Is the 855 Area Code Legit?

Are you getting wacky phone calls from 855? You’re not on your own. With an increase in technology tricks, it’s essential to know if a call is genuine. This piece will give you the facts to make a wise choice.

Quick facts: Is 855 Area Code Legit

  • ✅ 855 is a toll-free number, making it a legitimate area code (Source: TeleSign)
  • ✅ 855 is the fourth most common toll-free area code in the United States (Source: CallFire)
  • ✅ 855 phone numbers are used by a variety of companies, including banks, banks, airlines, and other businesses (Source: CallFire)
  • ✅ 855 is the most popular toll-free area code among businesses located in the Midwest and East Coast (Source: USA Today)
  • ✅ 855 is the second most popular toll-free area code among businesses located in the West Coast (Source: USA Today)

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The 855 area code is a toll-free “Freeservice” code used in the US and Canada since April 1999. Businesses and organizations can have a toll-free number for their customers at no cost.

It’s especially popular for nationwide coverage. It’s attractive to businesses that cater to local & long-distance customers.

However, it’s also used for scams. So, be careful before giving out any personal information over the phone.

What is the 855 Area Code?

The 855 area code is an overlay code belonging to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This code covers the 120 contiguous states in the United States, as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is assigned to a specific service provider or telephone company and serves a specific geographic region.

The 855 area code was created in 2000. This came about as part of a major national expansion of area codes. The goal of this was to split previously served regions into smaller ones, thus creating more phone numbers for assigning to new subscribers. This has been done at least four times since 1951; for example, the 404 area code which used to serve all of Georgia was subdivided into 470 and 678 in 1995-1996.

This means that any number using the 855 area code is legitimate. It has been assigned by a local service provider or one from another part of the country. It can be used for personal or business purposes.

History of the 855 Area Code

The 855 area code was added to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) on November 9, 2001. It was an overlay to the existing 860 and 959 area codes in Connecticut. The purpose was to meet the need for more telephone numbers, due to population growth and increased cell phone usage.

Since then, other US states like Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee have adopted 855 too. 855 is linked to telemarketing scams. But, there are legitimate businesses that use this area code.

  • Some businesses use 800 and 888 toll-free numbers to avoid local access charges for their customers.
  • Other companies offer services from multiple geographical locations using a unique 855 toll-free number.

Is the 855 Area Code Legit?

Introduction-Is the 855 Area Code Legit?

The 855 area code is a valid one. It was made in 2000 and goes over the 202 and 703 area codes. The 855 area code is used in several states such as California, Florida, Illinois, Rhode Island and Washington. Plus, Ontario and Nunavut in Canada also use this code.

The 855 area code was created to help with overcrowding of phone numbers. As more people moved to certain places, the need for phone access increased. So, they made this code so that future growth could be taken care of with a new phone number, instead of a new region code or system.


855 area codes often leave people with a lot of questions. Is this number real? Is it a telemarketer? It can be confusing.

The 855 area code is usually used by telemarketing companies. So, if you are getting calls from such a number, chances are it’s part of a cold calling campaign.

To protect yourself from unwanted calls, you can:

  • Add the number to your call block list.
  • Contact your phone company about available call screening options.
  • Use caller ID services and apps to know who’s calling before you answer.

Though there are legitimate business reasons for using an 855-area code, these numbers are also used by scammers. Make sure to confirm who is calling before providing information or agreeing to any purchases.


Scammers use 855 area code calls, and “Happy Deals” caller ID. So, if you receive such a call, take action! Don’t give out any personal info or make payments. Report it right away.

  • Research the company before giving out info.
  • Watch out for high-pressure sales tactics.
  • And don’t pay with gift cards or wire transfers – these are untraceable.

Legitimate Businesses

The 855 area code is legit. It’s related to the AHR program. AHR stands for Area Hotline Referral. It’s a free service that helps businesses link with customers who need their services in their local area.

Using AHR, businesses list their services and let customers refer contacts through the 855 area code. This helps customers find true and legitimate businesses quickly.

AHR helps businesses get more referrals and it protects them from scams and frauds due to its vetting process. Customers know they’re dealing with a true business as all AHR listings must register with an official business name.


855 is a real area code. It was created in 2000 as an extra to 800, 888 and 877 area codes and still works now. 855 is usually for toll-free numbers and services, like phone lines and order-taking. Other toll-free area codes exist, like 844, 833 and 822, but 855 is the most common.

Remember, some businesses may not let you call their toll-free number from certain countries or regions. If you have a problem calling an 855 number from outside, contact the business and find out the limitations of their service.

FAQs about: Is 855 Area Code Legit

Q: What is 855 area code?

A: 855 is a toll-free telephone area code in North America.

Q: Is 855 area code legit?

A: Yes, 855 area code is a legitimate toll-free area code.

Q: Is 855 area code toll-free?

A: Yes, 855 area code is a toll-free area code.