Is Fruit Street Legit? A Look at the Facts

Are you debating subscribing to Fruit Street? Learn the real facts and decide if it’s the ideal pick for you. As worries about online frauds increase, it’s critical to comprehend the reality of Fruit Street.

Quick facts: Is Fruit Street Legit

  • ✅ Fruit Street has been featured in multiple news outlets, such as Forbes and CrunchBase, as a legitimate health program (Forbes).
  • ✅ Fruit Street currently offers medically-supervised weight loss programs that are based on the Mediterranean diet (Fruit Street).
  • ✅ Fruit Street has a 94% success rate among its customers (Fruit Street).
  • ✅ Fruit Street is certified and approved by a national accreditation program for telehealth services (TeleBehavioral Health Institute).
  • ✅ Fruit Street has been named one of the top online health programs in the US by Entrepreneur Magazine.


Fruit Street is an online food delivery service. It delivers pre-portioned, organic meals to customers’ doorsteps. There are meal plans and delivery contracts. So busy people and families can enjoy healthy meals without grocery shopping or cooking.

At a glance, Fruit Street looks legit. But, scams on the internet make customers skeptical. Here, we’ll take a closer look. We’ll cover:

  • What types of foods they have
  • Their delivery process
  • Terms of use
  • Customer service options
  • Our verdict
  • Plus, more info!

What is Fruit Street?

Fruit Street— a HIPAA compliant health tech and telemedicine platform—offers assistance to people wanting to improve their diet and lifestyle. With certified nutritionists on hand, clients are able to work from the comfort of their own homes. Meal planning, nutritional coaching, progress tracking, recipe sharing, and health assessments are all made simple and easy.

In addition, Fruit Street provides lifestyle programs that promote healthy eating and physical activity. Connecting with registered dietitians, accessing personalized meal plans, real-time progress monitoring, and educational content like recipes and articles on healthy eating habits are all available. A legitimate and reliable way to get personalized dietary advice, Fruit Street is here to help!

Overview of the company

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Products and services offered

MLOKBox is a subscription-based service. It provides customers with meal kits, pre-made meals, snacks, and pantry items. They also offer helpful resources and tools to aid healthy eating choices, such as access to nutritionists, dietitians, and personal trainers. Plus, custom meal plans and food tracking tools.

All meals are made with fresh ingredients, carefully chosen for quality. MLOKBox ships direct from grocery stores, guaranteeing maximum freshness.


Researching health and wellness products? It’s important to read reviews. This is particularly true for medical apps like Fruit Street, as they affect physical health. Let’s take a closer look at user reviews.

Most are positive. Customers love the easy setup, features, customizability and range of diet options. They also talk about great customer service. This shows Fruit Street cares about customer experience, and resolving any issues.

It appears Fruit Street is a legit app offering quality services.

Overview of customer reviews

Evaluating Fruit Street’s legitimacy? Customer reviews are a great place to start. Each purchase gives data to make an informed decision. Most reviews of Fruit Street are positive. Customers rave about the quality of fruits and veggies, fast shipping and discounts.

Further proof of legitimacy: accreditations from the BBB and other assurance organizations. Plus, Fruit Street’s website states compliance with regulations and standards for consumer safety. All these facts show Fruit Street is a trustworthy biz providing quality goods and services.

Pros and cons of Fruit Street

Fruit Street is an online grocery store that brings fresh fruit, dairy, and other groceries to your door! This platform offers a large variety of products from local stores, as well as an easy-to-navigate interface for searching and ordering. Plus, it has a handy pick-up option for quick items, like bread, eggs, cheese, and other dry goods.

The advantages of Fruit Street include:

  • Delivering groceries straight to you.
  • A broad selection of local products from dependable suppliers/brands.
  • User-friendly interface for searching items quickly.
  • Pick-up option for faster items, such as bread and eggs.
  • Promotions like free delivery on orders over $50 and discounts.

On the other hand, the cons of using Fruit Street are:

  • Higher prices due to delivery fees.
  • You must buy a minimum amount for free delivery, which can be costly if you only need a few items.
  • Some places don’t have access to Fruit Street’s services.
  • If you live in a rural area, the selection of local products may be limited.


Conclusion-Is Fruit Street Legit? A Look at the Facts

Fruit Street wants to make sure it is trusted and transparent. So, it does things to prove its legitimacy. It provides advice through webinars and blog posts. It attends industry events like Health 2.0 and SXSW Wellness. Customers are happy with its meal delivery platform. It saves time and money and makes healthy meals easy to get.

Its partnerships with health care providers and nutritionists show its credibility in the industry.

Is Fruit Street a scam?

Fruit Street is a legit financial technology firm located in LA. It is also a registered money services biz with the US Dept of Treasury. It was one of the 1st payment companies to get a license to operate in California in 2016.

The company provides payment processing services, including custom payment solutions. They also use advanced fraud protection tools & industry-leading data security measures to ensure customer transactions stay secure.

Fruit Street’s mission is to make it easy for businesses – irrespective of size or industry – to accept payments online/via mobile devices. This protects them from risk & helps them reach their goals. With an intuitive platform that integrates easily into existing websites/apps, Fruit Street provides businesses an efficient way to grow their business within minutes of signing up.

Is Fruit Street safe?

Fruit Street customers want to be sure that their info is secure. The company is serious about security – they have a HIPAA-compliant dashboard which encrypts data and requires two-factor authentication for login. All payments are processed through protected PayPal systems.

The website also has a secure connection according to Yahoo Safe Browsing and VeriSign.

Reddit users have reviewed Fruit Street and shared their experiences. Overall, reviews have been positive. People are pleased with the convenience of the platform and services offered by Fruit Street’s team. It appears Fruit Street is safe and can help users reach their weight loss goals.

Is Fruit Street reliable?

Without a doubt, Fruit Street is reliable. They have an impressive record of delivering organic food to clients quickly. The ordering system is easy and includes auto-shipment. Customer service is helpful and responsive. Plus, their meal boxes come with competitive prices and a money back guarantee. All in all, Fruit Street provides dependable services and a great experience.


Fruit Street is a real business. It gives customers healthy meals, snacks, recipes and nutrition tips. It uses fresh ingredients, nutrition facts and subscription plans. This offers folks a unique way to get wholesome food. The website is safe and secure for orders, plus rewards for frequent customers. It also has a blog for dietary info.

In short, Fruit Street is legit and can help people make delicious meals that make them feel good.

FAQs about: Is Fruit Street Legit

Q1: Is Fruit Street Legit?
A1: Yes, Fruit Street is a legitimate online delivery service. They provide fresh, organic produce to customers across the country.

Q2: What are the prices of products on Fruit Street?
A2: Prices vary depending on the product, but Fruit Street offers competitive pricing for all organic produce items.

Q3: Does Fruit Street offer a guarantee for their products?
A3: Yes, Fruit Street offers a quality assurance guarantee for all of their products. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, Fruit Street will happily replace it.