Is Efile Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind This Popular Tax F

Wondering if Efile is legit? You’re not alone! This article will reveal the truth. Get ready to have your questions answered and find out why Efile is the #1 choice for taxes. Uncover the facts and gain peace of mind.

Quick facts: Is Efile Legit

  • ✅ Over 155 million Americans used e-file to submit their taxes in 2018 (Internal Revenue Service)
  • ✅ E-filing has increased significantly since it was first introduced in 1986, with more than 95 percent of all tax returns filed electronically in 2018 (Internal Revenue Service)
  • ✅ E-filing is safe and secure, and the IRS does not charge any fee for using the service (Internal Revenue Service)
  • ✅ The use of e-file for business tax returns is on the rise, with close to 1.4 million businesses filing electronically in 2018 (Internal Revenue Service)
  • ✅ According to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, e-filing is the fastest and most accurate way to file taxes (Taxpayer Advocate Service)


Is Efile legit? We wanted to know the answer. So we researched the pros and cons of Efile. It’s an online tax filing website that lets you file taxes quickly and securely. But, some may hesitate to trust it with their sensitive financial info.

We’ll look at some alternatives for filing taxes. After this, you’ll know if Efile is a good fit for you.

What is Efile?

Efile is a great option for tax filing. It’s designed to make it secure and simple. You don’t need an accountant – just submit directly to the IRS. The website is easy to use, with step-by-step instructions. Plus, it offers free help with common questions. And you can upload documents like W2s or mortgage statements.

Efile creates a safe space to finish your taxes with ease. So it’s perfect for anyone who wants to file online!

The Pros and Cons of Efile

Efile is an online filing system that many people use for its convenience, accuracy, and security. It’s fast and easy to use, with a secure system to protect personal info. Accuracy is guaranteed by the IRS. Financial institutions may offer discounts too.

Not all states or forms are available for online filing. Some documents must be printed and signed before submitting. Fees may depend on the plan or level of service.

Understand the pros and cons of Efile to make an informed decision when filing taxes this year:

  • Pros:
    • Convenience
    • Accuracy
    • Security
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Discounts from financial institutions
  • Cons:
    • Not all states or forms are available for online filing
    • Some documents must be printed and signed before submitting
    • Fees may depend on the plan or level of service


Efile is a popular online tax filing service used by millions of Americans. It offers benefits like ease of use, accuracy, and saves time. Up-to-date forms make it simple to fill out and submit returns. Its streamlined layout makes it easy to navigate. Banks and other financial institutions integrate with it, allowing for fast updates. All data is protected with secure encryption protocols, so your information is safe from malicious attempts.

Plus, Efile provides excellent customer service. If you need help with a refund or a form, they respond in a timely manner.


Efile is popular and convenient for filing taxes, but it does have a few drawbacks. It offers fewer free services than an accountant or tax preparer, which could cost more. Filing taxes online with Efile is secure, but some people may prefer the hands-on approach of doing it in person. Also, you must make sure to choose the right filing status when using Efile – errors could lead to fines.

Before deciding if Efile is right for them, people should weigh their options carefully:

Is Efile Legit?

Introduction -Is Efile Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind This Popular Tax F

The big question is: Is Efile Legit? Generally, it’s a secure method to file your taxes online. Efile encrypts data to protect personal info. Furthermore, all e-filing providers must be approved by the IRS.

Moreover, extra security measures like two-factor authentication and extra passwords are offered by many providers. This makes Efile just as secure, if not more so, than paper-filing. With its user-friendly interface and security features, Efile is certainly worth considering when filing taxes this year!


Submitting taxes? Make sure the site you use is secure. Efile encrypts all data with 128-bit SSL. Their servers are in a secure data center and monitored 24/7 by certified staff. User authentication and access control measures are implemented. Only authorized personnel can access customers’ data. The website is also scanned daily for malware or viruses.

Efile provides the most up-to-date security measures available to ensure the safety of its users.

Customer Service

Customer service is a must-have when judging a company’s legitimacy. Efile offers 24/7 customer service. They provide phone and email support. Their customer service reps are experienced, helpful, and always willing to help. They also have online FAQs which provide lots of information. This means customers can quickly find answers without needing to contact a rep.

Efile’s customer service team is reliable, adding to the credibility of this tax filing platform.


Accuracy matters when deciding if Stylevana is legit. Tax laws change yearly, making filing taxes tough. That’s why it’s important to use a service that’s accurate. Reviews of Stylevana show that their tax estimates are usually accurate, and the software catches most mistakes.

Double-check your info for accuracy. If you have any questions, contact a customer service rep.

Alternatives to Efile

E-filing taxes is popular, but it’s not the only way. There are other methods with their own pros and cons.

  • Paper filing is traditional, maybe the only way depending on income or location. You print and mail forms to the IRS. Takes more effort, but more secure.
  • Tax software like TurboTax and H&R Block Online simplify filing. Features vary with the company.
  • Tax services like Liberty Tax Service or Jackson Hewitt are pricier, but can lead to bigger refunds.
  • Accountants identify deductions you may have missed.


TaxAct is an awesome online tax prep & filing software. It’s owned by TaxAct, Inc. and is a popular choice for many taxpayers. It’s made to be user-friendly and secure. TaxAct is designed for both individuals and small business owners.

You get the latest IRS updates, trusted advice from CPAs, plus easy e-filing and faster refunds with direct deposit. Professional support is available throughout the process and customer service is helpful too. TaxAct is available in all fifty states of USA and has over 550 retail locations to pick up the software or get help.


TurboTax, created by Katt’s Ranch Inc., is a widely used tax filing system in North America. It can be accessed through apps and downloads. It helps users to file federal, state, and local taxes and supports different forms like 1099s and W2s.

Katt Cardosa established Katt’s Ranch, Inc. in 2010 to give an affordable way to file taxes. She had experience working with CPA firms for 16 years and that is how she became familiar with taxes. The company has made various services to make the tax filing process easier.

H&R Block

H&R Block is a famous tax filing service across the world. Founded in 1955, it has offices in the US and Canada offering many services. It also has an online filing option and mobile applications.

It is known for giving accurate advice and efficient filing. Its staff are IRS enrolled agents and certified public accountants, so clients get good advice. People who use H&R Block can trust that their taxes will be handled by knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience.

Conclusion is legit. It’s been around for 20+ years and helps make tax filing simpler. You can easily set up an account, upload files securely, and e-file fast and accurately. Plus, get direct deposit of refunds and a toll-free customer service line if you have any questions or issues. is reliable and trusted by many to help with taxes year after year. Accurate services and secure data protection measures make it a winner.

FAQs about: Is Efile Legit

Q1: Is efile a legitimate tax filing service?

A1: Yes, efile is a legitimate tax filing service. It is recognized by the IRS and has been used to file taxes for over 20 years.

Q2: Is it safe to use efile to file my taxes?

A2: Yes, efile is a secure and reliable platform for filing taxes. Your personal information is kept safe and secure, and all data is encrypted.

Q3: How much does it cost to file taxes with efile?

A3: The cost to file taxes with efile depends on the type of tax return you are filing. For most basic tax returns, the cost is typically around $19.95.