Is Gotogate Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Their Services.

Not sure if Gotogate is the right travel booking service for you? Keep reading to get the facts and make an informed decision. Get an honest look at Gotogate and what they provide. Uncover the truth and decide!

Quick facts: Is Gotogate Legit

  • ✅ GoToGate has been in business since 2010. (GoToGate)
  • ✅ GoToGate is a legitimate online travel agency registered in the EU. (GoToGate)
  • ✅ Over 20 million customers have used GoToGate to book flights. (GoToGate)
  • ✅ GoToGate has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ GoToGate is one of the most trusted travel sites according to TrustPilot. (TrustPilot)


Gotogate – is it legit? Discover the truth in this article! An online travel service, they offer discounted flights, hotel bookings and rental car reservations. Plus, their user-friendly website and customer service team make it easy to book. But what about pricing, customer reviews, and any other drawbacks? Read on to know if Gotogate is the right choice for your next trip.

We’ll provide an in-depth analysis of their services. By the end you’ll have all the info you need to decide!

Overview of Gotogate

Gotogate is an independent flight search engine and booking service. It offers customers the best airfares from leading airlines and airports around the globe. On their website, users can compare prices, find the right fit for their budget and book their tickets. Gotogate also provides hotel bookings and car rentals.

The business was established in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden with a goal to make it easier for travelers to find the cheapest and most convenient flights online. With over 11 years of experience in the travel industry, Gotogate is now one of the top online travel firms in Europe. In 2020, they upgraded their platform. It has improved search algorithms, plus more options like

  • hotels
  • car rentals
  • activities
  • insurance packages
  • and more.

What services does Gotogate provide?

Gotogate is an online travel agency with a range of services – flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, activities and attractions. It’s become popular for its low fares and easy booking process. But questions have been asked about the company.

We’ll take a look at the booking process and see if it’s secure, reliable and provides good customer service. Also, we’ll compare their prices to other online travel agencies. Lastly, we’ll check out unbiased user reviews to find out if Gotogate is legitimate and worth considering for your next trip.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to figure out if Gotogate is legit. People have left comments and reviews, so potential customers can get an idea of the quality of service. Most reviews are positive and show customers are satisfied.

Generally, reviews suggest Gotogate is a good online travel agency with great deals on flights and hotels. They offer reliable customer service and provide clear info up front. This makes it simple for experienced travelers and newbies to research and book trips.

What do customers say about Gotogate?

Discover the truth about Gotogate’s services? Look no further than their customer reviews! Reviews show us what others have experienced.

Most reviews are positive. People appreciate the range of airlines to choose from, as well as the low rates. They also find the website easy to use and the booking process simple.

But, some people don’t like the slow response from customer service or refund processing. Overall, though, folks seem pleased with their experience using Gotogate for travel.

Pros and cons of Gotogate

Gotogate is a travel booking website that claims to provide the best online flight and hotel deals. But, is Gotogate legit? Let’s weigh the pros and cons to find out.


  • International network
  • User-friendly platform
  • Rewards program for frequent flyers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive rates for flights, hotels, and car rentals in 200 countries


  • Fees for bookings and cancellations
  • Extra charges sometimes applied when checking into a hotel or picking up a rental car
  • Customer reviews on review sites like Trustpilot suggest that they may not be quick to respond to issues.

So, when it comes to assessing Gotogate’s legitimacy, it’s important to consider both the positives and negatives.

Security and Safety

Gotogate takes safety and security seriously. They have protocols and measures to protect their customers. For example, an SSL encryption system to secure data when customers submit information and make payments. Plus, a strict privacy policy and compliance with PCI-DSS standards for payments.

Their fraud levels are low–less than one percent. All fraudulent activities are detected and stopped due to their systems. They offer 24/7 customer support and compensation in rare cases something goes wrong. Customers can trust Gotogate as it is a legitimate service with security layers in place to protect them.

Is Gotogate secure?

Is Gotogate secure and trustworthy? Yes! Gotogate has measures in place to protect personal info. They use SSL technology for transferring data between customers’ computers and their servers. Plus, Gotogate uses EV certificates to authenticate their website with a reliable third party. Fraud protection teams also monitor payments made on the site. So, transactions with Gotogate are secure!

Gotogate is based in Stockholm and offers flight bookings to over 130 countries. It is part of the eDreams Odigeo Group, one of the largest European suppliers of travel services.

Does Gotogate have a privacy policy?

Gotogate has a privacy policy that shows they care about your data. It explains how they collect and use it, who they share it with, and how secure it is. You can also find out what your rights are – like the right to access and correct your data. Plus, there’s info on opting-out of marketing communications.

Gotogate also has security measures in place so your data stays safe and secure.


Gameplay-Is Gotogate Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Their Services.

Gotogate offers great prices for flights, hotels, car hire and other travel services. Prices depend on destination and departure date. There’s a fare comparison tool to compare prices from different airlines and agencies. Plus, there are additional discounts like loyalty points and promo codes.

Gotogate also has a price guarantee. This guarantees customers get the best rate and refunds if another provider has a lower rate. Gotogate is reliable and transparent when it comes to pricing. They offer competitive rates to help you save money on your travels.

How much does Gotogate cost?

Gotogate’s services usually cost between $10-$20 for flights, and $4.99 for hotel bookings. They are clear about their prices which helps customers make wise decisions. Everyone has varying budgets, so Gotogate offers cheap options and discounts on packages. Plus, they have promotional offers from time to time. Their customer service team is fast to respond and willing to help with any questions or worries customers have.

Altogether, they provide excellent value for money, with competitive pricing versus other travel agents.

Are there any hidden fees?

When buying on eBay Motors, it’s hard to know if there are hidden fees. That’s why it’s essential to double-check the terms and conditions. For example, eBay Motors charges fees for buyers like registration, listing, and vehicle purchase. Plus, they have many features for searching cars.

Ask the seller too: are there any extra hidden costs? Gotogate is clear that there are no secret costs customers don’t know about before buying a car. They give a detailed breakdown of fees and taxes during checkout so customers can make an informed purchase.


Finally, Gotogate is a valid travel booking site that is part of the Flight Network group. Their tight security and user-friendly platform give dependable service to customers. Every review and comment from customers is great, which shows Gotogate is an honest travel booking firm. They offer services to suit tourists and corporate travellers alike.

With top-notch customer service and reliable products, Gotogate won’t let you down.

Summary of Gotogate’s services

Gotogate is an online travel agency. It gives customers the chance to save money on flights, car rentals and hotel rooms. There’s a wide selection of airlines for flights, and all the major car providers for rentals. Hotels can be found in both popular and remote places.

Customers can search for flights and accommodations using city or airport codes, or through a map. Travel insurance plans are available to give protection while away. Flight ticket cancellation options are also provided if circumstances change.

In conclusion, Gotogate offers competitively priced flight tickets and hotels.

Final verdict on Gotogate

Gotogate is legit and secure. It’s got great prices and customer service. Worth a try if you’re looking for a good deal on your next flight or hotel.

There were some negative reviews, but mostly mild. Most customers felt they got excellent service. The pros for using Gotogate beat the cons. Makes it a good option for travelers looking to book trips.

FAQs about: Is Gotogate Legit

Q: Is Gotogate legit?

A: Yes, Gotogate is a legit flight booking service that is part of the eTravel Group, which is owned by the Etraveli Group, one of Europe’s largest online travel companies.

Q: What kind of customer service does Gotogate offer?

A: Gotogate offers a customer service team that is available 24/7 to help with any questions or concerns customers may have about their flight booking.

Q: Does Gotogate offer competitive prices?

A: Yes, Gotogate offers competitive prices on flights, hotels and car rentals. They also have a price guarantee, ensuring that customers will always get the best price.