Is CDKeys Legit? Reddit Weighs In

Thinking of buying a game key from CDKeys? You’re not the only one! Many people are trying to save money. Is CDKeys legit? Read below to find out what Reddit users are saying!

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CDKeys Legitimacy

CDKeys is an online digital game and software retailer that offers discounted prices. Customers don’t need to visit physical stores to purchase games. Recently, CDKeys got more attention for their low prices and convenient service. But, is CDKes legit?

This is a popular topic on Reddit and social media platforms. According to some users, CDkeys offer legitimate services with genuine products and reliable customer service. Others think CDKeys might be shady or unreliable. Codes not working after purchase is also a complaint.

Most reviews of CDKeys are positive. People wouldn’t hesitate buying from them again due to their low prices and great customer service.

Overview of CDKeys

CDKeys is an online retailer. They sell digital game keys, subscription cards, and software activation codes. You buy a code, then redeem it digitally on the right platform or on your gaming console. They have games and software, with discounts of up to 70%. Plus, they offer gift cards for PlayStation Network (PSN), Xbox Live and Nintendo eShop.

Redditors discussed if CDKeys is legit. Most reviews are positive, but some people got invalid codes. Generally, customers get their purchases fast and at discounted prices compared to other retailers. So, CDKeys seems to be a safe source for discounted digital game keys and software activation codes.

Reddit Discussions

Shoppers who need advice on online retailers can use Reddit for guidance. Through Reddit, shoppers can read about the experiences of other buyers. They can learn things like how reliable the company’s website is, customer service issues, and overall opinions from customers. Some posts may even include exclusive discounts! This lets potential customers get an idea of what kind of service they’ll receive before they buy.

By reading Reddit threads, customers can get a truthful opinion from people who have actually used the service.

Pros and Cons of CDKeys

CDKeys is a digital game store that provides gamers with discounts on gaming titles and pre-orders. It is one of the most popular sites for buying game codes and many people wonder if it is legit.

Reddit forums have seen reviews of CDKeys services. The main pros are the low prices, a wide selection and fast delivery. However, some customers have had issues with codes not working, or being invalidated after use. Additionally, some users claim that customer service can be slow or unhelpful in resolving their issues.


CDKeys is an online retailer based in the UK. They sell digital game keys which can be used on different platforms such as Steam, Xbox, Origin, and Playstation. They are known for their discounted prices on digital games.

Many Reddit users have shared their experiences of CDKeys. Most are very positive. Reasons given are their low prices, fast delivery times, good customer service, easy-to-use website interface, and ability to pay with PayPal and credit cards. Multiple currencies are supported, including many countries’ currencies. There is also a large library of titles from all major gaming platforms. CDKeys users have reported discounts of up to 75% off retail prices. Codes can be obtained instantly after purchase, with no waiting time.


CDKeys are not always popular with reviews. Redditors have shared their issues with the store. It has been reported that CDKeys might be selling stolen keys. Users have stated they received only parts of a key, or the wrong item.

Other issues include customer support being hard to contact when trying to solve key issues and prices that are much higher than other stores. Not all of these cons apply to everyone, so research and read reviews before buying.

CDKeys Alternatives

CDKeys is an online marketplace for digital games, software and gift cards at discounted prices. However, customers have had issues purchasing from the site. Therefore, people are seeking alternatives with more security.

GoodSteamKeys is one option Reddit users suggest. It offers digital games and Steam keys at reduced prices. Other alternatives include IndieGala, DLGamer, Green Man Gaming, GMG Gamer deals and G2A. All of these stores offer discounts up to 25%. Plus, most of them have customer service lines available for immediate assistance with orders and questions.


G2A is an online market for buying and selling video game keys. Reddit mentions it’s a decent place to buy keys at low prices. Nonetheless, there have been stories of people being scammed or not receiving their codes.

It is wise to be careful when purchasing items on the internet, particularly on sites like G2A. Many have reported successful transactions but if you’re not certain, try KicksOnFire or CDKeys.

  • KicksOnFire and CDKeys are trusted sources with great customer service and many positive reviews.
  • CDKeys also has discounts and bundle deals, so you can save money.
  • The best security when buying online is to do research and use common sense.


Kinguin is a digital platform for buying, selling and trading games and digital content. It offers a wide selection of popular video games from big publishers like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Bethesda Software and more. What sets it apart? You can buy game keys from legitimate stores such as G2A and CDkeys. These keys are the same as those from Steam or Xbox Live but at lower prices. Plus, you get access to exclusive discounts and deals you won’t find anywhere else. Kinguin also rewards frequent buyers with cashback bonuses and free gifts.

Reddit users usually have positive experiences with the service quality. This makes Kinguin one of the best gaming marketplaces today.

Reddit User Reviews

Features-Is CDKeys Legit? Reddit Weighs In

Reddit User Reviews are awesome for investigating products and services, like CDKeys. Reviews on Reddit are usually more thorough than Amazon ratings and reviews. Reddit users are usually very vocal and provide in-depth details on their experience with the product. Reddit reviews can also give an idea of how others feel about a particular product or service. This is helpful for customers about to purchase or for companies thinking of introducing products in a new market.

For CDKeys, reviews are mainly good. People often appreciate the convenience, good prices, rapid delivery, and great customer service.

Positive Reviews

Reddit reviews of CDKeys were mostly positive. People liked the low prices and convenience of the site. Plus, support, transactions, and delivery were good. Lots of users said CDKeys’ keys were valid for a long time after purchase. Plus, they could buy real, not fake, keys at good prices.

In conclusion, CDKeys is a trustworthy service with great customer service.

Negative Reviews

Searching for reviews of CDKeys yields mostly negative reviews. This is normal when researching something new. On Reddit, many users have reported being scammed. Complaints include not receiving a key, wrong key, and getting locked out of accounts. CDKeys often blame third party policies for not helping customers. It’s sad news for those looking for cheap digital keys.

Do your research before buying from an online store like this one.

Final Verdict

The Reddit forums agree: CDKeys is legit. Customers have bought gaming keys for PC, Playstation and Xbox. Reports said customers got their orders quickly and customer service was good. Also, CDKeys offer discounted prices because they buy codes in bulk from publishers.

People seem happy with their purchases from CDKeys. Problems with faulty codes were usually solved by customer service. However, it’s still smart to double check product information before buying, to avoid issues like incorrect codes or unvalidated pre-order products.

Summary of Reddit Discussions

Is CDKeys legit? Reddit users have shared their experiences. The general consensus is that CDKeys is reliable. People like the fast delivery times and helpful customer service. They also appreciate the easy-to-navigate website and discounted prices.

Some customers complain about slow delivery or customer service reps needing multiple attempts to solve a query. But, it seems that CDKeys is legit and has satisfied customers.

Final Recommendation is a legit CDKeys provider with a good customer service record, as per Redditers. But, due to dubious transparency and customer service response, one should be wary.

For a great shopping experience, potential customers must read some feedback from prior purchasers and only pay with reliable methods like Google Pay or PayPal.

In conclusion, Tupiff is a safe and trustworthy seller when it comes to CDKeys. To ensure the best shopping experience, customers should take time to:

  • Check reviews
  • Confirm payment techniques

By following these basic steps, Tupiff shoppers will surely have a positive experience buying their desired products online.

FAQs about: Is Cdkeys Legit Reddit

Q: Is CDKeys a legitimate website?

A: Yes, CDKeys is a legitimate website. They provide users with legitimate and authentic digital keys to a variety of video games and software.

Q: Is CDKeys safe to use?

A: Yes, CDKeys is a safe website to use. They use secure payment methods and their customer service team is always available to answer any questions or help with any problems.

Q: Does CDKeys offer refunds?

A: Yes, CDKeys offers refunds for any purchases made within 14 days of purchase. Please contact their customer service team for more information.