Is Farfetch Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Luxury

Pondering a purchase of designer clothes from Farfetch? Don’t fret! We’ll uncover the reality behind the luxury online fashion platform. Let’s get to it – Farfetch it is!

Quick facts: Is Farfetch Legit

  • ✅ Farfetch is rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot with a score of 8.9 out of 10, based on over 2,500 reviews (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Farfetch ships to over 190 countries globally (Farfetch)
  • ✅ Farfetch has over 500 luxury and boutique brands available on its website (Farfetch)
  • ✅ Farfetch has experienced a 50% year-on-year growth since 2017 (Business of Fashion)
  • ✅ Farfetch is majority owned by the luxury conglomerate Richemont (Business of Fashion)

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Farfetch is an online luxury fashion platform. It offers a huge selection of trendy designer clothes, shoes and accessories at competitive prices. José Neves founded the business in 2007. Now, it’s one of the top online luxury retailers. It has over 5 million customers all over the world. Farfetch is committed to giving a smooth shopping experience. That’s why it’s becoming a go-to source for luxury items from big brands like Alexander McQueen and Gucci.

But, many wonder if Farfetch is legit. This article will tell you the truth and why customers and critics love it.

What is Farfetch?

Farfetch is an online marketplace for luxury fashion. It sells clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories from designer brands. This digital platform links boutiques from around the globe with fashion-loving shoppers who are looking for something unique, special, or exclusive.

From Farfetch, customers can find items from over 2,000 stores. The company checks each item for quality and authenticity before it ships. Farfetch offers delivery in 180 countries and personalized styling recommendations. Thus, it’s great for those who want to buy luxury items without leaving home or traveling abroad.

Farfetch’s Reputation

Farfetch is a legitimate online luxury fashion retailer. It has been in action since 2008 and is located in London. Nevertheless, its reputation has been damaged due to the high prices and shipping times.

The reality is that Farfetch is extremely dependable and their items are great quality. They provide free returns, free shipping, item authentication checks, and price match guarantees. Additionally, their products are offered at competitive prices that fit any budget. Additionally, they have a team of professionals ready to help with any questions or concerns you have about your purchase.

All in all, Farfetch is a forerunner in the luxury fashion retail world.

Customer Reviews

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Returns and Refunds

Farfetch offers 14 days for returns. If a customer gets a damaged or wrong item, they get a full refund in store credit or payment reversal. Customers can also return any product they don’t like and receive store credit.

They also have “collect on delivery” service. A customer can purchase and decide to keep or return the item. If returning, it’s free of charge. They pay the delivery fee if keeping the item.

Farfetch’s policy is made to make sure customers are happy with their purchase. If not, they can easily return it.

Payment Security

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How Farfetch Works

Pros and Cons-Is Farfetch Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Luxury

Farfetch is a revolutionary online marketplace for luxury fashion! Here, customers can shop from over 3,000 boutiques around the world. Ranging from big luxury houses to independent boutiques, and even up-and-coming designers. Plus, there’s no need to worry about what’s available in your own city – Farfetch has it all!

On top of convenience, Farfetch also offers incredible customer service. Plus, they offer personalization options like virtual stylists, and same-day delivery in some areas. Payment methods and currencies vary, and orders are sent directly to the chosen boutique. With each item comes its own certificate of authenticity. And all purchases are protected by their Buyer Protection program, guaranteeing refunds in certain cases. It’s no surprise that Farfetch is one of the most trusted sources for luxury fashion online.

Shipping and Delivery

When it comes to Farfetch, customers can expect multiple delivery and shipping options. Most orders are shipped out in two days. But, buyers who need their items quicker can select express shipping.

Farfetch also offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount. This depends on the country. Generally, most large countries have access to free shipping if the order is big enough. Plus, Farfetch offers tracking for each order, so customers can follow their purchase on its journey to them.

Most Farfetch customers are pleased with the delivery and shipping services. People report that their orders arrive in good condition, within the expected time. With the option of free shipping and tracking available, customers can rest assured that their purchase is secure!

Customer Service

When researching a company’s credibility, customer service is key. Farfetch offers customers a committed team which can be reached via online chat, email or phone. Plus, their website has a live chat for customers who need help or have queries. Generally, fast responses are received on the platform.

Farfetch also provides services to aid customers in making wise decisions when buying. Prospective buyers can access their buying guide for tips on choosing pieces that suit their budget and wardrobe. Reviews from real customers on their experiences with Farfetch products can also be read prior to making a purchase.

Pros and Cons of Shopping at Farfetch

Farfetch is a global marketplace for luxury fashion. It sells clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from over 1000 boutiques worldwide. It offers the latest trends, free shipping, free returns and various payment methods.

Pros: Farfetch has a wide selection of designer items. They provide international shipping with low rates and fast delivery. Returns are easy and all items are guaranteed to be authentic. Plus, they have a loyalty program offering discounts.

Cons: Prices tend to be high. With so many options, finding what you want can be difficult. Also, prices may be lower on other markets, like Amazon, due to their buying power and inventory.


Yes, Farfetch is a real and reliable luxury fashion store. It has a wide variety of high-end clothes and accessories. Plus, it has a secure payment system and clear pricing. Shipping is fast and customer service is great. Safety protocols are in place to protect customers’ info.

In conclusion, Farfetch is a great choice for those who want designer items with amazing customer service.

FAQs about: Is Farfetch Legit

Q: Is Farfetch Legit?

A: Yes, Farfetch is a legitimate business. Farfetch is a global fashion platform that connects customers to the world’s leading luxury boutiques, providing customers with access to over 400 boutiques and over 2,000 brands.

Q: Is Farfetch Safe?

A: Yes, Farfetch is a safe place to shop. They have a secure checkout process, and their website is encrypted with SSL technology to keep your personal data safe and secure. They also provide a 100-day free return policy.

Q: How can I contact Farfetch?

A: You can contact Farfetch via phone, email or live chat. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.