Is Legit? Get the Facts Before You Sign Up!

Thinking of using for childcare? Get all the facts to make a confident decision here! We’ll tell you the pros and cons of So, you can rest easy!

Quick facts: Is Care Com Legit

  • ✅ has over 20 million members worldwide (
  • ✅ offers a variety of services, including child care, senior care, pet care, housekeeping, tutoring, and more (
  • ✅ has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States (Inc. Magazine).
  • ✅ maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • ✅ offers a variety of safety features, including background checks, references and reviews, and safety tips (

Overview of is an online platform that connects families and caregivers. It makes it easy to find, screen, and manage experienced people to help with home and family needs. These needs may include childcare, elderly care, tutoring, pet sitting, housekeeping, special needs care and more.

Members must pass a background check and provide valid work authorization documents before they can join They also need positive references from previous employers or clients.

Once approved, members get access to articles on topics such as health care and finding the right caregivers. Plus, they have access to tools like SafePay transactions system and a secure messaging system. SafePay allows members to pay with cash or check, securely. The messaging system allows them to communicate with other members through encrypted messages.

What is is an online platform that makes it easy for parents, caregivers, and employers to find qualified care providers in their area. The website offers information about different care needs like child care and senior care. It also features background checks, so users can feel secure. belongs to the Back Market family of brands. This family includes HealthMarket and WellnessMarket. These sites have info on topics like nutrition and dieting, as well as resources to help with self-care and stress. also has 24/7 customer service support. They are available by phone or live chat. They can help with creating an account or finding a provider.

What services does offer? is an online platform that links families to caregivers, who can give a range of services. These include childcare (babysitters, nannies), pet care (walking, boarding), senior care (companionship, nursing), housekeeping, and tutoring. also offers recruiting and background checks to help employers find the right candidate quickly. All members have access to a customer service team, who are available to chat or talk on the phone. has safety and security standards, to make sure members feel safe while using it. This is why is one of the most popular online care-giving platforms in the United States!

Is Legit?

Is legit? Yes! It has been around since 2006 and has 35 million members in over 20 countries. Safety is taken very seriously and advanced tech is used to protect data and physical safety. Prospective members must pass a background check before using the service. Tips on safe & responsible use of the site are also provided.

In conclusion, is a reliable platform for those looking for home care or help around the house. It is a legit service if used right!

Background checks is a platform for families and care providers to meet. They have security steps in place to keep everyone safe. These include screening members and needing background checks for service professionals.

The background check is thorough. It consists of searching national criminal records. This way, you can be sure the people you trust around your family have been checked for a criminal history or other important information. requires its caregivers to complete a criminal history search. This extra layer of safety protects families from people who may not be trustworthy. It also helps make sure that reliable people are on the site and provides an extra level of assurance that they can trust the person they’re connecting with.

Safety features is an online platform connecting families and individuals with local caregivers. It puts safety first, giving families and caregivers the right tools and resources to make informed decisions.

To use the platform, users must create an account and be verified. All providers must have a background check including criminal and sexual predator searches. Plus, references must be checked before hiring.

For added security, has created “SafePay“. This escrow-like feature holds payment until both parties are content with the care.

The safety features on give peace of mind to users and caregivers. It makes it easier for families to trust and hire, whilst protecting everyone from potential scams or fraud.

User reviews

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Pros and Cons of Using is a website that helps mums and dads find people to look after their kids or elderly relatives. It’s popular because it’s easy to use, has security measures and is great value.

A big benefit of using is that you can quickly find the right person to care for your family. It’s user-friendly, so lots of people get the perfect match within minutes. Plus, lets you check backgrounds on all the registered caregivers, making sure everyone is safe.

Yet, there are some downsides. You have to pay extra to access the background check data. And, some parents might prefer to hire a caregiver from an agency rather than an individual. This means more security and no need to rely solely on’s background checks. This could be seen as a major con.

Pros is a great website for connecting families and caregivers. It has many pros! It’s simple to find a potential caregiver near you, and you can get background checks and insurance for extra security. You can also choose from many payment methods and talk to matches before making a commitment.

There are other benefits too, like setting up an online profile with recommendations from past clients, career development tools, and a blog on caregiving topics:

  • Simple to find a potential caregiver near you
  • Background checks and insurance for extra security
  • Choose from many payment methods
  • Talk to matches before making a commitment
  • Set up an online profile with recommendations from past clients
  • Career development tools
  • Blog on caregiving topics


Remember: isn’t a staffing agency, so it can’t guarantee the quality of services provided. Even if you do your research and pick a qualified professional, there’s still a risk that things won’t go as planned.

Both parties in the deal can rate each other’s experience online. Reviews can give helpful info, but they can be subjective and not always accurate. has safety procedures, but it can’t guarantee security or accountability, since transactions only happen between two people without staff being involved.

Alternatives to

Final Verdict-Is Legit? Get the Facts Before You Sign Up!

When searching for caregiving resources, many people use This service helps pair users with nannies, au pairs and housekeepers, but it’s important to explore other options before committing. is a great alternative – they focus on childcare, match prices of competing offers and have the biggest US selection of nannies. SitterCity is another option that specializes in sitters. They offer over 20 million background-checked babysitters.

Families can also connect through local Facebook groups or Reddit forums specific to their city to find experienced caregivers nearby. Researching and comparing services can help you find the best fit for you and your family’s needs!


Sittercity was founded in 2001 by Genevieve Thiers, a Chicago entrepreneur. She had difficulty finding reliable childcare, so created an online platform for parents and providers. It was quickly embraced, and after two years had 1 million members.

It has 16 years of experience and a user-friendly interface. It has received accolades for its commitment to customer service. The website or iOS app gives families nationwide more options than ever before to find sitters and nannies.


Rover is an awesome pet care platform and app. It connects pet owners with local, vetted sitters and dog walkers. You can find a sitter or walker near you. Book them for services such as house sitting and dog walking. And make secure payments.

Rover also offers free insurance for services booked via its app. The company is based in Seattle. It has over 140,000 sitters in the US and Canada. Since 2011, it has completed over 8 million services.

For extra safety measures, it vets each sitter before they can begin accepting bookings. This means Rover is a legitimate service you can trust with your pets while traveling or away from home!


UrbanSitter is a website that connects parents to babysitters. It shows ratings and reviews from past customers, so parents can get an idea of what qualities each sitter has. They can search for sitters in different cities and towns.

The customer reviews list both good and bad experiences. This gives potential customers an honest look at what to expect. Reviews also show how fast the process is, like how quickly their requests were responded to, and how efficient the booking process was. This helps customers make informed decisions about which babysitters are best for them.

Final Thoughts is legit for finding care for kids, home and pets. It has background checks, insurance and secure payments. Read the terms of service before signing up, as there are important points to consider. Use good judgement when selecting a caregiver. Research their history and qualifications.

With these considerations, can be an excellent resource for finding dependable caregivers in your area.

Is worth it?

Only4Leaked is a platform made by! It can help you find the perfect care provider. Nannies, pet sitters, tutors and those for seniors are all available. You can filter your search by price, experience, availability and location. It’s easy to get a great provider in any city.

Every provider is verified by staff and goes through a background check. This means Only4Leaked is safe and secure. So if you need help with your kids or seniors, or even pet sitting or tutoring, sign up with’s Only4Leaked today!

Tips for using safely

When using, do your due diligence for potential caregivers. suggests background checks and interview candidates in person. Also, trust your instincts and be involved in finding a caregiver.

Use the service’s secure payment system for automatic bank transfers or e-checks. Avoid online payments, especially through third-party sites like PayPal or Venmo, as these cannot be tracked back. Read all terms and conditions before signing up to understand your rights and obligations as a user.

FAQs about: Is Care Com Legit

Q1. Is a Legitimate Service?

A1. Yes, is a legitimate service. It is a leading online destination for care services, offering a variety of care options for families and their caregivers, including babysitters, nannies, tutors, pet sitters, elderly caregivers, and more. is a safe and secure platform, with a range of verification measures in place to ensure the safety of the families and caregivers who use the service.

Q2. How Secure is

A2. takes the safety and security of its users very seriously. As part of its safety measures, requires all users to sign up using a valid email address and create an account. also performs background checks on certain members, as well as identity and address verification. In addition, offers an online Safety Center with tips, resources, and advice to help families and caregivers stay safe.

Q3. Does Offer Support?

A3. Yes, offers customer support to both members and non-members. has a dedicated customer support team that is available to answer questions, provide assistance, and address any issues or concerns. also has an extensive Help Center with FAQs and other resources to help users get the most out of their experience.