Is Event Ticket Center Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Searching for the ideal event ticket? Contemplate this review before buying from Event Ticket Center. Get to know if it’s genuine or not, so you can make a well-informed decision.

Quick facts: Is Event Ticket Center Legit

  • ✅Event Ticket Center is an officially registered and licensed Ticket Broker in the state of California. (EventTicketCenter)
  • ✅Event Ticket Center is rated A+ by the BBB and is a proud member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. (EventTicketCenter)
  • ✅Event Ticket Center offers a 100% Buyer Guarantee that customers will receive their tickets in time for their event. (EventTicketCenter)
  • ✅The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been providing ticketing services since 1981. (BBB)
  • ✅Event Ticket Center is one of the leading sellers of tickets on the secondary market and is known for offering consistently low prices. (Statista)

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What is Event Ticket Center?

Event Ticket Center is an online ticket reselling biz founded in 2003. It’s one of the biggest secondary market ticket sellers in the US. They provide tickets for sports events, concerts, theater shows and festivals.

For 17+ years, Event Ticket Center has given customers a safe and handy way to buy tickets for events all over the globe.

  • Their customer service gurus are there 7 days a week to answer any questions.
  • Plus, they have a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, they’ll exchange or refund it if you contact their support team.
  • All purchases are secured by Verisign encryption tech, so you can feel safe that your info is secure.

Overview of the company

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Services offered

Event Ticket Center is an awesome online platform! It enables customers to buy tickets for concerts, sports games, theater shows and more across the U.S. It operates in most states. Plus, tickets come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • Secure payment processing? Done.
  • All major credit cards accepted? Sure.
  • 24/7 customer support? You got it.
  • Discounts? Of course!
  • Plus, customers can track their orders in real time and get refunds if plans change or events are canceled.

Event Ticket Center is a legitimate business that provides quality ticketing services.

Complaints and Reviews

Our Complaints and Reviews section investigates any issues folks have had with Event Ticket Center. It’s super important to know what customers think before doing business. We look at reviews of Event Ticket Center on customer forums, Trustpilot and Google, and other sources. We also examine complaints filed with the BBB, so you get the whole picture.

This section is a must-have for finding out if Event Ticket Center is legit. A quick search of customer reviews will help you understand the service, refunds, customer service inquiries, and most importantly, if people have had good experiences with Event Ticket Center. Reading the reviews should help you decide if it’s worth taking a chance on them for your next ticket purchase.

Review of customer complaints

Customers of Event Ticket Center have had mixed experiences. Some felt tricked by the website’s ads, while some got tickets that were not genuine or of low quality. Waits for customer service were too long and refund requests were hard to carry out.

Event Ticket Center has attempted to address these complaints, yet many still remain dissatisfied. Therefore, caution should be taken when ordering tickets from this website. Researching ticket authenticity and quality prior to buying is highly recommended.

Analysis of customer reviews

We studied customer reviews from both TripAdvisor and Yelp to get a better idea of how customers think about the services of Event Ticket Center.

Most reviews were positive. Many customers stated that Event Ticket Center went beyond their expectations. The helpful staff, quick customer service, and accurate ticket delivery were praised.

Though, there were some complaints. Mainly about ticket prices being higher and tickets not coming on time.

In conclusion, it looks like Event Ticket Center is legitimate. Customers seem to be content with their services.

Legitimacy of Event Ticket Center

Event Ticket Center is a ticket reseller. On the outside, it looks legit, offering tickets for concerts, sports and theater at decent prices. However, reports tell of customers not being able to attend events they purchased tickets for. This has left many asking: Is Event Ticket Center legit or a scam?

To know if this company is trustworthy, one must look at their track record, customer reviews and official statements. That way, you can decide whether you can trust Event Ticket Center or not.

Background check

To find out if Event Ticket Center is legit, a background check is needed. Knowing about the company is the key.

The background check involves looking into the history and operations of the business. This includes:

  1. How long it has been around.
  2. Its past practices.
  3. Customer feedback and reviews from other businesses in the ticketing industry.
  4. Checking for legal issues or red flags.

Taking this all into account will help you make a decision on whether to purchase tickets through Event Ticket Center or not.

Analysis of the company’s business practices

Event Ticket Center is a trusted ticket broker. It’s been in business since 2009, and has sold over 5 million tickets. They focus on giving customers the best experience. Customers get their money back if the tickets don’t match what was advertised. Event Ticket Center screens their vendors and makes sure they meet strict industry standards. Payments are secure and guaranteed through their website.

They also offer a loyalty program for repeat customers, so they can earn rewards. It’s clear that Event Ticket Center is a legitimate broker with an excellent rep for quality service and customer satisfaction.


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Research and analysis shows Event Ticket Center is legit. Though there are customer complaints on the net, most are from issues with customer service or contact problems. Always check out companies before buying. Read reviews, make sure you feel safe giving financial/personal info before payment.

In conclusion, Event Ticket Center is authorized and reputable, selling affordable tickets for popular world events.

Summary of findings

Event Ticket Center gives people access to a big range of events and concerts. You can buy tickets for sports, theatre, music, and others via their website.

Our research shows that Event Ticket Center is real, not a scam or fraud. It’s been operating since 2001, and is a registered business in Utah. Most customer reviews were good, saying they had smooth transactions and fast delivery. However, some said the service fees were too high, or prices were higher than they said.

Overall, we found Event Ticket Center is a reliable ticket vendor for events around the world.


Event Ticket Center offers SmartFares. These provide a unique way to save on concerts, sports events, and other entertainment. Customers can save 10-50% off tickets – depending on the event and availability. Prime seating is included. You can also have tickets emailed or mailed. Most venues allow e-ticketing and mobile ticketing.

However, there are two things to keep in mind before booking:

  • Refunds aren’t issued with SmartFares.
  • Customers won’t know the seat they are assigned until they book – which may not be suitable.

Event Ticket Center provides legitimate tickets with great value, but you must be aware of these points.

FAQs about: Is Event Ticket Center Legit

Q: Is Event Ticket Center legit?

A: Yes, Event Ticket Center is a legitimate ticket sales company. They are a secondary ticket marketplace that provides fans with access to tickets to events that are often sold out. They guarantee the authenticity of all tickets purchased.

Q: Are tickets purchased from Event Ticket Center safe?

A: Yes, tickets purchased from Event Ticket Center are safe. They guarantee the authenticity of all tickets purchased and will refund or replace any tickets if needed.

Q: Does Event Ticket Center offer refunds?

A: Yes, Event Ticket Center offers refunds and replacements for all tickets. They will refund or replace any tickets if needed.