Is Flight Club Legit? Get the Facts Before You Buy!

Thinking of buying from Flight Club? Get the inside info first! Is Flight Club legit? Is it worth it? Don’t get scammed! Get the facts before buying.

Quick facts: Is Flight Club Legit

  • ✅ Flight Club is a legitimate reseller of designer shoes and apparel, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ Flight Club has been in business since 2005, offering customers a great selection of rare and limited edition sneakers (Flight Club)
  • ✅ Flight Club operates both brick-and-mortar locations in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as an e-commerce website (Flight Club)
  • ✅ Flight Club has been featured in numerous publications, including GQ, Complex and Hypebeast (Various Publications)
  • ✅ Flight Club is an online community of sneaker enthusiasts, providing news and insights into the sneaker world (Flight Club)

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Flight Club is a well-known sneaker reseller that offers rare and hard-to-find sneakers for great prices. Many have heard of it, yet wonder if it’s safe or legit to buy from them.

This guide will look at customer reviews, background info, and website features to help determine if Flight Club is legitimate and dependable. It’ll also discuss how to guarantee that purchases are authentic, how to get customer service help, and tips on saving money when buying limited edition shoes. Lastly, the guide will provide a conclusion with a suggestion of whether shopping with Flight Club is worth it or not.

What is Flight Club?

Flight Club is an awesome place to buy or sell sneakers. It’s a platform that connects buyers and sellers. They offer 100% authentic Nike and Jordan brands. Flight Club is a respected source of shoes, with 8 years in the industry. All products are sourced from trusted sellers globally. Plus, they have a 100% refund if any purchases are counterfeit or not as described.

Their secure payment system and authentication service are great, and so is their buyer-friendly refund policy. Flight Club is the best spot to buy or sell pre-owned sneakers without any scams or fakes.

History of Flight Club

Flight Club is a sneaker reseller and retailer. Established in 2005, it’s now renowned worldwide. Branded trainers from Nike, Jordan, Adidas and more? Look no further – Flight Club has you covered! At their physical stores in LA and New York, or online, they have rare, limited edition shoes at competitive prices. Even better, purchases are covered by their 30 day return policy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on those sneakers today!

Flight Club’s Business Model

Flight Club is a wild sneaker marketplace! You can buy, sell, and trade all sorts of sneakers online. It’s not a typical retail store. It has a primary market (shipping from its warehouses) and a secondary market (purchasing from other users). This special business model means Flight Club offers rare, hard-to-find sneakers at good prices. Plus, they have premium shoe care products to make sure your investment is safe.

Flight Club’s platform is efficient and profitable for sneakerheads of all levels.

Are Flight Club Sneakers Authentic?

Sneaker-lovers often ask: is Flight Club authentic? The answer is a definite YES! Flight Club is a legit re-seller, offering only certified and carefully chosen goods. All items are checked by experienced team members who make sure they meet authenticity standards.

They offer a unique mix of deadstock, vintage and modern styles. Plus, detailed product photos show the shoes from all angles and provide info about condition. Customers can buy with confidence, knowing they’re getting genuine kicks. Flight Club’s extensive selection means everyone can find something they like.

Flight Club’s Authentication Process

Flight Club has a strict authentication process. They clean and resell shoes at low prices. All items are checked by an expert, which guarantees that you get a genuine item. Flight Club also offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

With this process, Flight Club is one of the most trusted online retailers for rare sneakers.

Flight Club’s Grading System

Flight Club grades pre-owned sneakers. 10/10 is brand new and 0/10 is the lowest grade. 9/10 is ‘like-new’. Anything below 7/10 is worn. Unlike other companies, Flight Club’s system is objective. It’s easy for customers to understand and verify.

From Light Roasts to Flight Club’s Grading System, these headings provide an overview of common characteristics. Readers can learn more before deciding what to buy.

Flight Club’s Pros and Cons

Pricing-Is Flight Club Legit? Get the Facts Before You Buy!

Flight Club is an online sneaker store that buys, sells, and trades authentic sneakers. They offer a wide selection of rare and exclusive shoes. Plus, hassle-free returns and good customer service.

Pros of Flight Club include access to hard-to-find, limited edition sneakers. You can return any orders you’re not satisfied with. Returns are hassle-free and customer service is excellent.

However, prices can be quite high. Especially for appreciated Jordans due to demand. Shipping may cost extra depending on where you live. Sales are not always available, so you may have to pay full price for a shoe.


Flight Club offers many pros. The most attractive? A vast selection of shoes! Over 500 pairs in stock, with new arrivals daily. Prices are competitive, and you might get a good deal! Plus, customer service is great. Knowledgeable staff can help with product selection and any problems.

All orders come with free, insured domestic shipping. Delivery time is quick – 1-3 business days. Lastly, Flight Club offers buyer protection. Complete satisfaction or your money back!


Earnin is an app that gives users their pay before the usual paycheck. But, it has pros and cons, so it’s essential to think over all factors before deciding if Earnin is right for you.

One of the cons is the fee structure. Sometimes, people must give a “tip” when getting pay early, which can add up quickly. Also, there are $100 per day and $500 per pay period withdrawal limits. This may be difficult for those who need more than these amounts for a certain reason. Finally, some reports say Earnin’s customer support is slow due to high demand, which could delay customers getting the help they want.

Alternatives to Flight Club

Flight Club is a popular spot for sneakers. But, some customers may want to double check authenticity. No worries! There are other sites and services that offer a secure shopping experience for rare and sought-after shoes and apparel.

StockX, GOAT and Stadium Goods have a great selection of the hottest brands. Verification systems on these sites provide customers with peace of mind. Plus, returns are an option if something goes wrong.

Kith, Ubiq and Sneaker Politics are other great choices. They all make sure products are checked before sale.

In conclusion, Flight Club is a great place to shop, as long as you do your research first. That way you can find the perfect place to buy shoes online!


StockX is legit for buying and selling original sneakers, streetwear, watches, and more. It’s in countries like the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia. It guarantees buyers a safe way to buy quality goods from trusted sellers. It has a authentication process that confirms items before they are sent.

Plus, it has a online resource called “The Sneaker Report”. That helps buyers make good choices. All sales are backed by an escrow service. That means both the buyer and seller get their money when the sale goes through.


GOAT is an online marketplace for sneaker consignment. GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time, symbolizing its mission of providing the best sneaker experience. Customers can find rare, limited-edition and collectible sneakers from Nike, Adidas, and Air Jordans.

The app helps you track your shipment and rate your purchase experience. There is a “Sneaker of the Day” section with exclusive deals and discounts. GOAT also offers a “Legit Check” service to verify if shoes are authentic before buying.

Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods is an online marketplace that provides customers with secure shopping. SSL encryption tech is used to protect customers’ personal information, payment details, and other data collected. The website is monitored for potential fraud and cybercrime.

Customers are encouraged to create strong passwords with a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Two-factor authentication is required for all purchases. A one-time code is sent to customers via email or text message before they can finish the transaction. These measures ensure a safe experience shopping at Stadium Goods.


Overall, Flight Club is trustworthy. They have a well-known name due to their long history in the market. Moreover, they guarantee that all shoes are genuine, even rare ones. Additionally, their customer service and return policy make it easy to get help if needed. Furthermore, they offer attractive discounts on certain styles, plus hundreds of shoes from various brands.

With all these benefits, Flight Club has earned its spot as one of the top online retailers for sneakers and other shoes.

FAQs about: Is Flight Club Legit

Q: Is Flight Club a legitimate business?

A: Yes, Flight Club is a legitimate business. They are a well-known reseller of sneakers, apparel, and accessories and have been in business for over 18 years.

Q: Does Flight Club sell authentic products?

A: Yes, Flight Club only sells 100% authentic products. All items are inspected for authenticity before they are shipped out.

Q: Does Flight Club have a physical store?

A: Yes, Flight Club has two physical stores located in New York City and Los Angeles.