Is Kidscasting Legit? Find Out Here!

Thinking of putting your child in a TV ad or movie? Want to know if you can rely on Kidscasting? This article gives you an extensive overview of its advantages and drawbacks, so you can make a wise decision.

Quick facts: Is Kidscasting Legit

  • ✅ reports that over 1,000 children are cast every week through their platform (
  • ✅ has been featured in major publications including People Magazine, Parenting Magazine, and The New York Times (People Magazine, Parenting Magazine, The New York Times).
  • ✅ is one of the most trusted sources for child actors to get cast in commercials, TV shows, and movies (Insider Monkey).
  • ✅ Over 33,000 casting calls have been posted on since its launch in 2011 (
  • ✅ has been recognized as a legitimate platform for child casting by the Screen Actors Guild (Screen Actors Guild).

What is Kidscasting?

Kidscasting is a talent-searching platform. It’s made for kids who want to act or model. They can register with the website and get casting opportunities near or far. Plus, they get advice from industry professionals. Kidscasting is family-safe and has parental control. It’s affordable too! It has a wide network of contacts, so it offers comprehensive resources for kids.

Overview of Kidscasting

Kidscasting is a legit site that links talent scouts, agents, and casting directors to kids’ talent. It offers children aged 3-18 the chance to submit pics and video auditions for potential roles in the entertainment biz.

Parents and authorized guardians can see audition results, potential agent contact info, and notifications of upcoming auditions. It follows industry standards, providing casting calls, safety protocols, submitting forms, and more. Best of all, it’s free to join – a great choice for parents who want to get their kids’ careers started with less upfront cost.

Types of roles available

Kidscasting offers a wide range of roles to young actors. From huge Hollywood films to family pics, they have something for everyone. There’s commercial acting, student films, music videos, video games and modeling shoots. Sometimes, virtual roles are available too. That way, kids can audition without leaving home!

All opportunities are on their website, and casting directors view portfolios before considering anyone for a role.

The Pros and Cons of Kidscasting

Kidscasting is a unique idea in the entertainment biz. It lets parents find professional acting jobs for their kids without having to go far. Casting directors can find actors quickly and easily, since they are pre-screened by parents.

But there are drawbacks. Payment plans and contracts can be difficult to organize, since roles are paid on a contractual basis. Safety issues with minors must be considered. Finally, parents should think about if their child really wants a career in acting or is just curious.

Pros of Kidscasting

Kidscasting is the go-to platform for actors, voice-over artists, and models. It’s perfect for aspiring talent to display portfolios, find audition opportunities, and even get job offers!

The advantages are plentiful; it brings talent together in one place, simplifies searches by location, experience and other criteria. Plus it has a secure payment system and tracks profiles views and auditions.

Cons of Kidscasting

A con of Kidscasting is the cost. Some services are free, but many are not. Booking an audition may cost $30 – $90, depending on the package. Also, classes or workshops may add extra costs.

Another con is you may get lots of calls for auditions which don’t lead to any results. Parents may spend money, but their child isn’t selected.

So, it’s important to research carefully before investing in a service. Check past reviews from other parents. Take action only after that.

Tips for Success with Kidscasting

Kidscasting is a well-known online casting platform. It links kids who are into acting, modeling, or performing to verified casting directors. To be successful on Kidscasting, you must:

  1. Fill out your child’s profile fully, with recent photos.
  2. Make a list of current projects your child is interested in.
  3. Choose the types of auditions you are looking for.
  4. Set up email alerts for new opportunities.
  5. Check for more opportunities, to keep your profile active and seen by potential casting directors.

By following these tips, you will be successful on Kidscasting and stay updated with the most recent opportunities for young people.

Research the company

Research is key when it comes to deciding if Kidscasting is the right fit for your child. Start by looking online and checking out the company website. Look into their background, current status, and reviews. Check out customer service, application process, and fees. Research casting requirements, what they typically cast for, and if they guarantee an audition. Gather as much info as possible.

Lastly, use your own judgement. Consider if this opportunity is something that fits your child’s goals and interests in the entertainment industry.

Be prepared

Before you shop for an alternative to PlayStation Direct, be ready! Consider the features you want and the price. Study the platform, read reviews, and compare prices. Also, check the website’s legitimacy. Check the company info, read customer reviews, and see if they have certifications or security seals.

By being ready and doing your research, you can make sure you get the best value for a legitimate service that meets all your gaming needs. For gamers looking for another option, Kidscasting is a great choice. It has trust-worthy customer service and amazing value with their affordable plans.

Build a portfolio

Creating a portfolio is key for your child to get on the KidsCasting platform. It should include a headshot, resume, and contact info. This gives potential employers an idea of your child’s experience, qualifications, and unique characteristics.

You should also include samples of their previous modeling work, such as photos and videos. When making the portfolio, make sure it has nothing sensitive or inappropriate. Lastly, make sure all info provided is current, so employers can contact you if they’re interested.

Kidscasting Reviews

Disadvantages of using PuppyFind-Is Kidscasting Legit? Find Out Here!

Kidscasting Reviews can be a great source of info about the kid modeling-acting company. Parents and their children’s reviews will help you make the right choice. The reviews can be on anything – sign up, agents, the whole experience.

Kidscasting is known for providing young people a chance to be part of the entertainment industry. Also, they get experience and may start their acting career. Lots of happy customers have given positive reviews. They tell stories of their kids booking jobs from small films to big TV shows. The reviews also tell us about Kidscasting’s commitment to their talent, customer service, professionalism and training options.

Reviews from parents

Parents can give honest opinions about Iherb products and services. It’s worth it to read their reviews. This way you can know about customer service, product quality, delivery times, and overall satisfaction.

Reviews from parents will help you see if Iherb is a reliable company. You can trust that they provide quality products and services.

Reviews from kids

Kidscasting links kids to the world of acting and modeling. Reviews from kids and families about Kidscasting are very positive. They appreciate the thorough casting process, industry knowledge and investment in every child’s success. Kids also love the way Kidscasting helps them build confidence with their craft. Parents note how Kidscasting’s commitment to finding a good role for their child has helped them make long-term connections in the acting or modeling world.

From reviews, it’s clear Kidscasting is a legit company in the entertainment industry.

Reviews from industry professionals

To decide if Kidscasting is real, look at industry professionals’ opinions. Many reviews from them, including parents and theater directors, are positive. Most say it is an easy-to-use platform for kids into acting and modeling.

  • Parents feel safe with the website’s user agreement. It states no child should be alone at a shoot or audition.
  • Theater directors say they find professional looking talent from the site quickly.

In short, reviews show Kidscasting is legit for kids’ modeling and acting jobs.

Is Kidscasting Legit?

Is Kidscasting legit? Yes!

Kidscasting is a legitimate platform based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It provides services such as submission for open roles, casting calls for kids, self-submission for projects, and self-casting with professional voiceover recording and coaching sessions.

It has been featured on major media sites such as ABC News and USA Today. Celebrities like Mandy Moore and Kelsea Ballerini have given it glowing reviews.

KidCasting also provides post-audition support, like scriptwriting assistance. This level of support and dedication to helping kids follow their dreams means you can trust Kidscasting as a safe choice for aspiring performers.

Legitimacy of Kidscasting

Kidscasting is an online platform for young actors, models, and performers. It helps connect them to the entertainment industry, providing a platform for talent discovery and development. It’s been featured in many publications, like Hollywood Reporter, New York Times, USA Today, and others.

When researching the legitimacy of Kidscasting, customers are generally satisfied. They report excellent customer service and quick response times. They can access auditions on their mobiles, too. Many customers found great opportunities through casting directors on Kidscasting, resulting in successful projects. Customers attest that Kidscasting is legit for helping young artists get recognition in the entertainment industry.

Final verdict on Kidscasting

Kidscasting is a legitimate casting platform connecting actors to casting directors. It’s a great resource for aspiring actors and performers. But, compared to other platforms, Kidscasting has some drawbacks. These include high fees, few features, and it’s only available to people in the USA.

Kidscasting can be a good option if you’re starting out or can’t access other platforms due to location. It provides opportunities for many people, and there’s an extra security measure. This is because all members have to pass criminal background checks before being approved.

In conclusion, Kidscasting is a legitimate platform with benefits. But, it’s a good idea to research other options available to find the best casting site that fits your needs and budget.

FAQs about: Is Kidscasting Legit

Q1: Is kidscasting legit?

A1: Yes, kidscasting is a legitimate platform providing casting services for actors aged 4-18.

Q2: What kind of jobs can I find on kidscasting?

A2: Kidscasting offers a variety of job opportunities, including film, television, commercial, and print work.

Q3: How do I register to be part of kidscasting?

A3: You can register to be a part of kidscasting by visiting their website and completing the registration process.