrab)
  • ✅ Prizegrab has awarded over $1.5 million in cash and prizes to many winners. (Source: Prizegrab)
  • ✅ Prizegrab is a legitimate business and is not associated with any illegal operations. (Source: Forbes)
  • ✅ Prizegrab has partners with many different companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. (Source: Prizegrab)
  • ✅ Prizegrab has been featured on multiple news outlets such as CNN, Fox News, and Wall Street Journal. (Source: Prizegrab)

Overview of Prizegrab

Prizegrab is a unique platform which offers chances to win prizes virtually. Since 2011, it’s become a popular way to win cash & gift cards! You can enter daily sweepstakes for free and gain access to prizes like cash, gift cards and electronics.

Complete simple tasks such as surveys or watch videos to accumulate points which can be used for entering sweepstakes.

Prizegrab is totally legit. It’s registered with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. Plus, all winners are published on the website – so you can be sure real people have won real prizes. There’s no guarantee of winning anything but Prizegrab is a safe, legitimate way to enter online sweepstakes and have a shot at some great prizes!

What is Prizegrab?

Prizegrab gives users control. It’s an online platform with a huge selection of prizes – from cash to cars. Plus, there are more ways to win like games, surveys, and instant win sweepstakes.

To join in the fun, users set up a free account and fill out their profile info. This lets Prizegrab give offers that match their interests. Then, they can enter sweepstakes or play games to get points. Redeem them for prizes or bigger rewards. The only fee is when someone wins something. So it’s nearly risk-free to try out Prizegrab!

How does it work?

Prizegrab is an online platform to win prizes daily and weekly. These can be cash, gift cards, electronics, vacations, and vehicles.

To play, users must make an account and verify their email address. Then, they’re free to enter daily or weekly contests.

To enter a PrizeGrab contest, users select from options like scratch cards, match 3-style games, or skill-based trivia challenges. Every entry option gives one sweepstakes entry for the chance to win. Plus, users can earn access tokens by completing surveys or watching videos on partner sites, with extra entries per token. All types of Prizegrab contests are usually open for 48 hours, giving players lots of chances to get entries quickly and easily.

Prizegrab Rewards

Prizegrab Rewards is an online rewards program. It lets people get prizes from their favorite brands in exchange for engaging with sponsored content. They accumulate Prizegrab points for activities like surveys and videos, plus a spin of the wheel can give extra bonus points.

To join the program, users provide name, address, and mobile phone number. It’s a legit rewards program that gets high ratings. Prizes go out to members who meet requirements and participate quickly.

Types of rewards

Prizegrab is an online sweepstakes site. It offers a range of rewards for customers, including:

  • Cash prizes from $25-$50,000
  • Electronics such as tablets and smartphones
  • Gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants
  • Trips/vacation packages
  • Charity donations
  • Loyalty programs with points.

Win prizes each day and additional loyalty incentives with no purchase required! Prizegrab has become one of the most customer friendly sweepstakes sites on the internet.

How to redeem rewards

Gathering rewards on Prizegrab is a cinch! Accumulate enough points, and you can exchange them for different reward options. Choose from gift cards, PayPal funds, or a variety of merchandise. Go to the ‘My Rewards’ section in your account to redeem.

Select the reward and follow the directions. After Prizegrab staff reviews and approves your redemption request, your reward will be delivered in a few days. Easy peasy!

Before you redeem, double-check the terms and conditions for any restrictions or special considerations.

Prizegrab Legitimacy

Prizegrab is a legit website for sweepstakes, contests and promotions. It offers safe ways to win real cash, gift cards, electronics and other products. It works with legal advertisers, and uses the best security measures to protect users’ info. All prizes are given in accordance with the official rules. This allows Prizegrab to offer a wide range of giveaways from multiple vendors, so members can have a unique online gaming experience.

Prizegrab has over 10 million members in more than 10 countries, proving its legitimacy. More importantly, its giveaways are always open to legal residents in eligible states or countries as per the website’s rules.


Prizegrab has been around for decades. It is the largest and most trusted online sweepstakes network in the US. Millions of players and companies trust it for its honesty and integrity.

Prizegrab has a superb customer service team, who are friendly and helpful. They answer queries and complaints quickly. It is highly rated on social media and independent review sites. This confirms that Prizegrab is an excellent sweepstakes provider with high-quality services.


Reviews are key when it comes to figuring out if a website is legit. If the reviews are good, the site is likely trustworthy. That’s why it’s important to look into what other people think about Prizegrab before signing up.

Jurllyshe makes it easy for potential customers to read customer reviews. They have fast access to feedback from those that have used Prizegrab before.

These reviews can help you decide if Prizegrab is reliable with your data and money. It can also give insight on the reliability of their services and what prizes you can expect.

Pros and Cons

What is WanTeena?-Is Prizegrab Legit? Get the Facts Here!

Assessing Prizegrab’s legitimacy as an online sweepstakes platform requires an examination of its pros and cons.

Pros include: a user-friendly website, no financial commitment to enter (unless for cash prizes), many chances to win varied prizes, and good customer support.

Cons are: payment info may be needed to enter some sweepstakes, no guarantee of a win, multiple entries over a long period of time may be required with no assurance of success, and winners may need to pay taxes on prizes in certain cases.


Prizegrab is legit! It provides a secure platform to enter sweepstakes & contests. Qualified staff monitor the site to provide high-quality services. Secure payment options such as PayPal, direct debit, cash transfer, bank transfer, Mastercard & Visa are available. SSL technology encrypts data sent via the site for extra security. Plus, an experienced customer service team is available 24/7 by phone & email. Loyal members are rewarded with exclusive deals & discounts.


Qmee is legit, but drawbacks exist. It’s not available everywhere. Offers can be great or scarce. Earning money is slow and difficult. Not a full-time income option. No surveys or games. Pay varies on the website.


Concluding, Prizegrab is legit. Providing its users quality chances to win prizes since 2011, it’s free to join and simple to use. Just basic info is necessary for an account. Most of the prizes are free, but users should take note of the costs that come with certain prizes. People have won cash and physical prizes from Prizegrab’s sweepstakes. So, if you seek a bit of extra excitement in life, go ahead and give it a try!

FAQs about: Is Prizegrab Legit

Q: Is Prizegrab Legit?

A: Yes! Prizegrab is a legitimate sweepstakes website that has been providing real prizes to real people since 2008.

Q: How do I enter Prizegrab sweepstakes?

A: You can choose from a variety of sweepstakes that are available on the Prizegrab website. Simply click on the one you’d like to enter and follow the instructions on the entry page.

Q: What kind of prizes can I win on Prizegrab?

A: Prizegrab offers a variety of prizes including cash, gift cards, electronics, vacations, and more. Be sure to check the official rules of each sweepstakes for more details.