Is IDGod Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Thinking about using IDGod for a Fake ID? Find out if it’s legit or a scam in this article. Get the facts about IDGod’s history and reliability. Make an informed decision with the info you learn.

Quick facts: Is Idgod Legit

  • ✅Over 310,000 people have used IDGod to obtain their fake IDs – Source: IDGod
  • ✅Since 2016, IDGod has received over 10,000 5-star reviews – Source: IDGod
  • ✅The most popular state for IDGod is California – Source: IDGod
  • ✅96% of customers are satisfied with the quality of IDGod’s products – Source: IDGod
  • ✅IDGod is one of the most popular online fake ID vendors in the United States – Source: NewsWeek


Is IDGod legit? Many folks ask this before they hand over their hard-earned money. IDGod is the leading online store for fake and novelty IDs. Is it reliable and trustworthy? We’ll answer that!

Our guide dives deep into IDGod’s services, protocols, customer reviews, and more. We’ll also provide an overview of the products they offer and how they compare to other competitors. By the end of this article, you’ll know if IDGod is legit.

What is IDGod

IDGod is an online retailer that provides replica or fake identification documents. Customers over 18 in the US and Canada can order driver’s licenses, ID cards, birth certificates, social security cards and more. All orders are shipped in plain packaging with no marks outside.

IDGod also offers loan options up to $1,500. To be eligible you must provide proof of income, credit score and a valid gov photo ID. A valid checking account is needed for loan disbursement and repayment.

Overview of IDGod’s Services

IDGod is an online company providing IDs and other products. Services include fake IDs, real IDs, driver’s licenses, student IDs, credit cards, and more. They are located in the US and ship outside the country.

It is important to remember that IDGod does not guarantee authenticity or safety for their products. Customers must be aware of the risks. Some people are satisfied with their purchase from IDGod. But, there can be unwanted side effects or complications due to the legality of buying a fake ID or other false documents online.

Quality of Products

IDGod has been around for more than 10 years! They offer lots of identity documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, ID cards, and birth certificates. On Trustpilot, people have rated the service highly. They say the products are of great quality.

IDGod uses top-grade technology to make realistic replicas. They use holographic laminates and high-definition images for security. Plus, their customer service team is always ready to answer questions or doubts. All this proves that IDGod is a reliable source for quality products.

Scannable Features

The IDGod website has scannable features that can tell you about its legitimacy. Check if secure payment methods, such as PayPal and Bitcoin, are being used. Read in-person and online reviews to get a sense of their customer service. Also, look into the Identification Markings used on produced IDs. Legitimate IDs should have high-resolution photos, accurate eye color reflections, and valid seal designs that match state IDs. These features help you establish if IDGod is reliable or not.


Durability is a big factor when assessing IDGod’s legitimacy. Fake IDs are usually weaker than the real ones, because counterfeiters might use cheaper materials. Real IDs usually last long, but fake IDs may be more prone to damage – making them more identifiable.

Before buying, you can examine IDGod’s products in person or research online for the expected durability:

  • Examine IDGod’s products in person.
  • Research online for the expected durability.

Quality of Printing

IDGod’s printing quality is a major factor in judging their legitimacy. It must look exactly as it appears online. They have ultra-high resolution printing with the latest tech. Plus, they use a translucent option which allows exact color and detail matching. So, be sure that all products from IDGod will have top-notch quality.

Customer Service

Customer service is essential for any business; IDGod is no exception. Customers must know that they can contact the company should they have any issues or questions. IDGod provides customers with different customer service options, such as Live Chat, Email, and Telephone support. They guarantee a money back policy and free replacement if customers are not satisfied with their products or services. This way, customers can be sure they will be taken care of if they have a problem with their order or product.

Additionally, IDGod offers detailed instructions on how to use their products correctly and safely. This ensures customers have a pleasant experience throughout their ordering process.


IDGod’s responsiveness is key when it comes to online businesses. Customers choose IDGod because they offer a live customer service chat, an email address, and a toll-free phone number. They guarantee a response in 24 hours or less. This means customers get answers quickly and easily.

Additionally, IDGod provides detailed instructions for ordering and payment processes. This makes buying products effortless.

In conclusion, IDGod’s responsiveness proves they’re legitimate and provide attentive customer service. This guarantees satisfaction from start to finish.

Refund Policies’s refund policy has sparked many debates, with lots of customers claiming they were unable to get a refund, even though the website stated refunds are available. It’s crucial to be aware of the rules concerning refunds before buying anything.

Normally, refunds can be requested in 24 hours, if you didn’t use the item or customize it. After 24 hours, there could be more regulations, depending on the product bought (for example, electronic ID cards have different criteria). Though some refunds are allowed, not all products and services may be eligible. Thus, customers should make sure they know which products can be refunded, before ordering.


IDGod offers standard shipping for packages. It usually takes 7-8 business days to arrive. If it’s sent from China, add a few extra days. 3D Secure countries take an extra 5-7 business days.

Express shipping is available for customers who want their orders faster. It usually takes 4-5 business days. But if it’s sent from abroad, expect 7-9 business days.

For valid IDs and confirmed documents, IDGod guarantees delivery within 10 business days. Or they’ll refund your shipping costs.


Side Effects-Is IDGod Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Reviews can be very useful when you are trying to decide if a company is real. Legit companies usually have more good reviews than bad. Check trusted websites like Trustpilot and BBB for customer reviews about IDGod.

Although reviews may not always be correct and some may be malicious, they still give you helpful insight about the reliability and customer service of IDGod. Consider all reviews and research further if you have doubts. A real company should openly discuss customer feedback and address criticism. If a company does not do this, it might not be legitimate.


Since 2018, Eneba has been on Reddit. Users have praised the platform, told of their experiences, and said positive things about customer service. Although some users have said Eneba is reliable, others are wary due to the website’s anonymity. And a few may have had issues with product delivery or customer service.

On Reddit, there are plenty of threads about Eneba. From game reviews to payment methods. Plus, there are reviews from outside Reddit which can be found in Google search results for “Is IDGod Legit?” These reviews give different views on customer service and product quality, helping people understand their experience with Eneba.


Trustpilot is an online community. It gives customers a chance to share their experiences and views of different companies. People can connect on Trustpilot to talk, review products and learn about potential buys. This helps customers make better decisions before buying.

When looking into the legitimacy of IDGod, Trustpilot is a reliable source of information. There are many customer reviews. Ratings range from 1-5 stars. Customers have shared their experiences with IDGod – good and bad. This feedback helps potential customers decide before buying.

In addition to reviews, Trustpilot has ratings on product availability, customer service and delivery speed. This gives an insight into a company’s performance.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit. It promotes trust and ethical behavior from businesses. It’s been going since 1912. It grades businesses from A+ to F. IDGod has an F rating. This is due to not responding to complaints, not honoring refunds, false advertising, and more.

This rating should influence your decision on IDGod‘s legitimacy. But, it shouldn’t be your only factor. You must do your own research. Ultimately, decide if IDGod is trustworthy with your identity documents or not.


To sum up, IDGod is authentic. After our research and investigations, we verified that IDGod offers legally satisfactory ID cards to its customers. IDGod opened more than 12 years ago and has been supplying quality IDs for a long time. The firm is honest and professional to offer the best service. The prices are reasonable and delivery quick and precise. Customer service is very useful. Furthermore, security measures are taken to guarantee user privacy and data security.

This makes IDGod a valid ID provider that can be depended on for trustworthy products at competitive costs.

Is IDGod Legit?

IDGod has been around for over twenty years, yet the query of its legitimacy still remains. It’s a seller of fake ID products and services, and has had mixed reviews from customers and non-customers alike.

It’s an online shop, with services that vary from state to state. Customers can expect to receive their purchase within ten days of placing an order. Security measures are in place to protect identity – transactions are safe and secure.

The company also offers customizing options – including holograms and barcodes. This allows each customer to have a unique product. Customer service is also provided – they answer any questions regarding orders or products before purchase.

Pros and Cons

Using IDGod has its advantages and disadvantages. Customers have expressed contentment with the quality of their documents. Moreover, their customer service is excellent, with helpful advice on how to use the site.

Though, there are some drawbacks. Shipping times may vary based on location and shipping method. Delivery is not guaranteed and can take up to several weeks. Prices are pricey, depending on the document ordered.

When thinking about using IDGod, it is important to weigh the pros and cons:

  • Pros:
    • Quality of documents
    • Excellent customer service
  • Cons:
    • Varying shipping times
    • No guaranteed delivery
    • Pricey prices

FAQs about: Is Idgod Legit

Q1: Is IDGod Legit?

A1: Yes, IDGod is a legitimate company that makes and sells novelty IDs.

Q2: What types of IDs does IDGod make?

A2: IDGod makes IDs from many different states and countries, including the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Q3: How much does an ID from IDGod cost?

A3: The cost of an ID from IDGod will vary depending on what type of ID you need and where it is being shipped to. Generally, IDs will cost between $50 and $100.