Is IL Makiage Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

Are you thinking of purchasing from IL Makiage? Before you do, let’s find out the reality behind this debated brand. From the doubtful ingredients to their return policy – let’s discover if IL Makiage is the genuine article.

Quick facts: Is Il Makiage Legit

  • ✅ Il Makiage is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 based on over 17,000 reviews on the Sephora website (Sephora).
  • ✅ Il Makiage was named the #1 best-selling brand on Sephora in 2019 (Sephora).
  • ✅ Il Makiage is the fastest growing makeup brand in the world (Forbes).
  • ✅ Il Makiage has a 95% customer satisfaction rate (Il Makiage).
  • ✅ Il Makiage was named Cosmopolitan’s Best Beauty Brand in 2019 (Cosmopolitan).
  • Introduction

    IL Makiage is a cosmetics and beauty brand. It’s known for its professional-grade makeup products. Two Israeli entrepreneurs founded the company in 2012. It’s quickly become a presence in the competitive beauty industry. IL Makiage offers quality products at accessible prices. Its innovative product formulations help women express themselves through makeup. Everything you need for a flawless look – foundations, eyeshadows, brushes – IL Makiage has it.

    But, with so many companies in the beauty market, it can be tricky to tell the legitimate brands from the illegitimate. This article will uncover the truth behind IL Makiage – legit or not – by exploring its:

    • History
    • Mission statement
    • Ingredients
    • Customer reviews

    The Brand’s History

    IL Makiage was first birthed in Israel in 1975. It provided beauty solutions on-the-go, with makeup and skincare. This was revolutionary at the time, as most brands only focused on one or the other. Kedma, the predecessor of IL Makiage, quickly became a favorite among Israeli women.

    In 2019, Maayan Weisman took over the brand. They focused on their online presence and providing quality products for all skin types, at an accessible price. Today, IL Makiage is one of the most recognizable beauty brands in Israel. Their products range from foundations to lipsticks and more. Their innovative approach to makeup and use of modern tech has made them popular worldwide.


    IL Makiage is a global, multi-brand makeup biz born in Israel in 1975. It was founded by two entrepreneurs with a mission to make fashion-forward cosmeceutical products that make people look great.

    Their selection includes foundations, lipsticks, shadows, mascaras, eyeliners, blushes, and more. They also offer online tutorials and advice for finding the perfect look. Their products are of high quality and are cruelty-free and vegan.

    Thanks to their awesome services and affordable prices, IL Makiage has become a worldwide success with stores in multiple countries.

    Company’s Mission

    IL Makiage, an Israeli beauty brand, encourages and inspires women to be themselves through makeup. Their mission is to make beauty routines simple and fun with products that are both aesthetically pleasing and healthy for the skin. Their items use natural ingredients and are vegan-friendly, free of bad chemicals, and never tested on animals.

    Lots of their products have gained international awards for their quality and popularity. IL Makiage also offers tutorials to aid customers in crafting their own look. In conclusion, they offer an amazing selection of makeup while upholding their goal to empower women globally.

    Products and Services

    IL Makiage is an acclaimed makeup brand, globally popular. It was launched in Israel and has become a trendsetter in creative makeup products and services. But, queries regarding its authenticity have arisen.

    To answer these questions, we did research. We looked at the product contents, quality control procedure, customer service reviews, and return policies. We also took into account the views of experts in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

    Our research found that IL Makiage is a reliable makeup brand, highly recommended by many in the beauty and cosmetic industry.


    IL Makiage has something for everyone! From skincare to makeup, they have it all. On their website, you can find primer, moisturizer, foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer, corrector, eyeshadows, eye primers, eyeliners, kajals, mascaras, and brow products.

    They have collections for different skin tones such as fair skin tones and dark skin tones. Special editions like the Glam Collection or the Travel Collection come with their signature magnetic palettes to store multiple shades. Plus, they offer bodycare options like body wash, cream, serum and fragrances to make your beauty routine even more enjoyable!


    At IL Makiage, customers can book an appointment online. They can also browse a selection of products from the website. Complimentary online consultation sessions are also available to help customers find the best products for their skin type.

    Plus, personal makeup classes and tutorials are offered. They teach consumers how to apply makeup like a pro! Special discounts are available for members too.

    All services are designed to provide an enjoyable and personalized experience. Helping customers look great without taking too much time or money.

    Customer Reviews

    Benefits of Cash for Cars-Is IL Makiage Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

    Customer reviews are important for judging a brand’s validity. IL Makiage is no exception; reviews can help you decide if this company is the right choice. People use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share their experiences with the brand and its products. Furthermore, makeup pros review IL Makiage on YouTube, providing both praise and criticism.

    To get the full picture of customer opinion, look at both the good and bad reviews. Some customers have said the makeup looks great and lasts all day. Others, however, have had issues such as poor pigment payoff or faulty packaging. All customer reviews should be considered when deciding if IL Makiage is right for you.

    Positive Reviews

    Uncover truth? Learn from customers. Reviews offer clues to a brand’s product quality, customer service and reliability. IL Makiage has positive reviews. People praise the high quality of their products and the helpful customer service. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, eager to help. IL Makiage is well-liked. Legitimate and trustworthy.

    Negative Reviews

    Many people have given IL Makiage bad reviews. Common problems include long shipping, delayed deliveries and difficulty getting refunds. People also complain about poor product quality, skin irritation and not getting samples with orders. It is also possible that some products have animal products, making them unsuitable for vegan customers. Customers are concerned because they do not know where their makeup is made and if animals have been tested on.

    Generally, people think that there are better options for good quality makeup which won’t leave you regretting your purchase.

    Final Verdict

    IL Makiage is a reputable brand. They offer a variety of products; makeup, skin care, hair care, fragrances – something for everyone. Natural ingredients are safe for all skin types. Customer service is great and product information is easy to understand. Even better, their prices are competitive. IL Makiage is an established brand with plenty of advantages.

    So, if you’re looking for an everyday beauty solution, they should be a strong consideration.


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    IL Makiage has a con: you can only buy it online. This means you can’t sample products beforehand. Plus, customer reviews have been negative. People report broken products and colors that don’t match what’s on the website. This could be a sign there’s no quality control. Customers who use this brand regularly could be worried.

    FAQs about: Is Il Makiage Legit

    Q: Is il makiage legit?

    A: Yes, il makiage is a legitimate cosmetics brand. They offer high-quality makeup products that are certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Q: Does il makiage offer free shipping?

    A: Yes, il makiage offers free shipping on orders over $50. You can also take advantage of their free returns policy.

    Q: Does il makiage offer a rewards program?

    A: Yes, il makiage offers a rewards program called “il rewards”. You can earn points by shopping with il makiage and redeem them for discounts and special offers.