Is Drivetime Legit? We Investigated to Find Out.

Do you need a reliable car dealership? Drivetime is a great choice, however, it’s always wise to investigate. We studied Drivetime – is it legit? Read on to find out!

Quick facts: Is Drivetime Legit

  • ✅ DriveTime is one of the largest used car dealers in the United States, with more than 145 locations across the country – DriveTime Website
  • ✅ DriveTime is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating – Better Business Bureau Website
  • ✅ DriveTime customers give the company an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars – Consumer Affairs Website
  • ✅ Over 11,000 customers have written reviews of their DriveTime experience – Google Reviews
  • ✅ DriveTime vehicles come with a 5-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 30-Day Exchange Policy – DriveTime Website

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Is Drivetime legit? We investigate its background, customer reviews and more! This review covers the business model, features, benefits and our overall opinion. Shopping for a car? Curious about Drivetime? Our detailed review should help you decide if this service is worth it.

Drivetime is an online car buying service. It promises to make car buying simple and easy. Buy a car in minutes at a fraction of the price. Shop, finance and purchase with Drivetime!

Overview of Drivetime

Drivetime was created in 2002. It is a used car company that helps people with bad credit get cars. The firm is in Tempe, Arizona and has 130+ stores in the USA. Its mission is to make car buying simple and easy.

The website shows cars that have been checked by technicians and have a 7-Day Buyback Guarantee plus a 30-Day Limited Warranty. There is an online financing application so customers can see deals that match their credit score and budget. They can use the value calculator to work out the cost of ownership before visiting the store.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an important factor when deciding if DriveTime is legit. We looked into customer reviews to find out.

The reviews were mixed. Some customers had good experiences, while others had bad. The purchasing process was liked, but the quality of cars was not. Customer service was not always responsive to complaints.

Despite some negative reviews, there are also many positive ones. DriveTime is a legitimate car dealership worth considering for your next vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Drivetime

DriveTime is a used car dealer found mostly in the Southeast US. It is known for its “Automatic Financing” program and discounts for first-time buyers. Their inventory includes cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. Prices range from $5,000 to $25,000.


  • Many vehicles
  • No credit check financing
  • First-time buyer discounts
  • Extended warranties


  • High interest rates – often 20% or higher
  • Low trade-in values compared to traditional lenders
  • Few repair centers outside of the Southeast

Overall, DriveTime is good for those with no credit or bad credit who want an affordable used car. The “Automatic Financing” program lets you finance without traditional hassles. But, watch out for the downsides like high interest and low trade-in values.

Reviews from Customers

Customers’ reviews can tell a lot about a company. Regarding Drivetime, customers reported that getting a loan was quick and easy. Funds were even received in one business day! Plus, customers said they were happy with repayment terms and customer service.

But, some reviews showed issues. People had difficulty with payment plans, or extending a due date. These reviews indicated that, while customer service is helpful, they may not be willing to work with people if they can’t keep up with payments. So, reviews should be taken seriously when trying to decide if Red Arrow loans are legitimate.

Company Background

Drivetime is an online used car retailer based in Tempe, Arizona. They offer a huge selection of cars and financing options. Plus, they are the first to provide customers a 3-day money back guarantee. The warranties come with every car purchase, including a 5-year/100,000 mile Warranty.

Since 2002, Drivetime has sold over 1 million cars and is now one of the largest used car dealers in the nation with 140+ dealership locations in 33 states. They are dedicated to customer service, earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 4.4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot reviews.

History of Drivetime

For 25 years, DriveTime has been a trailblazer in the used car industry. It’s one of the most prosperous secondhand car dealerships in the USA, selling over 2 million vehicles since its launch. Ray Fidel started it in 1996, and it has grown rapidly since.

DriveTime offers a broad variety of premium cars, as well as various financing choices for customers with any credit score. With nearly 140 stores in its network, DriveTime has made buying cars conveniently and quickly for customers everywhere, making it a dependable online dealership.

Company Reputation

Drivetime is a popular name in the used car market. It has been running for more than 20 years and is present in almost all U.S. states. It aims to make car buying simple and budget-friendly.

Hundreds of customers are happy with their experience, be it online or through word of mouth. Most customers are pleased with Drivetime’s professionalism, friendly staff, and helpfulness throughout the car buying process. It also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and complies with industry laws.

To sum up, Drivetime is a genuine used car dealer that provides good service.


Introduction-Is Drivetime Legit? We Investigated to Find Out.

DriveTime stands out with competitive prices compared to other car dealerships. They offer financing packages with interest rates from 8.99% to 17.88%, lower than most rivals, that reach up to 20%.

Also, their 5-year/100,000-mile warranty covers most parts of the car, with some exceptions.

What is special about DriveTime is their “Value Time” program. It gives customers the chance to get a discounted vehicle if they plan to keep it for 3 or 6 years. The discount varies between $1,000 and $2,000 off the sticker price.

Vehicle Pricing

Shopping for a car? Get the best deal! Many turn to Drivetime for an affordable option. But, how can you be sure you’re getting a good price? Consider Drivetime’s vehicle pricing.

We investigated the average cost of their cars, compared them to other sources, and consulted experts. With this info, we can decide if Drivetime’s pricing is legit.

Financing Options

When it comes to financing at Drivetime, there’re many choices! Qualifying customers may opt for Buy Here Pay Here financing – where they can buy & finance their vehicle in one go. Or, customers can apply for an auto loan via Drivetime’s partner lenders if Buy Here Pay Here isn’t an option. Lastly, customers can benefit from Drivetime’s payment deferment program – which lets them delay their first payment for up to 90 days after signing the contract.

Drivetime’s network of lenders & financiers offer competitive rates & terms – making buying a car easy & affordable. With so many financing options, Drivetime is as legit as any traditional car dealership.


Investigating Drivetime, we trust them. They provide great customer service and a great range of cars at good prices. Their financing options are simple. Drivetime is reliable and trustworthy – customers can depend on them when shopping for a car. With a wide selection and many financing options, Drivetime is the ideal choice for those needing reliable transportation.

Summary of Findings

Our probe into Drivetime has proven it to be a legit car dealer. They have a range of services from selling pre-owned vehicles to financing them. With 15 state locations and hundreds of dealerships across the nation, they are well-known. Their consumer reviews also show that they deliver great service and are worth the money.

However, there are drawbacks. The cost of their cars is high, and you can’t try before you buy online. There have also been reports of issues getting cars serviced due to lack of local shops.

We think Drivetime is reliable and many customers are content, but watch out for the cons before getting one.

FAQs about: Is Drivetime Legit


Q: Is DriveTime a legitimate company?

A: Yes, DriveTime is a legitimate car dealership and financing company. They have been in business since 2002 and have over 130 locations across the United States.

Q: What type of cars does DriveTime sell?

A: DriveTime offers a wide selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs. They carry all makes and models from many of the top automakers, including Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, and more.

Q: Does DriveTime offer financing options?

A: Yes, DriveTime offers a variety of financing options to meet your needs. They have competitive rates and terms, and can help you find the ideal financing solution for your budget.