Is Going Merry Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Scholarship Platform

Heard of Going Merry? It’s the online scholarship platform. But is it trustworthy? This article reveals the truth! Is Going Merry truly helpful for you? Let’s find out!

Quick facts: Is Going Merry Legit

  • ✅ Going Merry is the largest scholarship platform in the U.S. with over $600 million in scholarships and more than two million users. (Going Merry)
  • ✅ Going Merry is a free online platform that makes applying for scholarships simpler and faster than ever before. (Going Merry)
  • ✅ Going Merry has awarded over $600 million in scholarships from over 1000 different sources and organizations to date. (ScholarshipOwl)
  • ✅ Going Merry is a trusted source for students, families, educators, and scholarship providers. (U.S. News & World Report)
  • ✅ Going Merry is dedicated to helping students in underserved communities find, apply for, and win scholarships. (The Balance)

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Is Going Merry legit? Let’s find out! It’s an online scholarship platform that helps students search, apply, and manage their applications in one place. It has a comprehensive list of over five million scholarships from 25,000 sources. Plus, it’s free for both students and educators.

Going Merry’s social media presence is large; 223,000 followers on Twitter and 125,000 likes on Facebook. But, is it the right fit for you? We’ll take a look into its features, pros and cons to help you decide.

What is Going Merry?

Going Merry is a scholarship platform that aids prospective college students. Users can make profiles, upload docs, apply for scholarships and monitor their applications. It provides various resources for users to pick the right scholarships and prepare successful applications. Going Merry has assisted millions of college students worldwide with over $700 million in scholarships in the last 5 years.

The platform has a simple application procedure which simplifies applying for multiple scholarships. It also has a strong search engine which makes it easy to discover high-value scholarships tailored to individual backgrounds and interests. Going Merry has 24/7 chat and automated email-followup reminders to help users stay on top of deadlines and submit applications.

What Does Going Merry Offer?

Going Merry is an online platform made for students of any age. It helps them find and apply for college scholarships from thousands of options. Students can search based on various categories like academic merit, need-based, sports-related, or even hobby-specific.

Going Merry simplifies the process by suggesting application materials, allowing online applications that can be saved and returned to later (depending on the student’s progress), and providing a comprehensive essay editor.

It also offers tools to track scholarship progress in real-time. For instance, students can set reminders for deadlines and get notifications when reviews occur on their application materials. To top it off, Going Merry gives resources like blogs and advice columns written by scholarship experts.

Going Merry’s Credibility

Going Merry is an online platform that helps students find college scholarships and apply for them. They vet each opportunity listed on their site, to make sure it’s a legit source. They research the credentials of the organizations, verify all websites and get rid of any false or misleading information.

They also use the “Trust Score” system. This assigns a numerical score to each organization and opportunity based on criteria such as website accuracy, content consistency, member ratings, and reviews from the community.

Students can also read feedback from people who have used Going Merry – so they know they’re in good hands.

Is Going Merry Legit?

Is Going Merry Legit? Yes! It’s been running for years and has helped students find more than 10,000 scholarships. Features like automated essays, reminders and notifications, organized materials and applications make it even better. Plus, Going Merry values privacy. All personal info is securely encrypted, so students’ data is safe.

Going Merry is legit and safe – a definite yes!

What Do Other People Say?

To check if Going Merry is a legit platform, reviews from people who’ve used it were examined. Reviews on sites like Google, Glassdoor, and Facebook all say Going Merry is dependable, user-friendly, and efficient. Many said it was very useful when researching scholarships. They praised the big database and easy search feature. Plus, they praised Going Merry staff for their quick customer service and friendly attitude.

In conclusion, judging from feedback, Going Merry is a real scholarship platform with lots of helpful resources for students seeking funding.

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Going Merry’s Features

Going Merry is a website aimed at assisting pupils in their college scholarship application process. It allows users to search and discover scholarships, complete applications in one place, and connect with other students in the same situation. The platform also helps institutions to attract students and promote their scholarships, plus offers advice on financial aid.

It offers guides and resources on various elements of the financial aid process. Such as scholarships for people with disabilities or undocumented students, applying for student loans and grants, managing debt, studying abroad, and more. It also provides different categories of searchable scholarships. Filterable by school type (public or private), degree program, state of residence, financial need status and more.

Going Merry keeps a detailed profile for each user. So they can monitor their applications progress efficiently.

Finding Scholarships

Scholarship searching can seem like a hassle. But, Going Merry can help! It’s a scholarship platform to make it simpler. With Going Merry, students can create a profile. Listing their academic, extracurricular, awards and financial needs details. Plus, they can include a video introduction.

After setting up their profile, they can search for scholarships that fit their criteria.

Going Merry is secure and reliable. They monitor the website with human moderators and automated systems. Plus, they have multiple servers in different locations. This helps ensure students have access to their services when needed. So, Going Merry provides students with hours of safe search time. Never a worry about being exposed or scammed.

Applying for Scholarships

Applying for scholarships is a good way to help pay for college. With scholarships, you don’t need to repay the money like a loan. It can be a relief when tuition bills come up!

There are a few ways to apply for scholarships:

  • Search online or talk to people about what’s available.
  • Visit your college’s financial aid office.
  • Going Merry is a great online resource. It has instructions and helpful resources. Plus, it reminds you of deadlines!
  • Join scholarship programs at local organizations or churches.
  • Volunteer for a tuition waiver at certain universities.

Remember to explore your options so you can make the best decisions about college!

Keeping Track of Applications

Going Merry is a great way to help students with applying for scholarships. Sign up, and you can apply to hundreds of scholarships in one place! Plus, all your applications are stored in one spot, so you don’t have to search emails and documents.

Going Merry also has handy features like reminders for submitting documents or filling out questions on applications. And if you haven’t finished an application, Going Merry remembers where you left off, so you don’t have to start over.

Pros and Cons of Going Merry

Introduction-Is Going Merry Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Scholarship Platform

Going Merry is a scholarship platform to help students discover and apply for scholarships. It syncs with common application forms and platforms used by universities. Going Merry allows users to search for scholarships based on their qualifications, interests and goals. Plus, it offers a personalized dashboard to monitor the progress of applying for these scholarships.

Benefits of Going Merry include:

  • The convenience of having all scholarship-related information in one place.
  • Efficient tracking of applications.
  • Access to a large pool of scholarships tailored to your qualifications and interests.
  • Free advice to help users get started.

Drawbacks of Going Merry include:

  • There are other similar services that offer better packages or features than what Going Merry does.
  • Users may feel overwhelmed when entering qualifications and extracurricular activities manually in order for them to be stored in the system.


GoingMerry is an online platform that helps students find scholarships and apply for them. Students can create a profile, search for scholarships they are eligible for, click on it to view more details, and apply through GoingMerry.

The advantages of using GoingMerry are:

  • It’s free.
  • It gathers information related to each scholarship.
  • There are over 10 million scholarships available.
  • Users can save their progress with an account.
  • They can fill out an online form to submit multiple applications at once, reducing paperwork.


Going Merry’s fees and rates might surprise some users. They are higher than other scholarship platforms. Each application has a $2 fee and a 6-10% commission on scholarships won. The Premium Plan costs $39.95. It gives access to features like personalized recommendations and details on success rate in applying for scholarships. Direct deposit payments sent via Going Merry have a processing fee. So, students and parents must think if the platform is worth the cost before signing up.


Going Merry is the real deal when it comes to finding scholarships. It’s got cool perks too, like personalized recs and a way to keep track of your progress. People say it’s easy to use and helps them win scholarships.

Plus, Going Merry keeps your data private. It won’t collect or share your information with anyone else. So, you can use it worry-free.

In conclusion, Going Merry is great for those searching for scholarships. It helps you find the right ones quickly and effortlessly.

FAQs about: Is Going Merry Legit

Q: Is Going Merry legit?

A: Yes, Going Merry is a legitimate organization. We are a college and scholarship matching platform that helps high school students find and apply to scholarships.

Q: Does Going Merry offer a secure website?

A: Yes, Going Merry is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We use industry-standard encryption technology to protect your information and use a secure server to store your information.

Q: Is Going Merry free to use?

A: Yes, Going Merry is free to use. We never charge any fees to our users.