Is Pirate Ship Legit? Uncover the Truth!

Thinkin’ of usin’ Pirate Ship to ship yer goods? Find out if it’s legal or not in this review! Uncover the pros, cons, and extra charges so ye can make an educated choice.

Quick facts: Is Pirate Ship Legit

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Pirate Ship is a software organization that provides e-commerce solutions. They have integrated shipping and printing services, as well as free parcel shipping and tracking for domestic and international customers. Their goal is to help customers save time and money whilst developing their business.

This article will provide an overview of Pirate Ship’s features, pricing, customer reviews and more. It should help you determine if Pirate Ship is right for your needs. We’ll cover any potential problems with the service, so you can make an informed decision before registering. Are you in search of a simple, low-cost way to manage shipping? Read on to find out the truth about Pirate Ship!

What is Pirate Ship?

Pirate Ship is an automated shipping platform for businesses. It offers discounted USPS Commercial Pricing rates by aggregating orders and using volume-based buying power. It integrates with leading ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more.

Pirate Ship makes shipping easy and affordable. It automatically finds the most efficient way to ship products without compromising quality. Customers get fast and reliable service at bulk discounts. They pay lower prices than for a single item. Pirate Ship also lets businesses track packages in real-time. Plus, it provides analytics on how efficient their shipping strategies are. This helps businesses control costs and make informed decisions about supply chain operations.

Features of Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is an online shipping platform designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It simplifies the process of comparing rates from different carriers, printing labels, and managing shipments. Plus, it offers discounted rates from USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

The platform has cool features, like custom notifications to stay updated on your shipment progress. Batch printing labels saves time. There are discounts up to 90% off standard shipping rates with their Bulk Discounts feature. It integrates with multiple e-commerce sites and marketplaces, including Shopify and Amazon Seller Central. You can access international shipping options and support for different types of packages. Plus, there’s Priority Mail Express services with reimbursement of services in case of late delivery. You can even send tracking links so customers can track their shipment in real-time.

Prices and Plans

Pirate Ship is a U.S.-based shipping platform. It simplifies the process of sending packages and parcels.

There are two types of pricing plans: “Pro” and “Free”. Pro plan offers discounts and better control over shipping. Free plan has no set-up fee or monthly charges.

Depending on the items shipped, there are different packaging and delivery services. Domestic USPS delivery is available. International delivery is available through external carriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Asendia. Delivery speed can range from same-day to 5–7 days. Pirate Ship also provides insurance coverage at rates based on the item’s dollar value.

Pros and Cons

Is Pirate Ship legit? Let’s dive into the pros and cons.

Benefits include cost savings up to 90%. Plus, they’ve got powerful tools that make tracking packages and bulk printing labels easy. Customers get specialized tracking info and customer support too!

Downsides? Label sizes and delivery options may be limited, depending on type of shipping. And you may not get the same type of support from other providers.


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When it comes to “Is Pirate Ship Legit?“, cons need consideration. Pirate Ship’s fees are higher than other services. They charge a base fee of $5 and a rate based on dimensions and weight. Low-cost options may take longer than competitors. Pirate Ship only offers US shipping, not international. They have great email and chat support, but no phone support or accounts for bigger businesses. These may need special discounts or bulk rates.

User Reviews

Is Fliff Legit?-Is Pirate Ship Legit? Uncover the Truth!

User reviews can help potential customers of Pirate Ship understand the service, what to anticipate, and how content customers are. Examining user reviews is a great way to get an authentic look at Pirate Ship.

When looking at these reviews, it is necessary to take into account the source of the review and what it is based on. Reviews should be from actual customers who have utilized the service. Moreover, these reviews should be balanced to get a true perspective on Pirate Ship’s performance and value. A mix of both positive and negative feedback is required to create an exact opinion of Pirate Ship’s overall value and performance.

Positive Reviews

Lots of customers are happy with Pirate Ship’s shipping and the quality of their orders. Customers love the convenience and prices. People comment on the great customer service. Some call it “the best customer service ever“!

Overall, there are loads of positive reviews online. This shows the service is legit and worth considering if you want affordable shipping. There are some complaints here and there, but they are isolated cases rather than the norm.

Negative Reviews

Pirate Ship has gotten some bad reviews. They don’t need customers to sign up, and their service is not encrypted. This means customers’ personal info is at risk of being stolen by hackers. Pirate Ship doesn’t have a data collection policy either. So, customers worry their info might be shared with 3rd parties or misused.

Plus, Pirate Ship’s customer service isn’t good at responding to these concerns. Therefore, customers should always learn a business’s privacy policies before buying or using services.


Pirate Ship is indeed a legitimate option. This is due to the fact that it has been around for over 10 years. Moreover, it provides a wide range of services and has lots of satisfied customers. Also, it is certified by trustworthy organizations such as CPA Canada and its customers rate it highly in online reviews.

Pirate Ship is a great way to ship packages as it is cost-effective and user-friendly. Furthermore, it offers quick delivery times and excellent customer service. Therefore, we can affirm that Pirate Ship is genuine.

FAQs about: Is Pirate Ship Legit

Q1: Is Pirate Ship Legit?
A1: Yes, Pirate Ship is a legitimate shipping service that allows you to get discounted USPS shipping.

Q2: Does Pirate Ship offer tracking?
A2: Yes, Pirate Ship offers tracking for all packages sent using their service.

Q3: How much does Pirate Ship cost?
A3: Pirate Ship’s rates start at $5.00 per shipment and vary depending on the weight and size of the package.