Is Gift Rocket Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Service

Concerned about Gift Rocket’s trustworthiness? Puzzling if their gift cards and e-vouchers are okay? Dive in and find out the real story about this popular service.

Quick facts: Is Gift Rocket Legit

  • ✅ GiftRocket is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ GiftRocket has processed $500 million in gift card purchases – GiftRocket
  • ✅ GiftRocket offers a secure platform to purchase, send and receive gifts – GiftRocket
  • ✅ Over 2 million people have used GiftRocket to send gifts – GiftRocket
  • ✅ GiftRocket offers flexible payment methods, including debit and credit cards – GiftRocket
  • Introduction

    Gift Rocket is a renowned online gifting service. It allows users to give personalized digital or physical gifts to their friends and family. It’s not only about gift cards though! You can also buy items from partner retailers or send cash.

    Let’s discover the truth about Gift Rocket. We’ll look at its validity, safety and security measures, as well as customer service policies. Then, we’ll provide an in-depth review of Gift Rocket so you can decide if it fits your gifting needs.

    What is Gift Rocket?

    Gift Rocket is a U.S. gift card and cash delivery service. It allows users to send e-gift cards or Visa debit cards to friends and family. They can be sent via email, text, or directly from the site. Cash gifts can be added to Gift Rocket cards. Established in 2012, it has become one of the most popular digital delivery services. It operates in all 50 states and Canada.

    Consumers have praised Gift Rocket for its ease of use and range of gift cards. But is it legit? We’ll uncover the truth and take a closer look at what makes this service so attractive:

    What services do they offer?

    Gift Rocket is a unique online gift service! It provides customers with many options for sending gifts to their loved ones, such as:

    • Personalized greeting cards
    • eGift Cards
    • Charitable contributions
    • Restaurant experiences

    Plus, add a personal message or pictures/music. Cash amounts from $1 to $10,000 can be included too! In addition, Gift Rocket lets customers track where the gifts have been sent. This is great for those sending presents to multiple people – it offers peace of mind that all gifts will arrive in good condition, on time.


    When picking a gift service, it’s essential to make sure the firm is secure and real. This is especially true for Gift Rocket, as it’s a fresh service compared to established businesses like PayPal or Venmo.

    Gift Rocket employs 256-bit encryption and authentication for every transaction. The website also has an SSL-certification, which means all data passed is encrypted and secure. On top of that, they have a fraud monitoring system in place to detect odd activity and protect customers from fraud or identity theft. For each transaction, Gift Rocket makes sure all customer information stays private; they don’t use or share any personal info unless it’s needed for the order. Lastly, this service has an automated system which checks for errors prior to the payment system starts, reducing errors in payments.

    Is Gift Rocket secure?

    Gift Rocket is a well-known online service that lets individuals purchase and send digital gift cards. So, is it secure? Is it safe?

    The answer is yes! Gift Rocket puts in extra effort to safeguard its users. Transactions are encrypted using bank-level security and processed securely with third-party processor, Stripe. Plus, Gift Rocket meets all laws and regulations. Their privacy policies and data protection practices are in line with GDPR standards.

    To top things off, Gift Rocket has an A+ rating from the BBB and glowing customer reviews. All in all, you can trust Gift Rocket for your digital gifting needs.

    What measures do they have in place to protect customer data?

    Gift Rocket is a convenient service for sending money gifts. It’s grown in popularity with online payments. To protect customers, it uses security measures. It collects payment data with 128-bit encryption. Payment is done through trusted third-parties like PayPal and Stripe. After an order is fulfilled, payment data is encrypted and stored in a secure place. Customers can delete their accounts whenever they want.


    Reviews are an awesome way to know the truth about a service, especially if it’s popular or has had lots of attention. Talking about Gift Rocket, reviews can tell how people experience the service. They can also show stuff like if people found value in their gift cards, how satisfied they were with customer service, and what other services they may be interested in.

    Reviews also provide helpful hints and advice on how to use Gift Rocket properly. In the end, reviews can show if Gift Rocket is legit and if it’s right for customers.

    What do customers think of Gift Rocket?

    Gift Rocket gets great reviews for customer experience. People like the convenience of sending someone a gift card or cash via the website or app. Customers give it high ratings for being fast and having a user-friendly interface. The cards look nice, too. Plus, customers report recipients easily redeeming their gifts.

    All in all, people love Gift Rocket for its convenience and user-friendliness.

    Is there any evidence of fraudulent activity?

    Gift Rocket is a trendy service for gifting digital cards to family and friends. It’s a quick and easy way to give presents. But, many people have questioned its authenticity – whether it’s a scam.

    To answer this, we looked at various aspects of the company, such as customer reviews and security protocols. We also checked third-party sources like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot.

    Our research showed Gift Rocket is legit and not a scam. No evidence of fraud or any wrongdoing was found. Plus, plenty of positive customer reviews on Trustpilot indicate people have had good experiences. Lastly, GiftRocket is legit and can be used safely for digital gifts.


    Reviews of PCDiscountXA-Is Gift Rocket Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Service

    Gift Rocket is a gifting service that enables people to give gifts to family and friends – from restaurants to movie tickets or experiences. Prices depend on the gift sent, ranging from $25 to $150 or more. If you order more than $20, shipping is free. If you are sending a large number of gifts or having them shipped to multiple recipients, extra shipping fees may apply.

    Plus, users can add a personal message of up to 160 characters and a picture to the gift description.

    How much does Gift Rocket cost?

    The cost of a Gift Rocket depends on the amount you send. The minimum is $10 and the maximum is $2,000. Sending gifts within the U.S. has a flat delivery fee of $1.99 and generally arrives in two to four business days. Currently, only Canada and Australia are supported for international gifting. Delivery fees start from as low as $12. The recipient may have a 2% foreign transaction fee if they do not opt for an e-gift card.

    Payment for the Gift Rocket can be made via

    • credit/debit card
    • PayPal account

    Purchases made via bank transfer take several days and no additional fees.

    Is there a fee for sending or receiving money?

    Sending or receiving money with No problem! There’s no fee for either the sender or receiver. Transactions are free which makes it simple to use. Plus, no hidden fees like GiftRocket’s required membership or its smaller payment limit.

    You can pay with credit card, debit card, bank transfer, PayPal and even cash (in select stores). The platform supports US dollars and currencies from other countries too. Plus, use the easy tracking tool to quickly and easily track payments!


    Gift Rocket is convenient, but there are other options. For a more traditional gifting experience, try GiftTree or 1800Flowers. They have pre-made gifts from flowers to gourmet treats and baskets.

    To save money, use GiftCard Zen or Raise for discounted gift cards from popular retailers. Digital cards can be sent to the recipient via email or text.

    There are charities, too, if you’d rather donate in honor of the recipient.

    What other services are available?

    Gift Rocket isn’t your only option for gifting. There are other services that might work better for you.

    • CashStar, an e-commerce and digital gifting company, partners with retail brands to offer eGift cards from brands such as Amazon, Apple, Sephora and Starbucks. You can even get emails from CashStar with offers and promotions.
    • Giftagram is another great option. It’s a personalized gifting service that lets you send handpicked items from luxury brands to recipients. On Giftagram’s website, you can browse and select gifts from Home & Living, Health & Beauty or Fashion & Accessories. What’s more, these gifts come wrapped in ribbon and tissue paper!

    These two services are just some of the many available for sending gifts. They all offer a great way to show someone you care!

    How do they compare to Gift Rocket?

    Is Gift Rocket legit? Let’s look into it! It’s based out of San Francisco and powered by Stripe, a major payment processor. This helps to ensure secure purchases and safe customer data.

    Gift Rocket offers bulk shipping for businesses, a great way to save money on gifting in large amounts. There are a few downsides though. Fees are higher than Coach Outlet’s rates, and customer service has had a few negative reviews.

    But, GiftRocket is a legit business providing useful features for sending thoughtful gifts quickly and securely.


    Gift Rocket is legit. It’s a popular digital gifting service. Users can send money digitally. It’s safe, secure, and reliable. It offers a variety of digital payment options. Instantly and easily send money to family, friends, colleagues, or anyone special. Plus, get rewards and discounts on restaurants and hotels.

    Gift Rocket is great for electronic payments. Highly recommended for a hassle-free money transfer.

    Is Gift Rocket legit?

    Is Gift Rocket legit? Yes! It used to be called Giftly. The service is all about sending digital gift cards in a special way. There’s an app and website to send and receive gifts. They’re customizable, with messages, photos and videos.

    Gift Rocket is legit. It follows safety measures and has great customer service. Transactions are secure and gifts arrive quickly. No worries when using Gift Rocket!

    What are the pros and cons of using Gift Rocket?

    GiftRocket is an online gifting service that lets you send presents to friends and family. It has a simple interface and secure payment option, making it easy and convenient to use.

    It offers a variety of gifts for any occasion – from traditional cards to virtual cards, cash rewards or donations to charities. You can also personalize your message so the receiver knows who it’s from.

    A possible downside is that it has an OptOutPrescreen feature. This lets you opt out of receiving marketing emails from associated retailers. However, if you want promotional emails, you have to opt in each time.

    In conclusion, using GiftRocket depends on how much control you want over your privacy and which emails you want to receive.

    FAQs about: Is Gift Rocket Legit

    Q1: Is Gift Rocket a legit company?

    A1: Yes, Gift Rocket is legit. Gift Rocket is a secure online platform for sending and receiving digital gift cards.

    Q2: How does Gift Rocket work?

    A2: Gift Rocket allows you to purchase, personalize, and send digital gift cards to your friends and family. Recipients can then redeem their gift cards online or at participating retailers.

    Q3: Is there a fee to use Gift Rocket?

    A3: Gift Rocket does not charge any fees for purchasing or sending gift cards. Recipients may be charged a small fee when they redeem the gift card.