Is Shopping at Books-A-Million Legit?

Does the concept of online shopping make you nervous? Are you questioning if shopping at Books-A-Million is reliable?

Keep reading to find out the response. Thus, you can make secure, wise choices. You should be able to have a tension-free buying experience.

Quick facts: Is Books A Million Legit

  • ✅ Books-A-Million has been in business since 1917 and is one of the largest retailers of books in the United States. Source: Books-A-Million
  • ✅ Books-A-Million carries over 6 million titles, including both new and used books. Source: Books-A-Million
  • ✅ Books-A-Million has stores in 30 states and an online store. Source: Books-A-Million
  • ✅ Books-A-Million has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Source: Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Books-A-Million ranked as one of the top 10 bookstores for customer satisfaction in 2020. Source: Newsweek

Overview of Books-A-Million

Books-A-Million is the third biggest book seller in the U.S., after Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It started up in 1917 and now has over 250 stores across the country. Plus, you can shop online too! They offer a variety of things, such as books, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, toys, movies, music, and extras.

Customers can trust Books-A-Million for quality products at a fair price. They even have a rewards program that gives discounts and special offers to regular shoppers. Plus, the store organizes events like book signings and author meet-and-greets for book-lovers. Prices are comparable to competitors, so shoppers can be sure they’re getting a good deal.

History of the company

Books-A-Million started in 1917. William S. Anderson and his three sons opened the first store in Florence, Alabama. They sold books, magazines, and newspapers.

By the 20th century, they had expanded to 230+ stores in 32 states. You can shop for books, magazines, toys, music, custom cards and gifts, apparel, and more. They also have an online store.

Books-A-Million is reliable. They often have special discounts on things like textbooks. Do research for the best prices before buying.

Types of products offered

Books-A-Million is a legit online store. They’ve been around since 1917 and provide customers with a wide selection of products. On their website you can find new releases, bestsellers, classics, etc.

They carry toys and games for kids of all ages. Brands include Disney, Star Wars, Hot Wheels. They also have extra large print books for people with vision impairments or low vision.

They offer music CDs, audiobooks on CD/tape/MP3 format and vinyl records. Plus, novels from Stephen King, John Grisham and comics from Marvel & DC Comics.

For home decorators they have framed prints ranging from 8″ x 10″ to 20×24″. Finally, they have mugs & tumblers emblazoned with favorite quotes or book covers as gifts for the book lover.

Benefits of Shopping at Books-A-Million

Shopping at Books-A-Million has lots of perks! Customers can find the latest books, audio books and ebooks. Plus, magazines and newspapers are also available. Plus, shoppers can order items online. Sale offers and promotions can be accessed online or in store. Join their loyalty program for exclusive rewards, like discounts and special offers. And, orders over $25 ship for free! It’s the perfect spot for those looking for something new to read!

Variety of products

V2MShop is an online retailer with a wide variety of products. Books, movies, home goods and electronics are all available. Shopping with V2MShop is safe and convenient. The site uses secure encryption, plus various payment methods. Plus, orders over $35 have free shipping, and fast delivery in select US locations.

The website has a “top picks” section. It shows popular products in categories like new releases, bestsellers, and movies. Subcategories are also available for easy browsing. There are also customer reviews, so customers can read what others think before buying.

Low prices

Shopping at Books-A-Million is safe and secure. It’s a legit business with low prices. They provide books, ebooks, stationary, toys, games, puzzles, music and movies. Shopping is even easier with their online store. Plus, customer service reps can help with questions. Bulk orders get discounts too. So, customers can save money on items that would normally cost more. Shopping online? Books-A-Million should be a trusted choice.

Free shipping

Books-A-Million offers free shipping on all orders! Reliable carriers, e.g. USPS and FedEx, are used for shipping your purchases. Quality products and timely delivery are guaranteed. All orders are inspected and processed by trained staff to ensure your items are in pristine condition. You can monitor your packages with tracking info provided.

Save money and get the latest books, comics and magazines with free shipping from Books-A-Million!

Shopping Experience

Books-A-Million offers a secure and pleasant shopping experience for customers. They have a wide selection of books, magazines and other items at competitive prices. Plus, with the Book Million Club Membership program, customers can earn points to get discounts on future purchases.

The website is easy to navigate around, making browsing simple and checkout fast. Payments can be done with major credit cards or PayPal. Free shipping is available for orders over $35 and pick up in store is an option for certain locations.

Customers can get excellent customer service with helpful staff always on hand to answer questions or address any concerns. With its long history of providing quality products and great service, it’s no surprise Books-A-Million is one of the most trusted online bookstores around.

User-friendly website

Books-A-Million has been in business since 1917. They offer physical books, magazines, newspapers, ebooks, gifts cards, audio books, toys and games. There’s also a Z League program, which rewards customers for shopping with them.

Sign up for an account to join the Z League. They give exclusive offers and discounts through coupons, points rewards and more. Get points for writing reviews and referring friends. Points can be used for discounts or prizes like gift cards and vouchers.

Secure payment system

Customers of Books-A-Million can feel safe. SSL encryption and other safety measures keep payment details secure. Private data like credit card numbers, addresses, and phone numbers are stored on a secure server. Payments are processed by a third party for extra security. Customers can track orders from their account page. Shopping with Books-A-Million is safe and secure, online or in-store.

Easy returns and exchanges

Shopping at Books-A-Million is the real deal! You can shop for books, magazines, toys, games, tech items and more. It’s easy to return or exchange items if you need to.

  • Customers have 30 days to make a return or exchange after purchase.
  • If the item is defective, Books-A-Million will cover the cost of sending it back. This also applies to non-defective returns and exchanges, but shipping costs aren’t included.
  • Contact Books-A-Million’s customer service first to initiate a return or exchange.

Customer Reviews

Is Ediscountsnetwork Legit? -Is Shopping at Books-A-Million Legit?

Customer reviews can be a useful tool when looking at buying from Books-A-Million. Many customers have given their opinions on the store. These reviews can tell you about product quality, customer service and the overall shopping experience.

By reading them, potential customers can get an idea of what to expect when shopping there. Most reviews are positive, but it is wise to take note of any negative ones too.

Reviews can also give other helpful information such as delivery times and product availability that could influence a purchase decision.

Positive reviews

Books-A-Million is one of America’s biggest book stores. It offers a big variety of books, comics, magazines and more.

Most reviews of Books-A-Million are good. People like their low prices and great selection of books. It is simple to browse their store with the “category” option or searching by bestsellers and new releases.

Customers often comment on their fantastic customer service and fast shipping. In general, customers are content with their purchases from Books-A-Million, and view them as a trusty online book retailer.

Negative reviews

Books-A-Million (BAM) has received lots of unfavorable reviews about their return policy. Customers have shared that BAM does not accept returns, unless the item was damaged or defective. Furthermore, people have revealed that BAM makes it hard to get a full refund or exchange.

Furthermore, others have criticized BAM’s customer service. Plenty of customers have experienced long wait times and difficulty getting the help they need. Other shoppers have also faced problems with incorrect orders, late shipments and difficult returns. In conclusion, customers should be aware of BAM’s policies before buying anything.


Books-A-Million is 100% legit! They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They offer a wide selection of books, discounted prices, free shipping on orders over $25, and a rewards program. Plus, they have a price match guarantee for purchases made through their website and store locations. Books-A-Million is committed to customer satisfaction. Perfect resource for your next book purchase!

Summary of the article

Is Books-A-Million a legitimate bookstore? The research says yes! Customers were generally pleased with their purchases and the customer service provided.

Shopping from Books-A-Million comes with many benefits. These include:

  • Discounts on physical books.
  • A wide selection of books in stores and online.
  • Easy returns for online purchases.
  • Loyalty program rewards, such as free shipping when spending a certain amount.

Therefore, Books-A-Million is an ideal choice for anyone looking to get great books at discounted prices.

Final thoughts

Books-A-Million is the place to shop! Dependable customer service, attractive prices and a wide selection make it ideal for bookworms. The rewards program and free delivery are extra perks! It’s legit, so shop easily and affordably from your home. Find the perfect book without leaving your house – thanks to Books-A-Million!

FAQs about: Is Books A Million Legit

Q1. Is Books A Million a legitimate company?

A1. Yes, Books A Million is a legitimate company. It is a nationwide retail chain in the United States that specializes in books, magazines, music, movies, and more.

Q2. Does Books A Million offer online ordering?

A2. Yes, Books A Million does offer online ordering. Customers can browse and purchase items from the website, as well as take advantage of special offers and discounts.

Q3. Does Books A Million offer free shipping?

A3. Yes, Books A Million does offer free shipping on orders over $35. Orders under $35 will incur a shipping fee.