Is the Pokemon Center Legit? Check Out Our Review!

Questioning if the Pokemon Center is real? Check out our review to find out! Discover the risks, and how to get the most from online buying.

Quick facts: Is Pokemon Center Legit

  • ✅ Pokémon Company International owns the legitimate website Pokemon Center, which has been in operation since 1998.
  • ✅ Pokemon Center Online offers customers official merchandise, such as action figures, apparel, and trading card games.
  • ✅ Pokemon Center has a secure online payment system that meets industry standards.
  • ✅ Over 20 million Nintendo products have been sold through Pokemon Center over the last twenty years (Pokémon Company International).
  • ✅ In 2019, Pokemon Center had over 6 million unique visitors on its website (Statista).


Welcome to our Is the Pokemon Center Legit review! Are you thinking about buying from the Pokemon Center? We’re here to help.

We will give you a detailed look into customer reviews, customer experiences, and a complete overview of the brand. To help you make the best decision, we will talk about profits, promotions, customer service ratings and more.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated purchase from The Pokemon Center. Thank you for reading!

Overview of the Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center is the official store for all Pokemon stuff. It has a big selection of trading cards, figures, clothes, games, and more. Quality products and friendly service are guaranteed. The website is easy to use and gives helpful details. If you have a question or need help with an order, the staff are always ready to help.

You can pay safely with PayPal or credit cards. Plus, if you shop here, you can get points for rewards. So, the Pokemon Center is the place for all your Pokemon needs!

What is the Pokemon Center?

The Pokemon Center is the one and only official store for all Pokemon fans! It was created in 2020 by the Pokemon Company. You can find genuine, officially licensed products from all generations of the franchise – from the original 151 Pokémon cards to the newest releases. Plus, they offer discounts and promotional offers on selected items. Plus, they offer dedicated customer support.

Collectible items such as plush dolls, apparel, accessories, stationary, and homeware items are also available. The Pokemon Center is the ultimate spot for anything related to pocket monsters – thanks to its vast selection and exceptional customer service!

What products does the Pokemon Center offer?

The Pokemon Center is a store that stocks official Pokemon merchandise. It sells plush toys, action figures, trading cards, apparel and more. Products are updated for the latest releases and trends. There are items from Vivid Voltage, Shining Fates and Rebel Clash series, as well as exclusive products from collaborations with UNIQLO and Puma.

Special bundles like gift boxes and Anniversary Collection are available. All purchases come with a 30-day return policy. So, customers can get the right product for them.

What is the shipping process?

Shipping from the official Pokemon Center is easy and reliable. After you order, pre-order items take 2-4 business days to ship. Depending on the product, in-stock items take 1–3 business days to ship. All orders made through come with a tracking number and a confirmation email when sent.

Shipping cost depends on item size and weight, as well as delivery option you choose. For timely delivery, Express Delivery service is available. This typically guarantees delivery within 3–5 business days after shipping, depending on where it’s sent.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the Pokemon Center:

  • Latest Pokemon items, such as cards and merchandise.
  • Wide selection of rare products.
  • Secure payment and great customer service.

Cons of the Pokemon Center:

  • Expensive items.
  • Wait times due to high demand.
  • Few sales opportunities.

Overall, the Pokemon Center is a great source for collectors or players. Prices may be higher, but they guarantee purchase protection and customer service. Rare items not found anywhere else can be found here!


The Pokemon Center is a legit website. It sells products related to the Pokemon franchise. Plush toys, game cards, home decor, apparel and more are available. Digital downloads like wallpapers, movies and music can be bought too. Orders over $50 get free shipping. They have a convenient returns policy. Physical stores are also available in some places.

Shopping with the Pokemon Center is a breeze. Their website has clear categories. Customer service is responsive and efficient. Customers can also get exclusive discounts and deals.


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Final Verdict

Customer Support-Is the Pokemon Center Legit? Check Out Our Review!

Our research shows the Pokemon Center is legit. It sells Pokemon-related items like apparel, toys, collectibles, and video games. Customer service is good and prices are competitive. Free shipping is available on orders over $35 and there are discounts.

The store has SSL encryption for personal info and uses PayPal for secure payments. It’s associated with the franchise and official images are used in its product description page.

We think the Pokemon Center is safe and reliable for fans wanting to buy official Pokemon items or accessories.


In conclusion, the Pokemon Center is a trustworthy website and store. They offer a lot of real products at good prices and dependable customer service. Even though there are conflicting reviews, it’s evident that most customers have had positive experiences with the Pokemon Center.

If you don’t know the Pokemon Center, we strongly urge you to try it out. With lots of different items and special deals, it’s worth taking a look. Whether you want presents for yourself or others, you won’t be disappointed at the Pokemon Center.

FAQs about: Is Pokemon Center Legit

Q1: Is Pokemon Center legit?

A1: Yes, Pokemon Center is a legitimate online store owned by The Pokemon Company International, Inc.

Q2: Where is Pokemon Center located?

A2: Pokemon Center is an online store, not a physical location.

Q3: Does Pokemon Center offer pre-orders?

A3: Yes, Pokemon Center offers pre-orders on certain items.