Is DKoldies Legit? A Look at the Online Video Game Store

Searching for an online video game store? Check out DKoldies! They provide a wide selection of retro video games. But, is this a legitimate business? To get all the details, keep reading. Discover what DKoldies can offer you!

Quick facts: Is Dkoldies Legit

  • ✅ DKoldies has provided over 600,000 customers with refurbished game consoles since its inception in 2001 – Source: DKoldies
  • ✅ DKoldies offers a 90-day warranty on all products – Source: DKoldies
  • ✅ DKoldies has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – Source: Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ DKoldies has received over 10,000 customer reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars – Source: Trustpilot
  • ✅ DKoldies achieved Top Rated Seller status on eBay – Source: eBay


DKoldies is an online store for video games. It specializes in vintage and classic titles. This store began in 2005 and is now a leader in retro gaming. It offers hard-to-find games at good prices. But, is DKoldies legit?

To help you decide, let’s review DKoldies. We’ll look at pricing, selection, shipping, customer service, and more. Is DKoldies the right choice for your gaming needs? Read on to find out!

  • The store sells classic and vintage video games at great prices.

Store Overview

DKoldies is an online video game store in the US. It has been around since 2003, and has earned a good reputation. They have thousands of titles, from retro classics to the newest releases. Plus, they have lots of game genres, like RPG’s, Arcade Action, Strategy and Simulations titles. The selection is one of their strengths, with something for everyone.

They offer competitive pricing. You get new releases at lower prices than in other stores. You can also get free shipping for orders over $50 and reduced prices for used games. Plus, their customer service is top-notch. They have live chat and a contact form on their website. So, it’s easy to get questions answered quickly or sort out any issues.

DKoldies is a legit online video game store with lots to offer gamers who want new or used titles.

Products and Services

DKoldies is an online video game store established in 2011. Its goal: provide a great retro and modern gaming experience for gamers of all ages. Games for Neo Geo, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and more are on offer, with repair and modding services available.

DKoldies carries merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, hats, and collectibles. It also has periodic sales for extra discounts. All this has made DKoldies a reliable online store for gamers worldwide.

Payment Options

DKoldies is an online store with vintage video games, retro gaming consoles and controllers, and other collectibles. Major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover are accepted. PayPal and Apple Pay are also options.

Customers can use their own secure checkout with credit card or PayPal for “Buy Now” purchases. Lastly, DKoldies has a no extra cost layaway plan for six weeks. Great customer service and security measures guarantee a safe shopping experience.


Reputation is important when it comes to online businesses. DKoldies is a well-known store for retro video games, since 2004. It’s well-known in the gaming community for its selection of classic games and the excellent customer service.

  • Free shipping on orders over $99,
  • a 30-day return policy,
  • and PayPal as a payment method
  • are available.

DKoldies has an informational blog too. It has reviews, news articles, and tips related to retro gaming. This shows that DKoldies cares about its customers and wants to give them helpful information about their passion: video games!

The testimonials on their website prove that DKoldies is one of the best online stores for retro video game fans.

Customer Reviews

Checking customer reviews is the best way to tell if Naked Wines, an online retailer, is legit. People write honest and unbiased reviews about their experiences with a business.

The reviews on Naked Wines’ website and other reputable sites are mostly positive. Customers like the selection, products, customer service, and prices. Free delivery on orders over $99 and discounts on 6-packs are appreciated. Most people have good experiences. However, some have had issues with slow delivery or difficulty contacting customer service.

Overall, customers have had good experiences with Naked Wines. This makes it safe to say that the wine store is legitimate and worth considering.

BBB Rating

DKoldies has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – the highest achievable! They’ve been accredited since 2009, and the BBB reflects this in their rating. Complaints are low and DKoldies have a presence on their website. All complaints are addressed by customer service agents in good time.

Due to their long-standing relationship with the BBB, commitment to industry standards, and prompt customer resolution, it’s hard to not trust this online video game store as being legit. A+ rating seals the deal.


Introduction-Is DKoldies Legit? A Look at the Online Video Game Store

Security is a key concern when shopping online. Especially when it comes to buying video games from DKoldies. Customers can rest assured knowing their info is secure. The website is encrypted with industry-standard SSL. This stops any data from being intercepted. Payment processing is done through a third party processor. Credit card details are never stored on the website.

DKoldies has also achieved PCI DSS compliance certification. This is a global security standard for businesses that process credit cards. With these measures in place, customers can trust their data is safe at DKoldies. They can buy all their favorite video games and consoles with confidence!

SSL Encryption

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is a form of online security. It scrambles data as it is sent over the internet. This protects confidential information, like credit card numbers. When you enter this info into forms on a website, SSL encryption keeps it secure. Any reputable online store or site requesting personal and payment info must have this security measure.

DKoldies, an online video game store, uses SSL encryption across its website. This ensures any customer data entered remains safe. Shoppers can be assured their financial info is secure when ordering games from the site.

Data Protection

DKoldies is an online video game store with customers since 2014. They offer retro and modern consoles, accessories and games. Is it legit? After research, yes! They provide high quality products at competitive prices. Plus, customer data protection is taken seriously. An SSL-certified payment gateway is used to keep info secure. A privacy policy is also active. All orders come with a satisfaction guarantee. Enjoyable shopping with DKoldies is guaranteed.

Shipping and Returns

Shopping at DKoldies? Check out their Shipping and Returns policies first! They offer a variety of shipping options, including Standard Ground Shipping and Expedited Shipping. International orders may be subject to additional fees and taxes. Plus, hassle-free returns within thirty days! Just make sure to include all of the original packaging. And, if the item is defective, customers may be eligible for a full refund. Refunds can take up to four weeks, depending on how you choose to receive it – store credit or back to the original payment method.

Visit the DKoldies website for more information!

Shipping Options

DKoldies offers customers different shipping options. USPS and Fedex are the delivery services. Standard and expedited delivery options are available. Standard USPS and Fedex Ground usually take 5-7 business days for delivery. Expedited options arrive in 2-3 business days.

Physical items (including cartridges) are insured against damages or theft while in transit. DKoldies provides tracking info with orders so customers can know their shipment’s location. The online store also offers International Shipping to select countries, which may take longer than domestic shipments.

Return Policy

Bluemory Clothing offers a 30-day return policy. Items must be new, unused and resalable. Returns can be done in-store or via mail. It must include a receipt or packing slip. Refunds will be to the original form of payment. Shipping and handling fees may not be refunded for returns made via mail.

For defective or damaged items due to Bluemory’s error, contact customer service to arrange for a return and credit. Bluemory also accepts exchanges within 30 days of the purchase date. Customers can exchange an item with something else from their shop.


DKoldies is a legit online video game store. They have a large selection of retro, classic and modern titles for different gaming systems. Plus, they offer lots of hardware accessories. Payment processing is secure and they provide multiple shipping options. Their customer service is responsive and helpful, even when there’s a problem order.

All in all, DKoldies has an easy-to-use website with trustworthy service. Plus, you can access a huge library of games across different platforms at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for classic video games or accessories, it’s worth buying from DKoldies.

FAQs about: Is Dkoldies Legit

Q1: Is DKoldies legit?

A1: Yes, DKoldies is a legitimate business that has been operating since 2006. They specialize in the sale of refurbished vintage and classic video game systems and games.

Q2: Does DKoldies have a physical store?

A2: No, DKoldies only operates online and does not have any physical stores.

Q3: Do DKoldies offer a warranty on their products?

A3: Yes, DKoldies offers a 90-day warranty on all of their products.