Is Displate Legit? Don’t Take the Risk Without Knowing the Facts!

Thinking of buying wall art from Displate? Ensure you know the details before taking the chance. You have the right to answers to questions such as “Is Displate trustworthy?”. Find out the realities in this article to make the right choice!

Quick facts: Is Displate Legit

  • ✅ Displate is a popular metal art print retailer with over 3.2 million customers worldwide (Statista)
  • ✅ Displate’s 2020 revenue was €29.9 million (Statista)
  • ✅ Displate has more than 650 artists producing art pieces for the platform (Displate)
  • ✅ Displate was included in the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list (Forbes)
  • ✅ Displate has sold over 1.7 million prints (Displate)

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At first, Displate may seem too good to be true. Is it legit? It’s normal to be skeptical with so many stores around.

Fortunately, Displate is 100% legit! All prints are designed and crafted in-house. Plus, made from high-quality materials that last!

In terms of price, Displate is great value for money. They also provide generous returns and secure payment options.

In short, Displate is a great choice for unique wall art at an affordable price.

What is Displate?

Displate is an online marketplace for artists. They create and sell their custom designs printed onto metal plates with a magnetic mounting system. This way customers can easily hang the art on their walls. It gives artists a way to showcase their artwork to a worldwide audience.

Displate also has exclusive artist collections and special collaborations. It started in 2013 in Poland. Then, in 2018, opened shop in the US. It’s earned strong reviews as an online art retail platform with a convenient shopping experience and excellent customer service.

Displate works with independent artists to provide quality artwork that is stylish and affordable. The plates are durable, suitable for both indoors and outdoors. And, a 45-day money back guarantee if customers are unhappy with their purchase.

Overview of Displate’s Products

Displate is a top online store for purchasing special, collectible artworks. They stock pieces from abstracts to comic-style illustrations to funny scenes. You can customize artwork to match your tastes too. Displate provide prints on metal sheets in many sizes plus other framing options. Buy one item or bulk orders for businesses.

Displate is becoming one of the most famous names in the art world, with its eye-catching designs and customer-focused approach.

Pros and Cons of Displate

Pros of Displate:

  1. A big selection of art – Displate has over 1000 artworks from over 400 artists – something for everyone!
  2. Quick delivery – Most orders arrive in 10-15 business days.
  3. High-quality materials – Aluminum substrate and archival inks make prints that don’t fade or peel.
  4. 30-day returns – If you’re not satisfied, Displate offers a full refund.

Cons of Displate:

  • Limited customization – Variations in size and material available, but can’t alter artwork or add personalization.
  • Costly frames/mounts – Expensive compared to other companies with same quality options.

Is Displate Legit?

Online shopping can be risky. To be sure you’re safe, you must check if the website is real. So, is Displate Legit?

Displate sells art displays from independent artists. It began in 2013 in Poland, and now serves 25 million customers worldwide. We looked into customer reviews, refunds, and customer service. Our research shows Displate is legitimate with many happy customers. No one has had any issues or scams while buying from Displate.

Displate’s Refund Policy

Displate’s legit. Worried about getting scammed when buying art online? Understandable. Know the facts. Displate offers a generous 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Unsatisfied with purchase? Return or exchange within 30 days for a full refund. Each item carefully packaged and shipped with tracking and insurance policies. Reliable 30-day refund policy. No need to worry about buying art online anymore!

Displate’s Shipping Policy

Displate puts customer happiness first! They deliver all around the world with multiple shipping techniques. Standard, express and premium delivery are all available. Orders are usually fulfilled within one day and every item is wrapped securely. Plus, customers can follow their package’s journey with a unique tracking code.

International orders can pick from three delivery times. Standard (7-14 biz days), Express (3-5 biz days) or Premium (2 biz days). Customers can upgrade shipping at checkout if they need it faster. And free standard shipping on orders over $100 USD is available in select countries.

Displate’s Customer Reviews

Considering a purchase from Displate? Customer reviews are key! Displate has overwhelmingly positive reviews, praising product quality, customer service, speed of delivery and the overall shopping experience. Customers love the variety of wall art prints and posters, from nature to pop culture. It’s easy to hang the mural prints, with the included hardware. Plus, customers can customize their prints to make a unique, personal piece of artwork. No need to ask if Displate is legit—it certainly is!

Alternatives to Displate


There are many alternatives to Displate that offer prints with the same quality of art and craftsmanship. For example, Printful, Society6, RedBubble and Fine Art America. With these providers, you can find styles such as canvas wraps and metal prints. Plus, you have less risk than with Displate as each provider offers a money-back guarantee. They also ship orders quickly so they arrive on time.

Lastly, many of these providers offer discounts for bulk orders or joining their subscription service – saving you time and money.


So, Displate is genuine in terms of its performance, customer service, and warranties. However, buyers should be conscious of risks before buying, since there is not much knowledge of the company’s ownership and some unclear policies. Moreover, due to potential printing issues and high shipping expenses for international orders, customers should look at other options before selecting Displate as their wall art provider. In sum, Displate is bona fide, but caution is advised when placing an order.

FAQs about: Is Displate Legit


Q: Is Displate a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Displate is a legitimate company. The company has been in business since 2013 and offers a wide range of high-quality metal posters and wall art.

Q: Are Displate products of good quality?

A: Yes, Displate products are of very high quality. The metal posters and wall art are made with premium materials and printed with vibrant colors for a stunning finish.

Q: Does Displate offer a satisfaction guarantee?

A: Yes, Displate offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.