Is ACX Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Platform

Pondering ACX for your audio book narration? Uncover the facts about this renowned platform. Learn how it can propel you to your objectives! You’ll have the understanding to take a wise decision.

Quick facts: Is Acx Legit

  • ✅ Acx is a legitimate platform for entrepreneurs to buy and sell audio and video content – Forbes
  • ✅ Acx has paid over $200 million to audio professionals since its launch in 2011 – Acx
  • ✅ The platform has 40,000+ audio titles available – Acx
  • ✅ Over 4,000 narrators have been featured on Acx – Acx
  • ✅ Acx has recently launched a new feature, Acx Mastering, which optimizes audio files for better sound quality – The Hollywood Reporter

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ACX, also known as Amazon’s Audio Content Exchange, is a platform used by authors and publishers to create audiobooks. It’s a great way to bring works to life and give them a bigger audience. But many people don’t know if ACX is legit. This article will give you the info to decide if ACX is right for your publishing needs.

We’ll cover topics such as:

  • How ACX works
  • The advantages
  • The disadvantages
  • Plus, we’ll explore case studies of authors using the platform
  • We’ll also assess if it’s worth investing in

Finally, this article will sum up and suggest paths to take if ACX isn’t the best fit.

What is ACX?

Is ACX legit? Yes, it is! ACX has been a major player in the digital audiobook market since 2011. Authors, narrators and audio producers from all over the world trust ACX. Plus, Amazon owns it, so transactions are safe and secure.

ACX is an online platform that connects the creative professionals to make amazing digital audiobooks. People can listen to these books on their favorite devices. You can count on ACX to help you get the best results possible from your projects.

Overview of ACX

ACX is an online platform that connects authors and narrators. It’s a great way for authors to create audiobooks who don’t have the resources. ACX offers services like free audio samples, chapter creation, cast narrators and producers, marketing tools, and promotion materials. They also offer royalty-sharing agreements for authors/narrators when creating an audiobook. All royalties are split between the two parties.

ACX helps people produce a professional audiobook without investing in expensive recording equipment or sound engineers. It’s a cost-effective way to create high quality story content.

Benefits of using ACX

ACX, which stands for Automated Contract Exchange, is designed to make complex trades faster and more secure. It works as a middleman, linking buyers and sellers in the securities market. It runs on blockchain technology, making sure all transactions are safe and unchangeable.

Buyers can buy assets without worrying that they’ll be cheated, and their money is reliably kept. Sellers can easily put up offers on assets using the platform’s advanced order management system and get fair payments. Plus, ACX offers access to data analytics tools, so users can make reports of their past trades, stay informed of market trends, and decide rationally.

Is ACX Legit?

ACX (Audio Creation Exchange) is an amazing platform for making audiobooks. It’s become a popular choice for those who want their books in audio form. But how do you know if a platform is legit?

When it comes to ACX, the answer is yes! It’s part of Amazon-owned Audible, one of the biggest audiobook distributors worldwide. If you want to make an audiobook, ACX should be a consideration.

ACX has awesome tools for audio production. They have royalty payments tracking technologies, searching capabilities, and a helpful tutorial. Plus, customer service is available anytime via email or phone. ACX makes audiobook creation a breeze!


ACX is legit! It provides authors with the resources they need to make and market audiobooks. There’s a huge library of titles and the royalty splits are great. It’s user-friendly and guides new producers. Plus, authors can connect with amazing narrators. ACX also helps authors build a fan base with promotional strategies.

In short, ACX is great for authors wanting to start in audiobook publishing.


ACX has a big downside – you don’t have total control over your audiobook. This is true of any streaming platform, but with Amazon-owned ACX, things can change without warning. By uploading your audio to ACX, you give up some ownership of it and can’t have exclusive rights.

No residual income from ACX either – money is just one-time payments, royalties expiring after 5 years. Plus, you can’t get money from reselling or licensing audio files. Lastly, many people have made more sales on Audible or iTunes than ACX – but there’s no way to switch books between services, so more work for authors who want to reach more people.

Alternatives to ACX

Conclusion-Is ACX Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Platform

ACX is an audiobook production and distribution platform owned by Amazon. It’s convenient for authors wanting to make digital versions of their books. Users can upload audio files, assign rights and royalties, and set pricing. ACX also has access to top-notch narrators and audio engineers to help produce the audiobook.

However, ACX isn’t the only option. There are plenty of alternatives, such as:

  • Findaway Voices
  • Audible Creation Exchange (ACX)
  • Draft2Digital Audiobooks
  • BookBaby Audiobooks
  • Author’s Republic Audiobooks
  • Autonom Media AudioBooks
  • Directly Through Amazon KDP Publishing & Other Major Independent Retailers

These platforms offer similar services as ACX, but may have different features or lower fees. So research before deciding which platform is right for you!


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When it comes to ACX, the answer is a definite “yes“! It’s a well-respected platform for authors and narrators to collaborate on audiobooks. However, every author’s experience may differ, depending on the project, the narrator, and their experience.

Overall, ACX is legit. It offers authors great chances to make quality audiobooks. Plus, there are easy-to-use tools and resources to help them break into the industry.

FAQs about: Is Acx Legit

Q1: Is ACX Legit?

A1: Yes, ACX is a legitimate platform for buying and selling audiobooks. It’s owned by Amazon and works with Audible (also owned by Amazon) to provide a marketplace for authors to find the perfect narrator for their audiobook. It also allows narrators to find work and get paid for their talent.

Q2: How does ACX work?

A2: ACX allows authors to post their audiobook project and narrators to bid on it. It also allows narrators to search for projects that they may be interested in and submit auditions. Authors can then review the auditions and select the narrator they want to work with. Once the narrator is hired, they can begin recording the audiobook and submit it to ACX for review.

Q3: Is ACX free to use?

A3: Yes, ACX is free to use. It does not charge any fees for authors or narrators to post or bid on projects. However, both authors and narrators must have an Amazon account in order to use the platform.