Uncovering the Truth: Is Monoprice Legit?

Think of buying from Monoprice? Not sure if it’s legit? Worry not! This article has the answers. Uncover the truth behind Monoprice’s reputation and get the insight to make the right choice.

Quick facts: Is Monoprice Legit

  • ✅ Monoprice is widely known as one of the leading online retailers of tech and home goods with a long-standing reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction – source: PCMag
  • ✅ Monoprice has been featured in PCMag and was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars for their service and product selection – source: PCMag
  • ✅ Monoprice’s products have consistently been rated as the best value and quality for the price – source: The Wirecutter
  • ✅ Monoprice has a wide selection of electronic and home goods with over 8,000 products available – source: Monoprice
  • ✅ Monoprice has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty on all products – source: Monoprice

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Is Monoprice legit? That’s a question many online shoppers ask.

Monoprice sells consumer electronics and networking products directly to consumers at low prices. Their range includes cables, computer accessories, home audio/video equipment, network components, printer supplies and more.

Let’s take a look at Monoprice to find out if they’re worth trusting with your money. We’ll cover their history, product selection and customer reviews. By the end of our investigation, you’ll know all there is to know about this growing brand. So you can make a confident decision when shopping for your next electronic purchase.

History of Monoprice

Monoprice began in 2002 when two entrepreneurs in California started a small business to sell low-cost consumer electronics. It has since grown into one of the largest online retailers.

Their strategy is to offer high quality products at low prices. This has been successful, as bargain hunters and tech-savvy shoppers alike buy from Monoprice. They are now a household name, with customers across the globe.

On their website, they have over 6,500 products – with more added daily. All items have unbeatable discounts and a 30 day money back guarantee!

Founded in 2002

Sean Lee founded Monoprice in 2002. His goal was to provide top-notch electronics at prices way lower than what you’d find in a typical store. Today, Monoprice is one of the major online retailers in the U.S.A. They offer unbeatable prices, immense product selection and unparalleled customer service.

Their catalog provides cables, adapters, gaming stuff, home theater systems and more. Plus, they have a great 3D printing section for hobbyists and pros. It’s no surprise that Monoprice is an industry leader. They offer great value to their customers!

Growth of the company

Monoprice began in 2002 with a mission to provide high-quality consumer electronics and accessories at fair and low prices. By 2019, it had expanded its product portfolio to include 3D printing supplies, networking equipment, and home theater accessories. It’s now an international retail presence with offices across the US and Europe. Monoprice offers products for every budget, from entry-level to premium.

The company has gained worldwide popularity for its quality products and reasonable prices. It’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and NPR Radio’s All Tech Considered program. Monoprice provides excellent customer service and competitive prices to maintain customer loyalty. It also makes web experiences user-friendly so customers can find what they need quickly.

Overview of Monoprice Products

Monoprice is the place to go for tech products such as computer peripherals, networking equipment, audio/video cables and home entertainment products. They even have 3D printing supplies and components. Their products are renowned for their durability, quality, and cost-savings.

Their main items include computer mice, gaming keyboards and monitors, headphones, Bluetooth speakers and receivers, HDMI cables, switches and routers. All at an affordable price! Monoprice also offers tools like soldering irons/stations and crimpers, as well as 3D printers for the maker community.

Furthermore, Monoprice provides competitively priced PC components, like:

  • motherboards
  • RAM chipsets
  • Intel and AMD processors
  • internal and external storage devices
  • power supply units (PSUs)
  • internal cooling fans
  • multimedia software suites
  • gaming consoles
  • cases, fans, controllers
  • streaming devices
  • webcams and security cameras

Their customer service team makes sure customers get all these products at the best prices.

Range of products

Is Monoprice legit? Yes! Monoprice is a legitimate company that offers high-quality products at amazing prices. Their items are made from durable materials and are tested thoroughly to meet the highest standards. Plus, they provide an exclusive warranty on most of their products. Through reliable electronics and unbeatable prices, Monoprice has gained the loyalty of savvy shoppers. So, yes – Monoprice is legit!

Quality of products

For assessing Monoprice products’ quality, it is vital to know their sourcing & manufacturing processes. It looks like Monoprice works with manufacturers from countries like China & Taiwan, who make on its behalf. This helps Monoprice to offer their items at a lower cost than many other stores.

In terms of quality, most people find that Monoprice products are as good as more costly brands, sometimes even better. Plus, product reviews usually remain positive, despite customers expressing grievances about damaged goods or mispresentation on the website. Monoprice also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for any product purchased from their website.

Monoprice Customer Reviews

Reputation-Uncovering the Truth: Is Monoprice Legit?

Customer reviews on Monoprice give a clear picture of their offerings. On Trustpilot and SiteJabber, customers leave their thoughts. A search there shows many happy customers. People like their wide product selection, quick deliveries, and affordable prices. On the flip side, some had troubles with returns, refunds, and tech help.

It’s important to consider various factors before deciding if Monoprice is legit. But, it’s best to base decisions off customer reviews.

Online reviews

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Reviews may show delivery times, ease of use on the website or app, product availability, and more. Customers can compare Shoebacca’s Customer Service ratings to competitors to decide which online store is best for them.

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Experiences from customers

Uncovering Monoprice’s truth? Customer experiences matter. Reviews online show it’s a dependable and legit store, trusted by many. Great pricing, satisfaction guarantee – reasons customers choose them for electronics.

Reviews are mostly positive. Products arrived quick, undamaged. Customers satisfied. Even customer service praised – help with any issues.

In conclusion? Reliable and legit, no matter what you buy.

Is Monoprice Legit?

Monoprice – is it legit? Debate and speculation have been rife. The truth is, yes, they are a legitimate retailer. Quality products and excellent customer service are their hallmarks. Plus, their prices are typically lower than the big stores!

They’ve been in operation for over 15 years, and offer an array of electronics – from cables and adapters, to audio equipment, projectors, and home-theater components. Most products come with both a manufacturer’s warranty and a generous return policy.

For extra security, Monoprice has an extensive buyer protection program, complete with fraud and identity theft coverage – all for free! In conclusion, Monoprice is a dependable company, offering great products at competitive prices.

Pros and cons of Monoprice

Before shopping at Monoprice, consider the pros and cons.

  • Pros: Monoprice is known for offering good deals. Prices are often much lower than retail value. This may be great for shoppers with tight budgets.
  • Cons: Monoprice customer service reviews are not positive. Customers complain of long wait times and difficulty getting refunds or exchanges. Additionally, many products have mixed reviews when it comes to build quality and durability.

Ultimately, it depends on individual needs and budget. If you want to save money without worrying about quality or customer service, Monoprice may be a great option. But if you need higher quality products and better customer service experiences, you may want to look elsewhere.

Final verdict on Monoprice

Monoprice provides quality products, at an unbeatable price. They prioritize affordability, quality, and customer service – a rare combination! Plus, they have something for all sorts of people – from tech-savvy gamers, to home décor fanatics.

However, their customer service experience could be improved – especially their return policy. Nevertheless, Monoprice is a reliable and affordable store worth considering.

In conclusion, Monoprice offers an impressive selection of products that appeal to a wide range of customers. Although it may not be the most luxurious shopping experience, you won’t be disappointed with their variety or affordability.


Yes, Monoprice is real. It offers audio, video, computer and other accessories. These are all of good quality, but not expensive. Customer service and returns are easy to understand. Therefore, your purchases are safe.

Think about what you need when buying from any company, not just Monoprice. Take a look at reviews from previous customers. This can help you figure out the product quality, and their experience with the company. All in all, Monoprice is excellent if you want quality and affordability.

FAQs about: Is Monoprice Legit

Q1: Is Monoprice a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Monoprice is a legitimate company that is a leading online retailer of consumer electronics and home goods. They are known for their wide selection of products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

Q2: Does Monoprice have good reviews?

A2: Yes, Monoprice has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. They have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, and are highly rated on other major review sites like Yelp and Google.

Q3: Does Monoprice offer free shipping?

A3: Yes, Monoprice offers free shipping on orders over $35. They also offer expedited and international shipping options for an additional fee.