Is 3chi Legit? A Comprehensive Look at the Brand

Thinking of trying 3chi CBD? With lots of brands, it’s important to verify the product is safe & efficient. In this article, let’s see if 3chi is legit.

Quick facts: Is 3Chi Legit


3chi is an ever-growing brand that offers many CBD products. They specialize in hemp-derived, isolated CBD, and full spectrum items. Their range of products includes top quality vape oils, capsules, organic topicals, and pet products specially designed for companion animals.

Their mission is to provide people with safe and natural health solutions, using the best products available. This has given them a reliable reputation for premium natural wellness items.

To reinforce this, 3chi posts third-party lab results on their website. The product descriptions include vital details such as ingredients and how to use them.

Overview of 3chi

3chi is a company that provides premium hemp and CBD products. From tinctures to capsules, 3chi has a wide range of products. It was founded in 2019 in Austin, Texas. The mission? To offer only the highest quality CBD products.

3chi uses hemp from sustainable farms. Plus, they have their own line of terpene isolates for flavor and aroma. 3chi has a solid reputation for offering high-grade products at an affordable price. Free shipping for orders over $75 and great customer service? That’s why 3chi is one of the most popular CBD brands today! 100% satisfaction guarantee, too.

History of 3chi

3chi is a recent addition to the CBD products industry. It has gained rapid success due to its emphasis on quality. David Kurtz and Steve Goldfarb founded 3chi with over 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry. They offer full-spectrum, lab-tested CBD products. Oils, capsules and tinctures are some of their offerings. All their products contain less than 0.3 percent THC, making them legal in all 50 states.

Additionally, their eco-friendly practices significantly reduce waste and lessen the environmental impact. 3chi is dedicated to delivering quality products that improve wellbeing. They also ensure their practices meet all regulations in the industry.

Product Lines

Curology has 4 product lines. 3Chi is based on tested cannabinoid formulas. This blend of CBD, CBG, CBC & more helps relief pain, stress and inflammation.

Z Lion focuses on natural ingredients that balance skin’s microbiome and restore moisture. Quench is a line of plant-based formulations to hydrate & nourish. Delor has exfoliants, masks & oils to reduce wrinkles and give a youthful glow.

All of these products contain vitamins A & E, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract & natural essential oils like lavender, chamomile & tea tree oil.

Quality of Products

3Chi’s product quality and customer experience is impressive. Reviews reveal they offer high-grade CBD isolate and broad spectrum products, free of THC. Plus, 3Chi lab results are verified by third parties. Testing ensures potency, purity and safety of products.

Customers praise 3Chi’s customer service team. Also, they report satisfaction with product effectiveness.

In conclusion, 3Chi is a legitimate company with quality CBD products, excellent customer service and lab testing results.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for assessing a brand. For example, potential customers can look at reviews of 3chi’s products to learn about quality and reliability. Customers can also share their experiences with 3chi’s services, product range, customer support, etc. If there are many customer reviews posted on 3chi’s website or other sites, potential customers can gain an initial opinion before buying.

Reviews are particularly useful for those looking for information on the effects of 3chi’s products on mental or physical health. A good set of reviews helps customers make an informed decision on whether to purchase from the company.

Positive Reviews

When it comes to 3Chi, the opinion is overwhelmingly positive. Customers rate them very highly on TrustPilot, often 4.5 stars or more out of 5. Reviews commend the quality of products like Delta 8 Gummies and vape carts, saying they are “the best“. Customer service is praised too, with one review calling it “excellent“. Many customers claim the products work as advertised. They feel relaxed but still alert after taking them.

The reviews on Trustpilot suggest 3Chi is a legitimate company, with quality products and great customer service.

Negative Reviews

Reviews of 3chi are divided. People often gripe about their customer service and shipping times. Reportedly, orders take weeks, and even months to process. Folks are left wondering if they’ll ever get their packages or if they’ve been lost in transit.

Also, inquiries and complaints go unanswered, leading to irritation and discontent. Customers also grumble about the power levels in 3chi items, saying they are not strong enough, despite ordering larger doses than suggested on labels.

Legitimacy of 3chi

Legitimacy-Is 3chi Legit? A Comprehensive Look at the Brand

3chi is a famous CBD products brand. They are mainly sold online. They say they give customers top quality, lab-tested products with only the best ingredients.

Although 3chi has become more popular lately, many people still doubt the company. To see if it’s real, it is important to look into the history and operations of the company.

3chi was founded in 2018 in Colorado. It has become one of the most renowned CBD brands. 3chi cooperates with third party labs to guarantee that all their products meet high standards and don’t contain anything harmful.

They take great care when making their products to make sure they are safe for consumption. Many customers have praised their customer service team for being fast to respond and for helping with any questions about the products.

Licensing and Certification

3chi is a top-notch CBD company. It has multiple licenses and certifications that guarantee the quality of its products. The production of all 3chi products takes place in GMP certified facilities. Moreover, it holds ISO 9001 certification and an Organic Processor Certificate from the USDA. Additionally, it has an extensive third-party laboratory testing program. This testing includes potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminant checks. Each of these tests is done by independent labs. This ensures that the products meet industry standards.

With these quality assurances, customers can be confident when selecting 3chi for their CBD needs.

Return Policy

ASG Recovery offers customers a return policy. Buyers can send back a product within 30 days of receiving it. It must be in the original packaging and unused. The customer pays for shipping it back. ASG Recovery refunds the purchase price, minus shipping, within 7-14 days of getting the item. If the item can’t be returned, ASG Recovery may give a full refund or store credit.

Lab Testing

Monoprice is committed to quality! Lab testing is taken very seriously. Any Monoprice product must pass rigorous tests. These include safety and stability checks on electronics components. High-fidelity physical tests are done on samples of each batch. This ensures consistency. Materials are tested before leaving the factory. This provides traceability throughout production.

Therefore, Monprice products are reliable, safe and perform excellently! The standards applied result in a product that won’t become obsolete quickly or suffer from quality issues.


3chi is a reliable brand that has existed for years. They provide a big selection of hemp-based products, like tinctures, vape oils, gummies, and lotions. Third-party tests and independent verification guarantee their products’ quality. Moreover, they comply with strict industry regulations.

3chi’s commitment to quality, openness, safety, and teaching in the CBD field lets customers be sure they are receiving great products from a reputed brand.

FAQs about: Is 3Chi Legit

Q: Is 3chi a legitimate company?
A: Yes, 3chi is a legitimate company. We are a leading provider of CBD products, committed to providing our customers with safe and effective solutions.

Q: What kind of CBD products does 3chi offer?
A: 3chi offers a wide range of CBD products, including CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, capsules, edibles, and more.

Q: How do I know if 3chi products are safe?
A: At 3chi, safety is our top priority. All of our products are made with high-quality ingredients and are laboratory tested for quality, safety, and potency.