Is Megaseats Legit? Uncovering the Truth about This Ticket Marketplace

Searching for tickets? Is Megaseats the right marketplace? Find out! Discover the truth and save money too. Your favourite concert or team game awaits!

Quick facts: Is Megaseats Legit

  • ✅ Megaseats has a positive customer rating of 95% according to TrustPilot (TrustPilot)
  • ✅ Megaseats has been featured in the news multiple times, including in USA Today (USA Today)
  • ✅ Megaseats has been featured on multiple online travel sites, including Orbitz and TripAdvisor (Orbitz, TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ Megaseats has sold over 800,000 tickets since its launch in 2015 (Megaseats)
  • ✅ Megaseats is rated “Excellent” by over 1,000 verified customers on TrustPilot (TrustPilot)

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Megaseats is a ticket marketplace that lets users find and buy tickets for any event. Options include sports, concerts, theatre shows and more. The website provides a secure purchase process and dedicated customer service reps to answer questions. When buying tickets on Megaseats, customers can be sure their money is safe.

With the rise of secondary ticket marketplaces, it’s important for customers to know if these platforms are trustworthy. This article will review Megaseats and see if it’s a reliable place to buy tickets. We’ll look at:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Customer service quality and reliability

so you can make an informed decision.

Overview of Megaseats

Megaseats is an online ticket marketplace, born in 2020. It offers tickets for live events such as concerts, sports, theater performances, and more. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and its parent company is Live Nation Entertainment.

Megaseats has a great reputation for competitive pricing and customer service. It provides multiple purchasing methods, including secure online payments, secure money transfers, phone orders, and even at-event pickup options. Plus, it offers a ‘buyer protection’ policy, ensuring customers are provided with authentic tickets, or their money back—no questions asked.

The positive reviews and comments from satisfied customers show Megaseats is a legitimate option for those looking to purchase tickets to live events.

Pros and cons of Megaseats

Megaseats is an online ticket marketplace, offering tickets to sports, concerts, and theater shows. Customers can buy tickets securely on the website, and at varying prices. It’s essential to understand the pros and cons of using Megaseats.

Pros: they offer competitive prices with partnerships with other ticket sellers. They guarantee ticket authenticity. 7 days a week customer service via email or live chat is available to answer questions.

Cons: limited customer reviews, hidden fees in certain purchases, no payment methods like cash on delivery or bank transfers. Credit cards are the only payment option.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are a great way to gain info when choosing a ticket marketplace. We checked out feedback from many sources on Megaseats. Our research shows that most customers rate Megaseats highly. They find it simple, competitively priced and with excellent customer service.

However, some customers mentioned slow delivery. In conclusion, Megaseats is secure, with staff committed to great customer service.

Positive reviews

Megaseats is definitely legit! People say the website is easy to use and customer service is great. Plus, a huge selection of tickets for all kinds of events! Customers also report getting refunds when plans change, or when they can’t use the tickets. Plus, a secure checkout and no hidden fees when buying. And, fast delivery times too! All in all, reviews are positive and Megaseats is a reliable source for tickets.

Negative reviews

Angara is a ticket marketplace, yet it has been met with mixed reviews. Some customers have praised the service, however others have faced trouble.

  • Slow customer service, delayed deliveries and unreliable refund policies have been reported.
  • Tickets with incorrect seating or wrong dates have been given in exchange for payment.
  • Another problem? Credit card fraud worries. Plus, inadequate support from Angara has been seen when dealing with complaints and refunds.

This implies that Angara might not be trustworthy. Consequently, it may not be a reliable source for getting tickets for events or concerts online.


Megaseats is an awesome ticket marketplace. It has advanced security measures to protect customers. It also has a Verified Fan program to prove buyers are legit. This helps ensure customers get trustworthy tickets.

Megaseats even offers price protection. This guarantees the lowest price for tickets or gives customers the difference back if they find a lower price somewhere else. All this means Megaseats is reliable and trustworthy. It’ll keep your info safe.

Payment security

Megaseats ensures customers a secure buying experience. They use Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for protection. Encryption and secure storage of personal data is implemented. Tokenization and 3D Secure authentication checks protect card details. Seller verification on tickets is done before listing them. 128-bit SSL encrypted connections are used for all transactions.

Ticket authenticity

At Megaseats, we guarantee that all tickets sold on our marketplace are 100% real. We get them from reliable sources, like the venue or the original ticket broker. Plus, our authentication system ensures the tickets are validated and genuine.

If customers have doubts about the authenticity, they can contact us and we’ll investigate. If customers are not satisfied, they can request a refund. We want all customers to be happy with their purchase, so we’ll try to accommodate refunds.


What is Jomashop?-Is Megaseats Legit? Uncovering the Truth about This Ticket Marketplace

Price is vital for Megaseats to be a legitimate ticket marketplace. Megaseats’ prices are competitive compared to other popular markets. On the search page, you can check the list price and the lower Megaseats price. At checkout, the total cost (including taxes and fees) of the ticket is shown.

Megaseats offers promotional discounts on certain events or categories sometimes. You can save more money by signing up for their email updates. Prices may differ between seats in various zones or tiers of an event, so it’s best to compare before buying.

Comparison to competitors

Megaseats has great service and customer experience. It offers an easy website, a huge selection of tickets, and secure payments. Most customers are satisfied with their purchases from Megaseats.

However, fees are higher than competitors. Refunds and exchanges are not allowed. Customers are okay with this as they get extra assurance and fast shipping from Megaseats.

Promotional codes and discounts

Megaseats is a top ticket marketplace. Buying tickets is easy and hassle-free. With Megaseats, you can get promo codes and discounts. Visit their website or get emails with offers. You can find one-time use or universal discounts. Promo codes may differ depending on ticket type.

So, keep an eye out for new offers when purchasing tickets!

Customer Service

MegaSeats is a legit ticket marketplace, with awesome customer service! Their service has been highly praised in customer reviews all over TrustPilot. Plus, they provide users with plenty of help options. You can reach out to them via email, phone, or social media. There’s even an FAQ page, with answers to common questions like “What if I have trouble redeeming my tickets?“.

Megaseats believes in top-notch customer service. They make sure customers get the help they need, in a timely manner. So, if you’re looking for a great ticket marketplace experience, Megaseats is definitely the way to go!

Response times

Is Megaseats a reputable ticket marketplace? One important factor to consider is response times. How quick do they answer customer emails and calls?

Megaseats has a good record for responding quickly. They offer 24/7 customer support with staff from many countries. Customers often say they are pleased with the fast responses.

This suggests that Megaseats has trained professionals who understand the customer needs and are willing to help. Response time is not a problem when using Megaseats. They take pride in offering fast and friendly customer service which shows their professionalism.

Quality of service

Assessing Megaseats’ customer service is essential. KHealth provides a way to do this. It gives customers a satisfaction score for each interaction. This shows how well Megaseats handles inquiries and how knowledgeable their staff is. Furthermore, it lets users leave reviews. This helps future customers know if they can trust Megaseats.

By using KHealth, Megaseats ensures that both existing and potential customers get the best service.


Is Megaseats a legit online ticket marketplace? Yes! Reviews may be mixed, but this website looks like a safe, secure place to buy tickets for sports, concerts and more. It uses encryption tech to guard your personal info, offers competitive prices and has a great customer service team available. So chances are you’ll find what you need at Megaseats. Just compare prices with other sites to get the best deal.

FAQs about: Is Megaseats Legit

Q: Is Megaseats a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Megaseats is a legitimate company. We are a trusted online ticket broker that provides access to tickets for major events around the world.

Q: What types of payment does Megaseats accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept PayPal and Amazon Payments.

Q: Does Megaseats offer a guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a 100% guarantee on all tickets purchased through our website.