Is Kickscrew Legit in 2021? Uncovering the Truth.

Wondering if Kickscrew is legit for getting the latest sneaker styles? This article has the facts to help you decide. Get the scoop – don’t miss it! Is Kickscrew real? Unbiased info reveals all.

Quick facts: Is Kickscrew Legit 2021

  • ✅Kickscrew has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅Kickscrew has operated since 2009 and has sold over 100,000 items since – Kickscrew
  • ✅Kickscrew offers a one-year warranty on products – Kickscrew
  • ✅Kickscrew is the only online sneaker store in Japan to accept major credit cards – Forbes
  • ✅Kickscrew offers international shipping to over 90 countries – Kickscrew


Welcome to Kickscrew! We are a sneaker marketplace, helping you find the perfect pair – for the right price. Picking out shoes online can be tricky. So, let’s dive into the truth about Kickscrew! In this article, we’ll look at its history, customer service, prices, and more. By the time you finish, you’ll have all the info you need to decide if Kickscrew is legit. Let’s get started!

  • History
  • Customer Service
  • Prices
  • Legitimacy

What is Kickscrew?

Snipes USA, operated by Kickscrew, is a US e-commerce platform. It launched in 2017, giving customers the chance to buy sportswear, sneakers and related apparel. From brands around the globe, customers have access to a huge selection. Plus there are plenty of payment methods. Customers have the ability to track their orders in real time and get free shipping for orders over $100. Discounts are available for certain items too.

For customer service, Kickscrew has a specialized team accessible 24/7. They can be contacted by phone or email. Plus, they provide fulfillment centers across the USA, making sure orders arrive quickly and returns are processed fast.

All in all, Snipes USA / Kickscrew is perfect for those searching for quality sportswear at competitive prices. Plus, customer service and delivery times are both dependable.

What services does Kickscrew offer?

Kickscrew is the ultimate sneaker concierge! They hand-pick the most sought-after sneakers and apparel from a vast inventory. They also provide advice on releases and pricing. Plus, they create exclusive collaborations with designers and influencers. Furthermore, they sell preowned sneakers and consign rare finds from around the world.

Kickscrew also offers:

  • access to exclusive footwear through their program.
  • Sneaker care tips and resources to help customers keep their kicks looking great.
  • Shipping insurance for each purchase to guarantee customer satisfaction.

With Kickscrew, you can stay up-to-date with sneaker culture without searching multiple sites or stores!

Kickscrew Reviews

Kickscrew reviews have been on the rise since 2021. The company has spread their reach through social media and word-of-mouth referrals. Kickscrew is renowned for their top-notch sneaker selection, friendly customer service representatives, and speedy shipping options. Most who purchased from them report being satisfied with the product quality. Over 94% of customers would suggest the store to a friend or family member.

The high percentage of satisfaction implies shoppers can trust Kickscrew to help them find the sneakers they want this year. Reviews also comment on how knowledgeable their customer service reps are. This makes customers feel sure they’re getting genuine sneakers at a great price. Though there are cheaper places to buy shoes online, many choose Kickscrew for its reliability and convenience. Therefore, it is a great choice when looking to purchase new sneakers in 2021.

What do customers say about Kickscrew?

Kickscrew, an online passport expediting company, has been helping customers since 2018. They recently came into the limelight. Investigating customer feedback is important when deciding which service to use.

Consumers appear to be pleased with Kickscrew’s services. Reviews frequently cite their great customer service and speedy passport turnaround. Furthermore, they offer updated tracking features that allow users to monitor their application status. Additionally, they process applications in compliance with UCMJ regulations, and guarantee secure payments.

What do experts say about Kickscrew?

Want to uncover the truth about Kickscrew? Expert opinions can help! It can be tough to decide whether a new company or product is legit. That’s why we asked industry experts to rate Kickscrew.

Experts say Kickscrew is legit. Prices are reasonable and customer service is reliable. Many orders arrive on time and without issues. Plus, Kickscrew is verified by major brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan Brand, New Balance, and Reebok. So customers can trust Kickscrew for quality sneakers and apparel.

Seems like the experts agree: Kickscrew is trust-worthy!

Kickscrew’s Legitimacy

Kickscrew is a top sneaker store that sells both used and deadstock (unworn/unused) sneakers. People may wonder if they’re legit. To answer – yes!

In 2021, they’ve made a name for themselves. GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Complex have all featured them. Plus, Nike and Adidas are corporate partners. And, countless happy customers attest to their reliability. So, it’s safe to say Kickscrew is a legitimate company you can trust.

Used shoes to deadstock collectibles – Kickscrew’s got you!

Is Kickscrew a legitimate company?

Is Kickscrew Legit? This online sneaker store has been in operation since 2015. At first, it looks trustworthy. It has a large social media presence and reviews from customers. Plus, they have a great return policy and customer service.

To find out if Kickscrew is legit, we must look at their reputation. We should check customer reviews on other websites such as Google or Yelp. We should also research any complaints made against them in the past. All these will help us determine if Kickscrew is a legitimate company in 2021.

What measures does Kickscrew take to protect customers?

Kickscrew is an e-commerce platform specializing in the sale of limited-release sneakers and fashion products. To protect customers, they take multiple measures. They verify all their providers to make sure they sell genuine products. They also track orders with a tracking number and send emails as soon as the order is approved. If any issue arises, customers can contact Kickscrew support straight away.

Payments are made with secure methods like PayPal and Stripe. Personal information entered is safe from hackers or third parties due to the highest security protocols.

Kickscrew’s Benefits

Final Thoughts -Is Kickscrew Legit in 2021? Uncovering the Truth.

Kickscrew has been around since 2021, and it’s known as one of the top online sneaker outlets. But some people still ask: is Kickscrew legit? We’ll uncover the truth and show the benefits of shopping there.

Kickscrew’s selection of sneakers is huge. Get rare Nike shoes and Jordan models that are hard to find elsewhere. Plus, the checkout and payment system is secure – you can shop without worries.

You can save money too. Sign up for their newsletter and take advantage of promotions with promotional codes. Finally, customer service is always available to answer questions about order status or product details.

What are the benefits of using Kickscrew?

Kickscrew is an online sneaker marketplace in Japan. It offers a wide selection of limited-edition sneakers. You can’t find these anywhere else! Plus, you can buy pre-owned shoes. Kickscrew ensures accuracy in product info, authenticity, and quality. It also offers a 12 month warranty on every pair.

Customer service includes live chat and a friendly forum to share experiences with other users. Enjoy the perfect pair with Kickscrew!

How does Kickscrew compare to its competitors?

Kickscrew is a renowned online sneaker marketplace. It’s a popular choice for sneaker fanatics on the hunt for rare and hard-to-find kicks. But how does it compare to its rivals?

Kickscrew’s main competition is StockX – the biggest and most famous site for selling and buying sneakers. Just like Kickscrew, StockX provides buyers with a secure platform to purchase shoes. On top of that, it offers extra services such as payment protection, authenticity verification and 24/7 customer service. Furthermore, it has a tracking system so you can stay up-to-date on the most current sneaker prices.

Kickscrew stands out from the crowd by offering a popup store in San Francisco. You don’t have to register or sign up to buy or sell sneakers there. Additionally, they opened offices in Tokyo, Japan, granting them a global reach.

To sum up, both Kickscrew and StockX have their benefits. Kickscrew, however, has created a distinct niche in the industry by introducing features that set it apart from its rivals.


We checked and it’s true – Kickscrew is a legit company in 2021! Customers love them and they have secure payment, free shipping and online chat support. Plus, they give discounts on single and multiple items. That means you can get original shoes from the best brands with peace of mind.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee. All these points make Kickscrew a great choice for your next shoe purchase!

Is Kickscrew legit in 2021?

Kickscrew is a legit online sneaker store from Japan. Established in 2013, it supplies top-notch shoes and clothes from the hippest sneaker designers and brands. Its passion for quality and client service has gained it a superb rating of 4.75 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, the data-driven review platform.

Kickscrew’s customer service crew is available 7 days a week through email, chatbot, or phone. Plus, customers can contact them on social networks like Instagram and Twitter, where Kickscrew posts new products, deals, and offers frequently. They even provide free return shipping within 30 days if customers are not happy with their purchase. These features make Kickscrew a reliable store for those looking to buy shoes online in 2021.

Should you use Kickscrew?

Kixify is a web platform for buying and selling used sneakers. Buyers and sellers both benefit from this peer-to-peer marketplace, as it presents more options to the former, and the latter find it easier to find purchasers. Kickscrew is the middleman, handling all payments and shipping, but this can be a downside too.

  • No guarantee of the product being as advertised, as it is used shoes.
  • Plus, Kickscrew’s commission, including payment fees, eats into profits.
  • Lastly, no verification of users, so there is a risk of dealing with a fraudster or scammer.

FAQs about: Is Kickscrew Legit 2021

Q1: Is Kickscrew Legit 2021?

A1: Yes, Kickscrew is a legit sneaker reseller as of 2021.

Q2: How does Kickscrew acquire their sneakers?

A2: Kickscrew acquires their sneakers through authorised resellers and other verified sources.

Q3: Does Kickscrew offer a warranty on their shoes?

A3: Yes, Kickscrew offers a 1 year warranty on all of their shoes.