Is Your Advocare Settlement Check Legit?

Are you puzzled about the validity of your recently obtained Advocare settlement check? Let us support you in recognizing the genuine and fraudulent ones to protect yourself. You merit being aware of the facts.

Quick facts: Advocare Settlement Check Is It Legit

  • ✅ AdvoCare settled an FTC lawsuit in 2019 for $150 million USD, with $25 million going to consumers who purchased its products (FTC).
  • ✅ The settlement is only available to those who purchased AdvoCare products between May 1, 2009, and August 31, 2018 (FTC).
  • ✅ AdvoCare was accused by the FTC of using deceptive earnings claims and false product endorsements (FTC).
  • ✅ Consumers who filed valid claims should have received a check from AdvoCare by the end of August 2020 (Forbes).
  • ✅ Any remaining funds from the settlement will be distributed to the FTC for consumer education and/or refunds to consumers (FTC).

What is the Advocare Settlement?

AdvoCare International, LP was hit with a class-action lawsuit in 2019. This case alleged that the company misclassified distributors as independent contractors, rather than employees. It further alleged that AdvoCare failed to pay the distributors overtime wages and minimum wage. AdvoCare denies doing anything wrong. Yet, they agreed to pay an estimated $150 million class action settlement.

People who are eligible current and former AdvoCare distributors may be entitled to a payment from the settlement fund. They can also choose to remain an independent contractor, instead of taking a cash payment.

The deadline for submitting a claim or objection is April 30th 2020. However, this date could be extended if needed.

How to Tell if Your Check is Legit

Receiving a check can be tricky. Fraudulent checks are becoming more common since digital payments are widespread. To tell if a check is real, there are several steps to take:

  • Look for misspellings or typos.
  • Check the bank name, address, account number, and routing number.
  • Check for watermarks on both sides. They should match.
  • Compare the payor’s name to a trusted source like an invoice or contract.
  • If all these match, the check may be real.

Check the return address

Is your Advocare settlement check legit? Check the return address on the envelope first. It should be visible. If it isn’t, don’t cash the check.

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Check the check number

Verifying if a Stylevana check is real? Check the check number! It’s on the bottom left corner of the check. It’ll have nine or ten numbers – unique to the transaction. If they don’t match up, the check isn’t from Stylevana. Also, look for grammar and spelling inconsistencies. If something is suspicious, contact your bank.

Follow these tips and you can tell if the Stylevana settlement check is real or not:

  • Check the check number – it should have nine or ten numbers unique to the transaction.
  • Look for grammar and spelling inconsistencies.
  • If something is suspicious, contact your bank.

Check the payee name

Check the payee name on your Advocare settlement check. It must match the business or person you are claiming against. If not, the check might be a fraud.

Also, review all math carefully. Make sure numbers match your records. Watch out for lump sums that look too high or low. Lastly, read the payment description on the check. It should tell you what it’s for and whose account it came from.

What to Do if Your Check is Legit

If you got a check from an Advocare settlement, it’s essential to know if it’s real. The best way is to call your bank or credit union and ask to confirm the check was issued by a legit financial institution. Make sure the account number on the check fits your details too.

Also, verify Advocare products are still in your area. If they are, contact a rep from Advocare by phone or email and confirm the settlement was approved by their legal team.

Last, read the terms and conditions of the agreement related to the check before cashing it. This will make sure you know:

  • How much money you’ll get
  • When it’ll arrive
  • When it can be taken away

Sign the back of the check

To prevent scams, sign the back of your check! By signing the back of your Advocare Settlement check, you prove you’re the rightful recipient of the money. Banks may refuse to process a check with an unrecognized name.

Signing serves as a reminder. Mail an official copy or store it in a safe place. This increases the chances of thwarting fraud attempts. You can be sure your money is secure and legitimate.

Cash the check

Got a Viori settlement check in the mail? It’s legit! Viori is a real company. They send out settlement checks to those involved in class action lawsuits like the one about AdvoCare protein powder users. The checks are sent when the company settles, to avoid a costly legal battle.

Check the recipient info and signatures before cashing the check. If it looks good, deposit or cash your Viori check!

Contact the company if you have any questions

Have you received a check related to a settlement involving AdvoCare International, LP? It could be valid!

The FTC and attorneys from certain states reached an agreement with AdvoCare. The lawsuit was about the company’s practices in recent years.

As part of the settlement, AdvoCare is giving monetary relief to potentially affected consumers. The checks being sent out are real and must be deposited into an active personal or business account.

If you have questions about your check or need more info, call AdvoCare at 1-877-937-7245 or visit

What to Do if Your Check is Not Legit

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If you receive a check from Advocare that looks suspicious, don’t cash it. It could lead to identity theft. File a complaint with your state’s attorney general’s office and contact the police. Also, reach out to the FTC online or by phone (1-877-FTC-HELP, 1-877-382-4357).

Lastly, inform all banking institutions where your accounts are held, so they are aware of any suspicious activity. Make sure to protect yourself from fraud.

Report the check to the FTC

Do you have an Advocare Settlement Check? If you got a check from the FTC, it’s legit. The FTC took action against people and companies behind the deceptive marketing practices of Advocare. This led to a settlement with consumers getting compensation.

The FTC made sure fake checks weren’t sent out. If you get a check, it’s real. You can trust it. Deposit or cash it if it’s from the FTC or an approved third-party processor associated with the Advocare settlement.

Contact the company to verify the check

Got a check from Advocare, but not sure if it’s real? Best to contact them directly. Call the customer service line, email support, or go to their headquarters.

If you’ve accepted the check, take extra precautions to make sure it clears. Contact your bank first and ask Advocare if they’ve accepted payment. Keep in touch with them, in case you need another check!

Contact the bank to stop payment on the check

If the Advocare Settlement check appears fraudulent, contact the bank or financial institution to stop payment. If the check is for more than agreed, it could be a sign of fraud. Also, if there is an unexpected payment in the mail, verify with Advocare before depositing it. Lastly, if there are any discrepancies between what was agreed and what arrives, contact Advocare.

Taking these precautions can help ensure individuals do not become victims of fraud and can retrieve their money:

  • Contact the bank or financial institution to stop payment if the check appears fraudulent.
  • Verify with Advocare before depositing an unexpected payment.
  • Contact Advocare if there are any discrepancies between what was agreed and what arrives.

FAQs about: Advocare Settlement Check Is It Legit

Q: Is the Advocare settlement check legit?

A: Yes, the Advocare settlement check is a legitimate form of payment from the company. The company has settled a class action lawsuit and is now providing payments to those who are eligible.

Q: When will Advocare settlement checks be sent out?

A: Advocare settlement checks will be sent out starting in July 2020. Those who are eligible will receive an email notification with instructions on how to receive payment.

Q: How can I find out if I am eligible for the Advocare settlement check?

A: To find out if you are eligible for the Advocare settlement check, you can visit the company’s website and fill out the form. You will then receive an email notification with more information about the settlement and how to receive payment.