Is Overstock Legit? A Reddit User’s Perspective

Unsure about Overstock? Get an honest opinion from a Reddit user who has used the retailer. This way you can decide if shopping at Overstock is right for you.

Quick facts: Is Overstock Legit Reddit

  • ✅ Overstock has a user rating of 4.2/5 on Reddit according to reviews from over 2200 users – Reddit
  • ✅ Overstock has been in business since 1999 –
  • ✅ Overstock has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Overstock has a Trustpilot rating of 8.4/10 based on over 11,000 reviews – Trustpilot
  • ✅ Overstock offers free shipping and returns on most orders –
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    Is Overstock Legit? We’ll explore this, from a Reddit user’s perspective. This analysis is based on comments Reddit users have made about Overstock – a popular online shopping site.

    We’ll look at perspectives of these Reddit users, to gain an in-depth view of experiences and opinions of people who have shopped at Overstock. Reddit is a forum, where people can post and discuss topics with other users. It can be used to research topics, gaining opinion of people who have personal experience with them.

    In this post, we’ll see what Reddit has to say about Overstock’s legitimacy and customer service experiences. We’ll analyze comments from shoppers – both satisfied and dissatisfied – to decide if Overstock is an honest, trustworthy site for online shopping.

    Overview of Overstock is an online store that sells a range of products. From furniture to kitchenware and pet supplies, it’s got it all! Founded in 1999, it’s one of the oldest e-commerce websites still up and running. It’s known for its low prices and free shipping, so it’s a great, affordable place to find what you need.

    Reddit reviews suggest customers are pleased with their purchases from Overstock. The items are high quality and the customer service is friendly and helpful when issues arise. Overall, reviews show that Overstock is a legitimate website with good products at fair prices.

    Reddit User Reviews

    Reddit User Reviews can be a great help when researching the validity of online stores. On Reddit, people share their experiences and beliefs on all kinds of topics. Researching Overstock’s legitimacy? Reddit should be your first stop.

    The Reddit community loves to discuss – both good and bad experiences. They can also tell you how the customer service handles any problems. Plus, you’ll get an overall opinion of Overstock from users who have tried it out.

    So, if you’re trying to decide if Overstock is legit, Reddit user reviews are an important source to look at for an unbiased view.

    Positive Reviews

    Reddit users are usually upbeat about Eventbrite. They point to its broad ticket range and easy-to-use interface as the main reasons why it succeeds. Some even said that event organizers should receive additional payment for having to pay a fee to use the service. Plus, reviews cite excellent customer service experiences with Eventbrite, such as helpful customer support agents and rapid refunds of unused tickets.

    Overall, Reddit users mostly have good experiences with Eventbrite and recommend it as a trustworthy ticketing choice.

    Negative Reviews

    In 2017, Reddit users began voicing their displeasure with Shopbop. They complained about the poor quality of clothing and accessories, despite their high prices. Customers felt cheated, citing long wait times for responses and a slow returns process. Plus, buyers reported receiving faulty items, discrepancies with orders, not receiving orders, and hidden fees.

    The negative reviews show that Shopbop has quality-of-service issues. This means potential customers should be wary when shopping at Shopbop – these user’s experiences speak volumes.

    Pros and Cons

    Reddit users debate the pros and cons of fervently. On the plus side, there’s a large variety of products, great customer service and prices that are normally cheaper than other stores. Plus, the website is easy to navigate.

    On the downside, some customers complain about slow delivery and issues with returns and refunds.

    All in all, most people agree that Overstock is one of the better online stores for quality products at reasonable prices. But, users should still research to get a good deal and read reviews before buying. Experiences may vary from person to person.


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    Overstock has a wide variety of products, but not as much as other online stores, like Amazon or Walmart. Reddit users have expressed dissatisfaction with Overstock’s customer service, regarding response time and quality. Additionally, the return policy is not universal, so buyers must read the fine print before purchasing. While Overstock may offer items at lower prices than competitors, potential drawbacks should be considered.


    Conclusion-Is Overstock Legit? A Reddit User

    Reddit users comment in the forum that Overstock is reliable. Experiences were shared which showed Overstock offers quality products, good customer service, and competitive prices. Most reviews were favorable. But, a few users had negative experiences.

    From these reviews, it can be concluded that Overstock is a legitimate business to consider for online shopping.

    Final Thoughts

    Research and analysis of Reddit users’ perspective of Overstock reveals that most users view it as a legitimate retailer. Although there have been some customer complaints, they seem to be rare. Generally, customers are satisfied with their purchases and feel secure dealing with Overstock. Plus, they offer a wide selection of quality products at competitive prices.

    Therefore, our review of Reddit customers verifies that Overstock is a legitimate and dependable company. They provide a great variety of quality items at competitive prices. Customers appear to have positive experiences shopping on the website, and are comfortable conducting business with them.

    FAQs about: Is Overstock Legit Reddit

    Q1: Is Overstock a trustworthy company?

    A1: Yes, Overstock is a reputable company that has been in business since 1999. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been accredited since 2001.

    Q2: What kind of items does Overstock sell?

    A2: Overstock is an online retail store that sells a wide variety of products including furniture, bedding, home decor, kitchen items, clothing, electronics, and more.

    Q3: Does Overstock offer customer service?

    A3: Yes, Overstock offers customer service through their website, email, and phone. They have a team of customer service representatives available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.