Uncovering the Truth: Is Lootie Legit?

Ask yourself: “Is Lootie legit?” You’re not the only one! This article unveils the reality of Lootie. Plus, find out how it can change your luck!

Quick facts: Is Lootie Legit

  • ✅Lootie has a 3.2/5 star rating on Trustpilot, with 456 reviews in total (Trustpilot)
  • ✅Lootie is integrated with over 500 online stores, including popular brands like Amazon, Best Buy, etc. (Lootie)
  • ✅Lootie has an average of 65,000 daily active users (Lootie)
  • ✅Lootie rewards customers for regular shopping activities with a cashback of up to 10% (Lootie)
  • ✅According to G2 reviews, Lootie is easy to use and offers great customer service (G2)

What is Lootie?

Lootie is an awesome rewards and loyalty program. Founded in 2014, it’s based in Los Angeles, California. It allows customers to earn points for their purchases. These can be redeemed for goodies in the Loot Crate store.

Sign up for emails to get exclusive deals and discounts from Loot Crate. Plus, special offers from Lootie’s partner companies. Refer friends and family to get more points. All payment methods accepted, including PayPal and major credit cards. Track orders with the shipping status feature.

In short, Lootie looks out for customers – giving them an easy way to save money when shopping with Loot Crate!

What services does Lootie offer?

Lootie is an online platform that allows people to exchange goods and services for digital assets like cryptocurrency. It’s a reliable marketplace where businesses and individuals from around the world can create profiles and post offers and reviews. They can also rate products or services.

Lootie’s core mission is to make it easier for people to access new digital technologies. This helps them benefit from the rapid changes happening in this sector.

Buyers can find a wide range of products and services on Lootie, including:

  • Computer software
  • Web hosting services
  • Gaming items
  • Educational courses
  • Lifestyle products

Sellers can use Lootie as a secure platform to trade items and make a profit. Plus, Lootie offers safe payment options.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to check if a company is real. Reviews show customers’ experiences with the product, customer service and quality. Most online stores show reviews on their websites, including ratings, comments, date stamps and more.

Lootie customers have said good things. They like the quick shipping and quality of the products. They also appreciate the variety of items on offer. Plus, many products have discounts or sales during the year.

Reviews can help you find out if a website is legit or not. In this case, Lootie is a legitimate business with lots of good customer reviews!

What do customers say about Lootie?

Lootie is a loyalty and rewards platform. Customers get rewards, discounts, and cashback when shopping at participating stores. How do customers feel about Lootie?

According to Trustpilot reviews, customers love Lootie! They find the app easy to use and are very satisfied with the rewards program. Plus, they can use their rewards for cashback or discounts at many stores. Most reviews are 5/5 stars. Customers also appreciate the excellent customer service!

Overall, customers have an excellent opinion of Lootie. It’s easy to understand and offers great rewards, discounts, and cashback when shopping online or in-store.

Is Lootie trustworthy?

Is Lootie trustworthy? Absolutely! Lootie is a legitimate platform and it has been developed with the utmost security and data protection standards. Customers’ payments are handled securely and safely.

They work with global payment processors like Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Moreover, Lootie offers refunds, chargebacks and other customer support options. All these features can be found on the website, so you can trust that payments with Lootie will be secure.

Company Background

Lootie is an online marketplace founded in 2017. It has become a leader in the market, and offers customers the chance to buy and sell from home.

They are proud to provide an efficient, secure and reliable platform, with a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Lootie is known for their top-notch customer service, plus features like customization, fast delivery and flexible payment options. Customers can also view their transaction history, easily manage their accounts, and benefit from loyalty program rewards.

  • Plus, discounts on products when buying in bulk, or friends joining the platform.

Who owns Lootie?

Lootie is an online rewards & loyalty program. Founded in 2020, they offer rewards customers can use for cash or items. Points are earned by purchasing products, referring friends, or being active in the community.

The company is owned by two founders: Alex Sela & Ryan Rogers. They both have experience in the loyalty & rewards space, plus a team of industry experts.

Their goal? Easier rewards for customers. An app & online dashboard make it easy to track progress. So customers can check their progress anytime!

How long has Lootie been in business?

Lootie first launched Daily Goodie Box in 2015. Now, they offer a wide selection of products. These include health and beauty supplies, snacks, beverages and more. They ship their products to customers all over the US.

Daily Goodie Box is Lootie’s main product. It’s a monthly subscription box containing 7-10 full-size surprise items. These items are chosen according to individual interests and preferences. You can keep all items or send back any you don’t like.


Introduction-Uncovering the Truth: Is Lootie Legit?

Security is crucial when it comes to online services, especially financially related ones. Lootie takes extra steps to protect user accounts and funds. Data is encrypted with strong protocols, and authentication options are available for extra protection. All transactions are monitored for suspicious activity. Furthermore, all payment methods used by Lootie are digitally secured.

Lastly, Lootie follows applicable laws and regulations regarding data privacy and customer protection, so users can be sure their personal information is held responsibly.

Does Lootie use encryption technology?

Yes, Lootie has encryption tech to keep customer data safe. It uses the most advanced encryption, like AES-256. All data sent is encrypted with SSL/TLS. Lootie also has an internal security policy to govern user info. They process payments with PCI-compliant providers. These providers meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

Is Lootie compliant with GDPR regulations?

Evarest Tech and its Lootie platform are GDPR compliant. Sensitive data is securely stored and encrypted. Industry-standard algorithms are employed for protection. Moreover, several layers of defense shield against malicious activities and coding vulnerabilities.

Moreover, Evarest Tech adheres to EU GDPR regulations and other nation-specific laws. User data collected by Lootie is handled securely and can only be accessed by authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis.


Lootie is a real website for sure. Prices for their products are always set to the market value, and no extra cost is added. Customers can feel safe in the knowledge that they’re getting the best deal from Lootie.

At times, Lootie has offers too. Special days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday are when customers can get great discounts. Shopping with Lootie will always give customers good value for money.

What are the fees associated with Lootie?

Lootie is an online retail store that offers designer clothing, footwear and accessories from top brands. Since its launch, Lootie has established a vast customer base. At Lootie, customers can purchase items easily and without stress.

When shopping at Lootie, customers must pay a non-refundable handling fee plus a 3.5% transaction fee. Also, a £4 delivery fee applies to orders below £75. Fees for orders above £75 depend on the value of the order and may require further payment.

It’s important to note that Lootie fees are subject to change without prior notice. So, customers must check all relevant information before using Lootie.

Are there any hidden charges?

Lootie provides up to 40% cashback for online shoppers! However, be aware of any hidden charges. Usually, a small service fee is charged for each transaction. Plus, Lootie takes a small percentage of your cashback earnings as a processing fee.

Check the Terms & Conditions carefully before signing up, to make sure you get the best deal!

FAQs about: Is Lootie Legit

Q: Is Lootie legit?

A: Yes, Lootie is a legitimate company. We are a licensed provider of gaming services and have passed all the necessary regulatory requirements.

Q: How do I know if Lootie is secure?

A: Lootie takes the security of its customers seriously. We use state-of-the-art technology to safeguard customer data and use strict verification processes to ensure the safety of our customers.

Q: What payment methods does Lootie accept?

A: Lootie accepts a variety of payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and most major crypto currencies.