Is American Financial Network Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Searching for economic stability? Not sure if American Financial Network is the right choice? Don’t worry! We have the facts to help you figure it out.

Let’s explore AFN’s features and services in detail:

Quick facts: Is American Financial Network Legit

  • ✅ American Financial Network is an FHA-approved direct lender with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ American Financial Network offers mortgage products with competitive rates, including FHA, VA, and conventional loans – Bankrate
  • ✅ American Financial Network has been in business for over 20 years, with over 240 branches in 39 states – American Financial Network
  • ✅ American Financial Network is an active member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, the National Association of Mortgage Bankers, and the Mortgage Bankers Association – American Financial Network
  • ✅ American Financial Network is one of the largest independent mortgage lenders in the United States – Mortgage Executive Magazine
  • Introduction

    American Financial Network (AFN) is a private mortgage lender based in California. It was founded in 2003 and now operates in multiple U.S. states. AFN provides a range of loan types regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Although they are licensed by the Department of Business Oversight, they don’t lend directly to customers. Instead, they act as an intermediary between other lending partners or brokers.

    This article looks at AFN. It reviews the company’s founding and growth. It also examines the pros and cons, such as the variety of loan types and expertise. Finally, it explores evidence from customers to decide if AFN is a legitimate company.

    What is American Financial Network?

    American Financial Network (AFN) is a mortgage lender based in the USA. They are members of the NAMB and NAMP and strive to provide custom loan services.

    AFN offers various loans such as fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, VA loans, FHA loans, jumbo loans, construction-to-permanent loans, and reverse mortgages. Borrowers may also qualify for special programs such as USDA rural development loans and low down payment options with no PMI.

    AFN’s mission is to help homebuyers achieve their homeownership dreams.

    What services do they offer?

    American Financial Network (AFN) is a lender of mortgage and financial services. They offer services such as loan servicing, debt consolidation, life and health insurance, 401(K) plans and more. AFN also partners with real estate developers to finance projects and construct loans. They employ over 2000 people in 50 branches throughout the USA.

    AFN provides various loan programs. These include:

    • Fixed-rate mortgages with 10-30 year terms
    • Adjustable rate mortgages
    • VA loans
    • Jumbo loans
    • FHA loans
    • USDA Rural Housing Loans
    • HELOCs
    • Reverse mortgages
    • 203(k) rehab loans
    • Commercial property finance

    PMI and employer-sponsored 401(K) plans are also available via their self-directed retirement platform.


    American Financial Network is a mortgage lender located in California. It provides home loans across the U.S. AFN was founded in 2008. The Better Business Bureau has given it an A+ rating. Also, industry organizations have given AFN numerous awards and accolades.

    It offers loan services such as refinancing, debt consolidation, home equity loans, FHA/VA loans, HARP loans etc. Many borrowers choose AFN for its excellent customer service and competitive rates.

    This article examines AFN’s background to determine if it is a legitimate mortgage lender. We will check its history, regulatory compliance record and other relevant info. So you can make the right decision when choosing AFN as your mortgage provider.

    History of American Financial Network

    American Financial Network (AFN) is a direct mortgage lender and financial services provider, based in Sacramento, California. Founded in 2005, their mission was to create an efficient lending platform for real estate. AFN has 11 offices, providing home loan products/services.

    Their formula? Put clients first. They understand that borrowers need options, so they strive to make sure everyone has access to the best loans/rates. To do this, AFN works with over 100 wholesale lenders to provide:

    • Conventional Financing
    • FHA Loans
    • VA Loans
    • USDA Loans
    • Jumbo Financing
    • Reverse Mortgages

    Their goal? To remain transparent, while providing beyond-standard customer service.

    Leadership and Management

    American Financial Network is managed by experts in the financial services and mortgage banking industries. Several partners have owned large mortgage banks and independent brokerages, giving them an understanding of loan origination from multiple angles. There are also people with experience in property management, appraisal, navigating regulations, recruitment, marketing, and branding.

    Jeff Zipper, CEO and Managing Partner, heads this diverse team. They have national lenders, experienced brokers, customer service representatives, and support staff, making them equipped for success. Their leadership and systems are up-to-date and ready to meet the needs of customers in today’s real estate market.


    American Financial Network provides a wide range of services. Need investment advice? Retirement planning? Mortgages? They have experienced professionals for all of that. They are also excellent with portfolio management, providing multiple options to individuals or larger funds.

    Debt restructuring and estate planning are other specialties; they can provide advice on debt management, trusts, wills, life insurance and more. Tax-planning strategies are also available, to make sure you only pay the right amount when filing taxes.

    Mortgage Loans

    Monoprice is a top-notch provider of budget-friendly electronics and home products. They offer mortgage loans through their partner, American Financial Network (AFN). AFN is an accredited lender with four decades of experience.

    Customers get low rates, zero origination fees, and prequalification for a loan up to $2 million. Plus, they get direct access to customer service loan advisors who answer questions and help them through the process. Thanks to Monoprice and AFN, customers can be sure they’re getting the best value on their loan.


    Refinancing is a topic to look into when thinking about American Financial Network as a mortgage lender. Refinancing means taking out a new loan to replace the original one. It can offer better terms, lower monthly payments, or less interest paid over the loan’s life.

    American Financial Network offers refinancing options. Customers can choose from conventional or government loans, like FHA and VA, as well as adjustable-rate mortgage products.

    The process is simple and American Financial Network is happy to help. But customers should consider all options before deciding if refinancing is right for them.

    Home Equity Loans

    Home Equity Loans are a loan type which use your home as collateral. They are different from HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit). With HELs, you get cash right away and interest rates may be more competitive. With HELOCs, you have more flexibility on the amount borrowed, interest rate and repayment terms.

    Borrowers need to watch out though. Your application could take longer to be approved, depending on your credit score and income. And if you don’t pay, foreclosure could be the result. Therefore, understand the details before signing documents related to these loans!

    Home Equity Lines of Credit

    Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) are a loan type offered by American Financial Network. It is a secure loan, as the borrower’s collateral is used. This makes it a great option for those who want a low-interest loan with no credit check.

    K Health has safety rules when assessing applications from AFN. To qualify, applicants must display strong financial stability. Such as having regular income and an updated credit report. They also check debt info and past delinquencies or bankruptcies.

    K Health wants all loans to have fixed interest rates and no prepayment penalties. This ensures repayment is not difficult.


    Introduction-Is American Financial Network Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

    Reviews can be a great help when looking into a company’s legitimacy. They show us the customer experience, services, products and more. Researching American Financial Network reviews? Make sure to read them and check if they are real customers. Customer reviews are usually more honest than what is on the company’s website.

    Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to view their rating and customer complaints. Other sites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber and Glassdoor are great for finding unbiased reviews from actual customers. This can help you find out if American Financial Network is legit or not.

    Positive Reviews

    American Financial Network (AFN) has earned a lot of positive reviews. It offers secure and user-friendly payment methods. People trust AFN for its reliability and excellent customer service. Recently, it started taking major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

    Furthermore, AFN accepts e-checks, ACH transfers, wire transfers, Western Union payments and PayPal payments. Customers have not reported any issues yet. Transactions are processed quickly, which means AFN is a great source for making online payments without any complications.

    Negative Reviews

    Customers are not happy with American Financial Network. Complaints range from customer service, fees, and lack of disclosure. Many customers have tried to get their money back after closing accounts, but experienced delays. Some customers filed with the Better Business Bureau or even took legal action due to bad service.

    Refunds and returns are also not up to par. Some received incomplete payments, incomplete requests, or were even denied refunds. Appeals to the Better Business Bureau were also rejected, making it even harder to get a refund.


    American Financial Network is legit. It gives various financial and mortgage services. It’s accredited by the National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry and got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    To be sure that American Financial Network is the right fit, clients should take extra steps. They can look at the company’s website or contact customer service to ask about interest rates, loan terms, and other loan requirements. Doing this will help them make the right decision for their financial needs.

    Is American Financial Network Legit?

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    Final Thoughts

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    FAQs about: Is American Financial Network Legit

    Q1: Is American Financial Network legitimate?

    A1: Yes, American Financial Network is a legitimate organization. It is a trusted mortgage lender that helps consumers find the right loan options and provides guidance throughout the loan process.

    Q2: What services does American Financial Network offer?

    A2: American Financial Network offers services such as mortgage loan origination, refinancing, pre-qualification, and home equity loans.

    Q3: Does American Financial Network offer customer support?

    A3: Yes, American Financial Network offers 24/7 customer support for clients. You can reach customer service by phone, email, or online chat.